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■■ ^ ^ -M^r - -^^'J>* i^^V ' 

T'Ab 30771^ 


l^tramj^si AAz'6^^arQ ^Tist^tUtc 

Vdum6 C?CV^ 



Chain of Commanc 

Company €>ect'\one 

Cadet' Govemmen'y 

Class of 2010 

Qaee of 20 1 

<in0 Fi^ura 

Class f 2 1 2 

Class f 2 1 3 



Club Sports 

Mbe Editors Section 


Colonel Karen Gutermuth you have touched many lives here at VAAI. The VMI Bomb 

staff would like to formally dedicate The 2010 Bomb in your honor. We thank you 

greatly for your service to the Institute. 

Born in Berlin, New York, Colonel Gutermuth was able to see Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York from her 
childhood home. After graduating from high school a year early at age 17 as valedictorian of her class she tried 
one semester of college at SUNY Albany. She then moved to Louisiana and began work in ultrasonography. As 
she did not want to pursue this career for her entire life, she enrolled at LSU in 1986 at the age of 28 and earned 
a Bachelor's of Science in Economics. She then earned her Ph.D. from LSU in 1996. If your not counting that is ten 
years from undergraduate English 101 to Dr. Gutermuth. After her journey from Vermont to Louisiana, Colonel 
Gutermuth ended up here at VAAI . Not hearing of the Insitute before arriving, in August of 2000, she was in for an 
interesting experience. Now ten years later she says, ''It's all about the cadets. It's what I live by. When everything 
seems ridiculous, a waste of time, or truly stressful, I always go back to this one thought. "How will this affect cadets?' 
That's how I want to moke decisions. " Cadets has also made a notable impression on Colonel Gutermuth's view 
of college aged students.: "The only other thing I'd like to mention is how impressed I've been over the years by the 
integrity, maturity, and leadership of the cadets that VAAI produces. I've had the privilege to work with the LHonor 
Court for 8 years and believe it is the life-blood of VAAI. Things evolve, change, stay the same at times, but the 
Honor System has always been, and I believe will always be, the most valuable education a VAAI graduate gets." 



lule wm founded in 1839 at 
ike die of Ike ^y\^tma &lde 
^S^wnal. ^^ke fad cIom lo allend 
9^o/fe? conlained onlu 25 dudenL 
^^ke culeila lo kcome a diudenl at 
ike. cJnddule dated ikat ma mud 
I'me in ^y\nnia and k a mhile 
mate. Q/ltom onei 170 ueaih latex 




'- -ifllllHHKiifll.^ 

7 1.Kiiiiiiiidiaill 

^ I rriiiiutidiifij/f 

1 (MJni'lMiHiiijitil 

, Sf0^ 



I \ 

W -^-A* 

f ^t*f^\ ^ 




Ike cJnddale ImaA oaei 150C 
dudenL fiom 46 daleh and 16 
foielgn counlileA ^loke coifih ka\ 
(dm d'memfied lo indude minoulle 
and women tnlo dh lankh. Sacn 
, 7" cadd ddl enj^om Ike mme il^oiou 

""^^ latline, wdk Ike mme luaL am 
. mlmaiionh mklck mme Ikem jixoui, 

^^ meax Ikel^^rVf/cJ iln^j and jiioud L 
earn Ike bile ot ^AMc^ ^Sdlumm 

(nke facade of Ike cJndllule 
^ed mam tlme^ mce iL 
founding in 1839. o^n (Sane'^ 
of 1864' "hernial ^anlei JidleA 
I ImiiacL, ll moh lehaili fmm 1866- ^'^■ 

1869. ''o/l'eia ^jSaiiazkh , mkick^^ 
dandd diagonallu io Ike Q/IW ^ - 
I wing of ''Old Sj6anackl' wm con- 

\Med fiom 1948-1949.'- 

'''^^kiul SjSatiackd mad Iken con- 

\dmM fiom 2006-2008 li^ , 

allow loom foi a giowing coiju. ^$^ 

>:v Uii>^ 

^add Smn S^ emm i3 

Cadet John Evans, was a student of history, arable and military affairs 
here at VMI. As a rat he was an international studies major and wished 
to commission as a United States Marine. His reasons for wanting to 
become a Marine, he wanted to be where the action took place. 
As on avid patriot Evans' favorite movie was Potton, he also read 
about many military leaders, including '"Stonewalf Jackson, during his 
time at VMI. He made on impact on all who knew him, especially his 
brother rats. John Evans, you will be missed by all on post here at VMI. 


Governor of Virginia 

Bob McDonnel 

Jan. 2010- Present 

Became governor in January 14, 2010. He 

is the 71st Governor of Virginia. A former 

Lt. Colonel in the United States Army, he 

received his undergraduates degree and 

Gommission from the University of Nbtre 

^me in 1976, and his law degree from 

■'Regent University School of Lav\^ in 1989. 


im Koine 

Jan. 2006-Dec. 2009 

Became governor on January 14, 200 

He was the 70th Governor of Virginia 

received his undergraduates degree at 

University of Missouri in 1979 and his Ic 

degree at Harvard In 1983. 

14th Superintendent 

General J.H. Binford Peay III ^6' 




Congratubticxis on another year finished. I want to thank you for giving me one of the most unique opportunities of my 
life. Being your First Captain this year was a challenging and humbling experience, but an absolute honor that will stay 
with me for the rest of my life. To hove been charged with leading and setting the example for such a fine group of 
young men and women is a privilege that I will never take for granted. It is hard to understand the caliber of the peoj^ 
surrounding us while we are still cadets at the Institute. As I Prepare to leave, I look back and understand what a prM 
lege it was to be surrounded by all of you here at VMi. It is the people at the Institute that moke it great. The facul|L 
staff, and fellow cadets have given me some of my fondest memories and most important lessons learned. VMI is not a 
Utopia and never will be. It is full of internal problems, which as cadets we should never cease to try and fix. Never t|^ 
less, VMI is a beacon of hope that our generation is full of promise and will undoubtedly do great things. VMI is \i^mk 
you make it. I came here four years ago, not with the goal of being First Captain or even to hold rank, but rather to 
get the most out of every day and every opportunity. Motivation waned at times, but when I got out of bed and kept 
fighting despite the lack of sleep, exhaustion, and demanding schedule was when I developed the most. In hindsight I 
am thankful for every one of those moments VMI blessed me with. My hope is that you will get the most out of VMI. 
Take advantage of the opportunities to succeed and overcome the challenges that this Institute will place before yd9 
When you put effort into this system you will develop here more than you ever imagined, often without even reolizinglP 

Best V\/ishes, 

Karsten G. Bloomstrom j 

Regimental Commander JB 

Cadet First Captain 2009-2010 

^Honor God, Finish V\^ell, Don't Qui! 


Sergeant Major Color Sergeant Color Sergeant Color Serg 


_. Captain Dont _^^,^^ 
First Battalion Commander 

Virginia layior 
S-4 Lieutenant 

iryan ^^Vengros 
S-5 Lieutenant 

S-6 Lieutenant 

Barley Rister 
S-7 Lieutenant 


r. 1 

^B 1 ^1^^ ^3 



rick Terhur^^^^^^neidi 

geant Major Colcsr Sergeant 

_ _., J) Gibson Thonxjs M^iS^tMsl^^i^ephen Rhodes 

Color Sergeant Color Sergeant Color Sergeant 

inder Herzog 
First Sergeant 

Curtis Regliiv 
Operations Sergeant 

Master Sergeant 

First Platoon Sere 

\>4.>4 IMfll I f 9 >4 





Hummer JR 






















Handler JH 

BurnsKE . 


















































First Sergeant Operations Sergeant Master Sergeant First Platoon Ser 


Michael Sundbeck 
Michelle Feole 
Owen Trotmon 

Roiaert Baker 
Robert Hindle 
Sarah Whitf- 
T ■ ' ■ 

Thomas Page 
TJ Bond 
Zach Collins 


Adorn Kruithof Williom Walker 

Angela Redmond Zachory Pittard 

Brenton Jones Adam Wood 

Charlie Gerkin Jeffrey Yates 

David Gerardo Joseph Zorello 

Ermin Mujezinovic Harry Zechman 

Jordan Peck 
Julian Bowers 
Mario ScoH 
Matthew Jones 
Monica Hamlin 
Nicholad Engle 
Nicholas Ingold 
Patrick Crandali 

W.W. Cunningkim 
Warner Thompson 


201 :{ 

Aaron Tr , 

Alex Firehammer Ryan Thomas 

Andrew Szymborski Santiago Munoz-Otc 

iBuell Silvia M ' 

Stephen M. 
Stephen Newsom 

David Stradford 
Eric Mahaffey 

Ben Pedroza 

■nard Mowbroy 

:leb Oubb 
Carl Bird 

Charles Jones 
Christian Gore 
Christopher Wagne 

Michael Remente 
Nathan Hebb 

Jordan Riley 
Josh Clements 
Justin Smith 



Kayla Johnson 

Keni '' "'■' 




Lawrence DeMc 

Midioel Burnett 

Michael Hour — 

Nick ■ " ■ 

Samuel Ouor 
Sean McCouley 

William Coursey 
William Helfr ' 


) Tellez William Quar 

yn Lieutenant Fourth Platoon Lieutend 

First Sergeant Operations Sergeant Master Sergeant First Platoon 

..jjlijJH,. I 

I E I v« yiui^ill 



■ Cowdry Thomos Groybeol I Allen Lutz 

thy Ma 
William Qi 
William Romoine 
William Rowdiff 

Aquisi Harris 
Austin Kenon 
Brian Harding 
Bryan Barnson 
Oiarles Bradford 
Ctiing-Hong Chen 
Dolton Brod;man 
James Ale; 
Jorrod Girod 
John Martinez 

Koi '" ' 

Motthew Lang 
Philip Porki 
Prest " 
Robe,. ...=,, 
Ronnie Ellsworth 
Stev ■ ■ 

Andrew Yon 
Benjamin Bowles 
Benjamin Denton 
Bradley Chamber!^ ^ 
Chorles Ellison 
Chnstino Gontarski 
Davis Hoyes 
Edward Surowiec 
Eric Russo 
Erik Floding 
John Delessondro 
Juon Thrasher 
Kyle Fuller 
Matthew Brock 

Michael DeVine 
Mitchell Rabbins 

*>ni *i 

m^y riff 

Alex Kovolesky 

Jonothon Heller 

Alexander Brocco 

Lucas Moffett 

Andrew Kriz 

Mory Meidenhauer 

Andrew Montogue 

Matthew Cox 

Antonio Wood 

Matthew Fisher 

Ashley Gernhordt 

Matthew Seinfeld 

Brandon Ogles 

Michael Keleher 

Cameron Chapmin 

Midx.el Schiffer 

Christian Gucgliono 

~e Michael Smith 

Daniel Rogerson 

Michoel Spickard 

David Eberhardt 

Micheol DeVfies 

David Turner 

Nathan Beck 

idgordo Soto 

Nicholas Azzolini 

irickson Keeton 

Patrick Byrne 

Even Mudwilder 

Patrick Roberts 

siah Coker 

Peter Diamontopu!o= 

Jacob Reichard 

Peter Kniesler 

James Colt 

Peter VanSteyn 

James Graves 

Ryan Blank 

James VonWie 

Spencer Piante 

Jored Sullivan 

Thomos Hudson 

Jason Nave 

Tfiamos Shumor 

Jenno Moye 

Timothy Quinn 

Andrew F 

pnd Platoon Lieutenant Third Platoon Lieutenant Fourth Platoon Li 

First Sergeant Operations Sergeai 


2<M(> 2()\\ 


Ryon Cn 
John Pope 
Brock Olsen 
Shown Fox 
Dovid Grey 

■ Seweil 
Dovid Pa*er 
Robert Morris 
Jon Duffy 
Jorrod CorJwright 
Triston Euritt 

Preston Londt 
Trovis Edwords 
Bryant Youngblood 

Fletcher Thompson 
Justin Minter 
Mott Wright 
Andrew" ' 
Clint Custer 
Julie Morkow 
Timothy Mcyproy , 

Chien Lin 
Andrew Fleenor 
Scott ModDonold 
Robert Stockman 
Richord Hozik 
Gr - 
Chad Baker 
Justin Hess 
Note Solotin 
Justin McKnight 

Nate Richer 
David Stetc,^. 
Stephen Bridges 
Zoch Jones 

Casey Word 
Angel Arenos 

Christopher Fukui 
Richard FJorris 
Robert Ai 
Hisham Yousif 
Shoun Tierney 
Richord Crozier 
Robert Saunders 
^ iPoce 

Michael Roiney-V 
Gabriel Itoko 
KittisoF Siripollow 
Roinier Tanglao 
Morlena FJowes 
Justin Simmons 
Christopher FfoW' 

Christopher Ros 
Fronklin Banegc 
Glen InghaiT 
Grea Walk. 

Patrick Karnwie 
Brendan Honeychuck 
Alex Hufnogel 

Wgitold Uunn 

William Potter 

/Sjustin Lewis 

Vincent Ferdinondi 

Michoel Joyce 

Hugh Hornsby 

Vanderbilt Edmonds 

Kevin Ponsler 

Somontho Amenn 

Joshua Botes 

Christopher Khine 

Ian Smith 

Alexander Epps 

Tyler Klausmeier 

Dean Gonsolves 

Andrew Edroode 

Elijah Faison 

Nam Nguyen 

Michael Domskey 

Justin Klein 

Taylor Price 

Ted Kong 

Patrick Rowe 

Christopher Wisno 

Linsey Corty 

Keyun Wong 

Sorah FJoover 

Ryon Did< 

Quentin Sweetser 

Joseph Ponorese 

William Sheo 

Pin-Fen Chen 

Xovier Scott 

William Loub 

John Ponnill 

Taylor Armstrong 

Robert FJopkins 

Ali Ali 

Briana Hogan 

Donte Morales 

Zeire Dodd 

Shun-Te Shih 

Frorilin Von Volkenbu 


S-4 Lieutenant 

Anna DeFrank 
S-6 Sergeant 

Zachary Henke 
S-6 Sergeant 

Henry Bdiker 
S-7 Sergeant 

Kara Noble ^ 
S-7 Sergeant ' 


st Sergeant Operations Serg 

lAoster Sergeant; 


Hi;y;n UAii jJiiii 1 1 1 * 

2(M0 2011 

HuffmanMS PriolettiAJ 

AikensAS PurpuraMJ 

AllgoodOE RossCJ 

Aya-ayEJ StatonAK 

BiceDB WuL 














Hefner JN 











20 1 i 















Hooker JK 





























































■ Michael, 
rations Sergeant Master Serg 


Addison Grafton 
Briono Allard 
Byron Allen 
Burton Bachellor 

Chaz Jones 
Samuel Kang 
Samuel Landr' 
Chad Lawsor 

brian Dlincae Jeremy Lucier 

James Boatwright Sean McAbe 

Christopher Moser 

Christopher Forbes Matther Parmer 
Michael Frossard Ethan Price 


Chistopher Aiken Kyle Reese 

John Alderling Stephen Robarge 

Colin Antonucci Sean Romoser 

Amanda Berrios Shaun Ruark 

Jeremv Brown Ryan Schade 

Uopennaver Andrew Stahlinc 

lel Everett Hardy Temoney 

Dn Gory Daniel Vaden 

i Griffith Alan Watts 


Brandon Oory 
Richard Griffith 

Hannah Granger 
Sharif Gray 
Bruce Hazelgrove 
AAin-Han Hsieh 
Dennis James 
Joshua Jeffcoat 
Christopher John 

Adam Ralston 
Brian Skiff 
Joshua Splinter 
Frank Tontala 
Kyle Volente 
Joshua Wine 
Eric Wittig 

StP"^^^'T^''=' Irihn'ion Ki irf 7i 

Kyle Hofstetter 
Torrance Hoover 
Mark Hornfeck 
John Khandan-Barani 
Yokov Kushnar 
Arthur Loefsfedt 
Justin McCarthy 
Richard Naroine 

Nicholas Bruno 
James Byron 
Keith Campion 
Mason Canady 
James Conlon 
Kevin Curron 
Max Curry 
Justin Doiton 
Peyton Dekker 
Christopher Dreik( 
Anthony Foster 
Jaime Freeman 
Nothon Gibbs 
Joshua Gillilond 
John Goode 
Kacey Holl 
Theodore Harrisor 
Molly Hastings 
Nathan Howard 
Jonathan Jackson 
David Kellam 

Kevin Kyle 
Patrick Leet 
Bryan Maner 
Kevin McMc 
Jackson Montgomery 
John Neatrour 
Andrew Nelson 
Anne-Morie Ngotho 
Tucker Roe 
irn Ombri Rivers 
Motthew Rogan 
John Ruhl 
Dustin Shelly 
Brent Shull 
William Splees 
Joseph Stoton 
Adam Teufel 
David Worriner 
Benjamin Waterbury 
Ryan Wheeler 
Tyler Wingo , 

Adam Wood 
Jeffrey Yates 
Joseph Zarella 

Spilman Punpl ■ 
FirsI- Sergeant 

Operations Sergeant 

'Noah Gibson 
Master Sergeant 

Like Leichty 
First Platoon Sergeant. 




Matt Sotterwhite 
MoHtiew Snkez 
David Stoob 
Kristopher Ware 
Nichobs Weishaar 
Leono-d WescWer 

min Ashooh Irovis Miller 

Andrew Boker Gierke AAorgret 

Austin Benda Oris Newaanb 

Joshua Bryan Spilman Pimphrey 

Christopher Cashen Robert Sdiaefer 

Aaron Castro Amir Shihata 

AAotthew Deacon Ajidrew Smith 

Stevei Ddce 
Matthew Flora 
Joshua G^ier 
Nooh Gibson 
James Gordon 
Arthur Gross 
Justin Hid^man 
Cameron Jones 
LiJce Leidity 
Hm-Xin Li 
Daniel Mtiiaffey 
Nidiolad AAd^orkiid 
Daniel Midnewid) 

Robert Straskulic 
Matthew Thomas 
Leo Woker 
Shone Wlkinson 
Lansing Wilson 
Robert Wray 
Nathaniel Zand 


Douglas Alvey Robert Rice 

Sean Ayres Kyb Richardson 

William Bober James Rivos 

Andrew [3eol Tioe Schenkd 

Raymond Delgado DAngelo Smith 

Gabriel CXangieux Jocob Thorp 

Trooey Fisdier Wolter Vonomon 

Bruce Howard Stewart Wilkinson 

Min Jung 

Christopher Kitchen 


Stephen Lassiter 

Adom Looney 

Chance AAcComell 

Corbin McKee 

Daniel Moerder 

Kelly Morrison 

Joseph Mu¥Xj 

Sean O" Regan 

Bradley Parker 

Grtis Rathbone 

201 :{ 

JonoftiCTi Booth 
Bbfce Bryant 
Samuel Com 
Keslie Carrion 
Koiherine Collins 
Befijoniin Gross 
Robert Daneiban 
Ke ■ " ■ 
Thomos EXmville 
Evan Frarkovits 
Nbfhaniel Gcrt 
Bryce Garrison 
Brian Grohan 
James Florkroder 
Bloke HarrcJi 
Austin Hernandez 
Scott HoUer 
Huiter Hollhous 
Sorod HuizJ^r 
Russell Johnson 

linnolfiy Kendzia Frederick VilusfiB 

Kirk Lambert Ridxrd WiJjoms 

Craig Long Thomas Wine 

Cby Lewin James York 

Jeremy AAethven Rokiid Zedi 

Adam AAorgon 



Robert Pirvis 

Denver Reese 

Glendon Robertson 

David Radww 

Biioit Solgodo 

Midiod So^jyiom 

Rhett Soorfcorojch 

Christopher Sdmeek 



Jeffrey Sexton 

Charles ShutI 

Brod Stalfengs 

Jordon Storin^yj,.i» t^jb - 

loster Sergeant First PhtcxDn Sergeant 


Barnes JT 

Orndorff WR 

iiagini TB 

Piribek JT 

Black IM 

Popko GB 

Brandt BG 

Sartori RC 

irigham ES 

Simmers JM 

Burton EC 

Stork SA 

Cote DG 

Travis TT 

Chang Y 

Vaughn MW 

Compton AB 

Wang K 


Wojtas PJ 

Czupryno CP 

Devernc KA 

Faff JB 

Ferrell JT 

Guthrie TJ 

Knapp EC 

Krahling JR 

Kubt JR 

Morley DL 




■efoot RS 
Blue MA 
Brust TJ 
Calvin E 
Church EB 
Colon GA 
Cutler KW 
Davis TJ 
Goodale KG 
Gordon TA 
Hairston TM 
Hill LW 
Hindley KS 
Houston ML 
Jarrett MH 
Manning JC 
Mclntyre GL 
Milligan CL 

ODonnell KW 
Pratt LG 
Redmond TL 
Resetar LG 
Santos JO 
Sargent SA 
Schirra TA 
Steinhoff RP 
Sullivan GD 
Sv^eeney PS 
Symons AW 
Thompson WP 
Woldrop WB 
Woods TR 
Zv/anzig CA 
Calhoun JC 

k V ..^M^Sm^-. 

,-: ,:-..-^^.' ^^- 

-— - 


Adams CO '■■l>m^^^^ 

1 -^•^ 


» Augustine AJ 

Marion ND 

Bailey RN Palmer MD 

Aulbach JJ 

MdZusker KL 

Block HD Porkman LL 

Bullod^ Bw 

McGinn IL 

Burks RA Pugh WR 

Carr SJ 

Meade Nl 

3urton JE Rivera KL 

Cloeter JA 

Mills TM 

Coldv^ell AC Wagner DT 

Covert Jl 

Ndongo AC 

Doxsee J Whiting WS 

Curtis CS 

Patrick AC 

Duvnjok BZ Young CV 

Dommert JE 

Peterson JL 

Elliott MS Clynes DR 

Garrett JM 

Pospisil RC 

Fraser CC Turner KM 

Gibson JM 

Reber WC 

Horiston JL King RP 

Gragg KM 

Rice EJ 

Healy CN Riggs CJ 

Groat BB 

Richardson CA , . 

Hodges CL Healy CN 

Harper CC 

Sain JH : i 

Jadmon PW 

Hedio AJ 

Sorensen LC -j 

Jamerson GT 

Hobbs EG 

Sykes BG 

Lewis DA 

Holt JH 

Taylor JJ 

Long KW 

Hooks CI 

Waalkes MR 

Lopez AA 

Horstmann SF 

Wood El 

Morston MK 

Irvine Tc 

Wulfken PJ 11 

McCarron GM 

Lawrence JD 

Wunsdi CM 1! 


Mallet MM 


Alex Crow 
Isaac Cryder 
John Digon 
Kyle Drumheller 

Peter Griffin 
Tom Hamlin 
Cory hiendley 
Andrew Hilber 

Bryon Moyl^erry 
Allen McCown 
Bryon McDonald 
Casey AAcElligott 
David Perry 

Motf Ferguson 
Josepfi Fleshiman 

Alex Moson 
Chris Neubour 
Brian Pool 
Aaron Remoi 
Raquel Sonch" 
Ryan Schaed 

Mitch Bonning 
Tom Blevins 

Daniel Greenlee Ryan Schmidt 

Tim Gregory Rick Sharp 

GregHellenga V'" ' 

Moxx Hipko G 

Joseph Hoerst Josh Visconti 

Austin Hogan Som ^"'^"- 

^' I Hong Andr. 

ic>eorg6 Stotzell 
Josh Visconti 

\enneth Cummings 

Jacob Koufmann 

"yier Dovis 

Josh Lepper 

Kyle Decker 

Marcus Love 

Steve Domingo 

Ben MocKercher 

Donold Martin 

John Freemon 

Tom McConneli 

Kntie Gill 

Ken McFetridge 

Alex Shorp 
Jessica Sneod 

Cadet Government 

Cadet Life begins when cadets enter the unique environment that VMI provides. A 
facet of Cadet life is the cadet government which is separate from the regimental 
system. It is comprised of the General Committee, Executive Committee, Rat Disciplin- 
ary Committee, Officer of the Guard Association and the Cadet Equity Association. 
The cadet government is concerned with the standards of the corps, discipline and 
the class system. The class system is an integral port of cadets' lives in barracks and 
ensures that cadets earn their place in the corps. The various sub committees of the 
GC are solely for the purpose of holding the corps to the highest of standards when 
it come to respect, civility and citizenship. The final opsect of cadet life is ore the day 
to day happenings inside and oustide of barracks, it is that which mokes VMI unique. 


Honor Court 

Front Row: Rory Alfree (V.P. For Defense), Will Shannon (Vice President], John Curtis (Vice President for Education], 
Weston Whitcomb (President), Richard Hozik (Prosecutor), Ottie Allgood (Prosecutor), William Feldmonn (Prosecutor) 

Back Row (Assistant Prosecutors) : Sharif Gray, Joshuo Brookwalter, Richard Steinhoff, Christopher Gingrich, 

Ethan Price, 

Publilius Syrus once said, "What is left when honor is lost? Stop and think about this statement for a moment. As people 
we are ultimately known by what we do and soy. It does not matter how much money one has, the size of a house, the 
speed of one s car, or on individual's popularity within society. These ambitions in the grand scheme of things are fleeting. 
A fortune can be won and lost several times throughout o lifetime, not so with our character. Our honor, once forsaken, 
is forever stained. Being on honest man or woman of your word takes grit, determination, and courage. Choosing to 
do the honorable thing is a continuous climb up the mountain of life. We experience the sheer cliffs of responsibility, the 
crags of laziness and the slippery slopes of half- truths. At both VMI and in life, our route is precarious and precise; the 
slightest misstep can lead to our doom. There are no second chances or saved in progress settings- it's oil or nothing. 
We must climb carefully and ensure that we place ourselves on the sure footing of integrity. The climb of the 
honorable life is downright painful and exhausting; however, it is also the most rewarding experience o person 
can endure because we are climbing towards a better vista. Through perseverance, you con reach the summit 
where respect, wisdom, and true friendships await. Doing the right and honest thing may not be the easiest action 
in the present, but I can guarantee you that it will be worth the all the trials in the end. Corps, make hlonor a 
lifestyle and you will hove an adventure that no omount of possessions, fame, or temporary personal gain con 
equal. The answer to Publius's question is blunt - nothing is left when honor is lost. However, though we came 
into this world with nothing, we can leave this world with something: the comfort and satisfaction in knowing that 
ou^ .'P-- '--* ^-'--r,,,. ,-„,. r..amples that future generations will look to and strive to emulate. Death before Dishonorl 

General Committee 

Front Row; Bryant Youngblood (Vice President), Sloon Burns (President), 
Eddie Desch (Historian) 

^ock Row; Jon Twigg ("ID, John Manning (11), Lane Pratt (11), Miles Treacy (Secretary), Joe Munno (12), 
Don Fiosconoro (12), Patrick Jockmon (12) 

The General Committee is of, by, and for the Corps. It is designed to maintain the standards of the corps inside and 
outside of barracks. It enforces the system of doss privileges and ensures that actions by individuals in the Corps do 
not fall below the standards and traditions of VMI. Actions which bring discredit upon the Corps must be answered 
to the General Committee. The General Committee is composed of the nine class officers, a secretary, and the 
First Class President presides over the committee. When necessary the GC is used as the iury in Executive h^earings. 

Officer of the Guard 

Front Row: Matt Wright (Defense Counsel), Matt Sinkez (Vice President 
Colin Walker(President|, Nick Wieshaor (Secretory), Josh McPherson(Defense Counsel). 

iock Row; Matt Rodriguez, Ryan Crean, Jon Ferro , Rocheol Toman, Scott MacDonold, Ryan Stull, Logon Swanson, 

Bob Fendley, Eric Bngham (Not Pictured). 

The Officer of the Guord Association is a subcommittee of the GC mode up of 14 first class privates. The OG A severs as an 
investigative branch of the GC and investigates mattes such as misconduct, rat line offenses, alcohol abuse and any conduct 
deemed necessary by the commandant or the GC. It is also the voice for the privates within the corps to the commandant. 
Basically the OGA is in place to represent the average cadet while upholding and enforcing the standards within the corps. 


Cadet Equity Association 

Front Row: James Lockeft, Allen McCown, Heidi Beemer 

Middle Row: Hugo Bustomante (President), 
Julie Merkow (Vice President for Training and Operations) 

Back Row: Lance Long, Michael Purpura, Erik Blum, Paul DeValk, 
Ian Black, Conrad Knight, Mike Louthan, Koine Toomey, Chris Dommert 

The Cadet Equity Association is composed of thirteen first class members, as well as three second classman, and 
one third classman. VMI is composed of cadets from 16 countries, 46 different states and females, which require 
a professional set of standards and behavior. Therefore, the purpose of the CEA is to provide education on 
equity to the Corps of Cadets, and to monitor a post-wide climate of respect and equitable treatment for cadets. 

Cadet Counseling Services 

Front Row: Jacob CoxICIC), Kelly Vickery, Rob Allen (ACIC) 

iock Row: Josh Splinter, Foul Wojtos, Justin Tench, Ronnie Ellsworth, Chris Martin 

Not Pictured: Fredy Jurkowitsch, hlope hJockemeyer 

The purpose of Cadet Counseling Services is to provide peer education and awareness to the corps. We educate 
the corps on issues such as sexual assualt, hygene, alcohol awareness, provide emotional support, tobacco awareness 
and stress relief . By providing these services, CCS has become on advocate for every cadet to succeeed in their own 
person lives. Good Luck to oil graduating first class cadets, we wish you well in your journey through your chosen careers' 

Rat Disciplinary Comittee 

Front Row: Mr. Fields, Mr. Wilkinson, Mr. Lowson, Mr. Williams 

Middle Row: Mr. Rowcliffe (Operations Officer), Mr. Piribek (Secretary), Mr. Hutchings (President), 
Mr. Podgett (Vice President), Mr. Perestock (Operations Officer) 

Bock Row: Mr. Cfiapmon, Mr. Green, Mr. Mendillo, Mr. Aikens, Mr. Lund, Mr. Tfiompson, Mr. h^ennelly, Mr. Londt, 

Mr, Cate, Mr. Pfiillips, Mr. Czupryno, Mr. Allen, Mr. Duffy, Mr. hHorgon, Ms. Pastor, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Travis, 

Mr. Moler, Mr. Kralnling, Mr. Nikmard, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Melton, Mr. Ferrell, Mr. fHorne, Mr. Kerr, 

Mr. Fiasconaro, Mr. Ware. 

Never hiove I been so certain thiat the RDC's reputation would live on long after we're gone. Never hiove I been so 
privileged and emotionally charged then when I swore you in, and watched you strap on that RDC belt for the first 
time. Never hove I wished more than anything, that I could put on that belt just one more time, just to work with you 
one last time. Never go a day without thinking you can't ask me for anything. The beating heart of the Corps isn't in 
the parades, it isn't in the football game or the basketball game, and it sure as hell isn't in the hop or class party. The 
heart and soul of the Corps is the Pr^tlir.^ K|o n^p rn^ rnnvp ^^e i^orpc lie d^ Wp ore \^.e Pat'jne We a^e ^^.e PDC 


Study Abroad 





S 0^20f0 

rot Her Rats, 

journey ends. Heavily anticipated by most, 
we travelled togetHer. ^^^OfeVe made it all toj 

Lave all gone 

out tne na 

ion. Little 
;. Now tHe 

Hard time and tHe freindJ 
foreet one anotHer. I must 

that Helped us tHrougH tHem tHat \ve will never 
congratulate all of you, for not only meeting tHe 
tHe Class of 2007, but raisirig it for our rats. Ol 

2010- Now as we leave tHe road less travelled, I Hope we all take tHe roac 
untravelled. \X/e are tHe future of tHis wonderful country and we \vill pave 
our own way. Not tHrougH our \vords, but tHrougH our actions, tHe legacy 

around tHe -world, but one day tHey will all lead back Here. Until tHat time 
I wisH you fortitude, successes, and Happiness in life, wHatever it may be; 

'Sloan C Burns 
2010 Class President 



Fcrsi: Cutss Gm^eraJy C(m/ru^C£^ 

^a/vt rcHi 

CjC Sex:re£ttrt^: 

'iXA Trt 

"^Im of 2010 

SBiMU, J/Lmfc 

'SdUm, e^m- (^euof 

'^ "V- -v^ f 

"Soon S, K^lz/ium 

The best way to not get boned is to break rules as bla- 
tantly as possible. I never really tried at anything here. I 
probably don't deserve a degree, but I ivill take one. Ibu 
are a tool if you wrote something sincere here. Oil yeah 
Justin and Doxtg yo%i gxiys are family. Justin, you're like 
my mom. Doug, you are like a step child that I don't love. 

Ibit know when you walk dozvn a long hallway, you see 
someone you .9ort of knotv, b^U you don't know if you 
shozdd say hi, so you both end up silently 'walking by each 
other- with your heads down; that happened ivay too much 
here. Thank you to tny Dykes for being my dykes and play- 
ing rugby. Thank you to Coach Howe for letting me stick 
arottnd for fottr years, even if it was jttst to drive the vans. 
Ihi glad I had great roommates for these foxvr years: Char- 
lie, Charles, Jeff Josh and even Matt. This place is full of 
Blot of different types and I'm glad I found the group of 
fiends I did. Lewis chill out. Ellen learn to be quiet in 
\mornings. Thank you. Mom and Dad for flying oitt to 
me each year; and to iny girlfriend who would fly out 
every week if she could. It has sucked here but looking back 
it has been f%m and in some ways I am sorry it is ending. 
Ill closing I just want to ask: Correll what does that say? 


NCAA Football Jk,3,2,l 

Dyke: Chijioke Fkektoe '07 
Rats: Taj Han-is, George Maz 

International Studies 

Rat Challenge 3,2,1 

Dyke: Ray Mattia '09 
Rats: Robert Senn 

r^- tit *"■■ 

Rugby A,3,2,l 

Dyke: Tyler Ras.sell '07 

Rats: Ryan Ellen, Michael 



History and Arabic 

Semper Fi Society 4;3,2,l; 
Model Arab League 2,1; Pre- 
law Society 1 

Dyke: Dana Daly '07 

"^Im af 2Oi0 

' "VMI is a good place to be from, but not a good place to ^'"" 

be at'.' This quote describes adequately how I feel abozot 
VML These last four years have been good and bad. One 
good thing about VMI was my Brother Rats who I have 
encountered along the way. I will never forget my Brother 
Rats who have been there for- me thick and thin, 'ibu gttys 
are the Fh Best! Also, Hotel Company is the best Company 
ever This place has, also, made me a better person in 
some ways and a xvorse person. Everything in this world 
happens for a good reason, it is destiny we are here. Life 
at VMI sucks, but it is the "sztck" that attracted 'us here 
in the first place. "VMI is the good, the bad and the ttgh/.' ; 
/ tuant to thank eve-ryone ivho helped me along the way. Major 
!j ' Faxistivho stopped 'me fi-omq%iitting,Col.McCleskey whohelp 

'me in academics. Col. Burnett who is awesome cyborg p7-ofes- . .; 
so?; Maj. Diorio for ')noti'uating 'me, Gtmnery Sergeant Driver | 
who never gave ivp on ine and Capt. Craig for guiding me in 
my darkest hottrs. Thank yott to everyone else who I have not 
mentioned above. Ibtt will always have a place in my heart. 

'Anhnal" "Corporal" 

Marine Corps 

Ehho Company U,3,2,l; 

Corporal 3; Rat Challenge 2; 

Sergeant 2; RDC 1 

Dyke: Stefan Dietrich '07 

Rats: Alex C. Havermale, 

Chace A. Nelson 

E::oitornics and Business 

NCAA Football ^,3,2,1 

Dyke: Keashawn Artis '07 

Rats: Charles Jones, Justin 


I catne to VMI thinking I was going to be among a noble cal- 
iber; resembling its history; a class of morals, respect, ethics, 
self discipline,, cleanliness, and revei-ence. Ho7v- 
evet; I was deceived and let dozun at the low caliber of the 
majority of those I would reluctantly call my brother rats. 
To the contemptible: Imih-e undeserving of otir class' 
ring and diploma and are the rust that taints this 
gloriotts place and everything it stands for- ; I'm, 
a.shajned and embarras.sed to have yoit in my class. 
To the worthy: y'all are nvy brother rats as long as I live. I'm, 
hmnbled to be in your prese-nce and reassivred in my confi- 
dence of o'ur nationk future. When I look at my ring and see 
"Mizpah", it's you I think of and remeinber Y'all are ivh-y I'm 
proud to wear 'my ring and say "I graditated from there". 
To VMI Ibu're everything and nothing I expected; grati- 
ficatio')i and disappointment, 'ibzt are the epitome of a 
military institute; I love you and hate you. Ibu mean well 
with what you teach but don't act on it; Ductits Ekemplo. 


mm Mm, yi>^inla 

'31m Mm, "Pli^im 

'Wdmin^m, Sidamme 

mm 4 2Dio 

To my Rats: "\bu may be whatever you resolve to be" or 
rather "VMI will be ivhatever you make it to 6a" VMI will 
get you down at times, but it is hoiv you decide to deal tvith 
it, that decides how fast your next three years will go. To 
my roommates: It has been a great four years. All fottr of 
yoit are the brothers I never had. Our pointless jokes and 
Ws^, constant degradation of each other made this place all the 
i; more bearable. It is honor to have roomed with you, and I 
" ' will never forget the strong bond that we have formed over 
these past four years. To Erin, Kelly, and my grandparents: 
■^ ibur countless cards and numerous care packages are the 
little things that made a big difference. Ibur constant love 
and suppoi-t made those difficult days all the more bearable. 
' Asid most importantly. Mom and Dad: Ibu are the people 
\m who taxight me never to give up, push mysey beyond my limit, 
i/s© a?zd never accept anything less than my dreams. As I walk 
acrossthatstage,notonly is it my achievement, it is yours as 
' well. My strength confides in you. Godb speed Brother Rats! 


When I came here, I wanted to leave as an officer in the Air 
Force with a degree in International Stiodies and minor in 
Arabic. Mstead, I'm going to be an officer in the Navy with 
a degree in Electrical Eigineering. What was I thinking? 
Euery day is opposite day at VMI in a sick kind of way, and 
taught me that plans change and hcurd work pays off. Fear is a 
powerful motivator; but passion is the most effective. Trust- 
ing in God has gotten me through the ivorst weeks of my life, 
and I thank God for the love of my parents. I will miss my 
roommates and I'll never forget my commitment to each 
other I will not miss the sttibborn contradiction of VMI, but 
I still hope that someone finds a way to preserve tvhat little 
is left of this precious, fleeting subcidtrure. Despite it's short- 
comings, VMI 7-emains one of the few relics from a society 
of virtioe and must not be eroded by the tide of timid soids. 

I've always wanted to be a VMI cadet ever since I can remem- 
ber I was indoctrinated from a young age by my late father 
whom was a 1980 graduate of the Institute. For some tmex- 
plainable reason I'ue felt that it was part of my destiny to 
graduate from this .sacred institzction. During my 4 years 
at VMI I have wor-ked hard to live by the high standard of 
X-Pq,st gi -aduates of this great school. I've learned that VMI is 
\l^hat you make of it. If you take advantage of all opportu- 
i'XiSti,es and embrace each aspect, however hard it may seem, 
.you IV ill learn a great deal and will develop the nece.ssary 
< tools to be successfid in any profession you choose. It is those 
that don't embrace the sy.'item and slide by for fbun- years 
that find themselves wondering xvhy they haven't developed 
the tools to be successful. For those individuals I have no 
sympathy. lit, closing, I would like to wish all of th,e rats of 
the great room of 155 the best of hock. 7b my legacies, Lucas 
and John continue to live by the high standards of your 
Dyke and Grand-Dykes and you too will enjoy the riches. 


"The Sherminator" 

Civil and Eivironmental 

Honor Co2(,rt 1; Sivimming 2; 
Rat Challenge 3, 1; S-5 1 

Dyke: Devin Ream '07 

Rats: Stephen Horstmann, 

Harry Zechman 

Electrical and Conpiiter 

VMI Commanders ^,S,)2,1; Inst 

tute Brass i,3,2; CCS 2,1; lEEl 

1,3,2,1; VMI Buglers 3,2,1 

Dyke: I'im Fairchild '06 

Rats: Woody Skudin, 

Benton Roe 

Ebonomics and Business 1 

RDC 1; Cadet Investment 
Group 3,2,1; CPL 3; Color SGI 
2; Club Basketball U; Club Fla 
Football 1; Sigma Beta Delta 

Dyke: Peter Duvigneaud '07 
Rats: John Holt, Lucas Moffet 

"Zoloft Ball" "Mac" 


Honor Court 2,1; NCAA Wres- 
tling Jf.S; Club Wrestling 1; 
Academic Mentor 3,2. 

Dyke: Grayson E-nst '07 

Rats: Drayton Bird, Daniel 


%m 4 2DiO 

We came here ivith different expectations, goals, and ideas of 
what VMI was. We all had different ideas of what we were 

I going to do. Most of otir expectations were probably wrong. 

! It is easy to point out all the pitfalls we see ivith VMI, but we 

should also point out the great things of our school. I did 
not expect to form such close friendships with cadets and 
fciculty. I did not expect to have a chance to find what true 
service is by serving on the Honor Court. I did not expect to 
find God in such a way that the foimdation of my life is for- 
ever changed. I did not expect VMI to reveal to me all of the 
J. great things in my life that I cozdd not imagine living with- 

out. It is because of you and VMI that -my life has forever 
changed for the better Thank you to all those %vho have heard 
my troubles, pmyed with me, stupported me through the val- 
leys and praised God with me at the peaks. I love yoit all. .^ 

"Popeye" "Panda" 

Intel -national Studies 

Staff IColor Gttard 3,2; 
Newman Club 4,3,2,1 

ke: AJinied Safy El-Din '07 
Rat: Matt Dudek 




ke Hockey 4, 3 

Dyke: Ryan E-nst '07 
Rats: John Hampton 

"82.) Confusing this place with home every once in 
awhile brings yoa ever closer to tvanting to hill yotvi-sey? 
The reason that there is a number 82 in fi'ont of that quote is 
\eca%ose it is a part of a list that I've beei i keeping since I was a 
Zat.This"List" basically consistsoftvitty/zanyoneliners that 
ire more ofasatii-eofthis place than a complimei it. This quote 
appeared after a professor confused home with VMI one time; 
naturally, we thought it was blasphemy, but then again... 
I have another qtiote that says" lour home is ivhere your heart 
is, and at one time 02ir hearts beat as one here" and as much as 
most of us hate to admit this, VMI has been our home for fotvr 
years. We think this place is horrible, and to a certain extent, 
we're right, but ive never take into accoitnt the memories 
we've had, or the good friendships that we've made. It is those 
things that have made VMI a home for me and it is ivith that 
knowledge that I leave one of the best homes I've ever- lived in. 

From rat yearb trip to Colorado, hockey iveekends, to the 
hours of pth marched, it has been an up and down four 
years. I know that itk good that I am not Pinocchio, or 
else Bowman ivould be considered a beaver; ith inadvis- 
able to rztn the courtyard with beer, and going off- 
roading in institute vans is not wise. We have learned 
a lot, and there is more fun to be had tvhen the rules are 
broken, at least the better the stories are better- after you 
get off confinement. I luish my rat ivell over his cadet- 
ship and that he makes smai-ter decisions than his dykes 
have. Either- way you xvill come out ruith inany stories. 


&ime ^Mouiidn, '§m^ia 

<^maUhm &. ^^alfcock 



:--^-- > 


/a I.I ^„i , o 

"^Im of 20 iO 

Well, I would like to say I've lived the dream, but I still wake 
up in the morning thinking, "what if I attended the Uni- 
versity of Alabama?" I could have gone home on week- 
ends, had easy academics, wild parties, and maybe even 
a girfriend! But, I chose on my own free ivill along with 
encouragement from, my BR Fletcher Thompson to attend 
VML He is partially to blame for this, but Ihx glad I made 
the decision to attend a school that Playboy ranked last 
in the world for fun. I ivon't miss the VMI life, but I will 
miss my friends, especially Jason Morgan. My relation- 
. _. ship tuith Jason is like the relationship Andy and Red had 
il . in the Shatvshank Redemption, our inside jokes and fre- 
; quent pranks have made "doing time" easier I would like 
1 to thank vty parents: To my dad, who has always been there 
cs'' foi" we, thank yott. I ivill continue to make yoti protid. To 
- r my mom who always encouraged me, yo-u iver-e the one tvho 


before, nozv according to my BR Levi, Ibe become global. 

When asked to coinpose my senior narrative I ivasn't sure 
what to write. My feelings tozvards VMI remain largely 
mixed. I can however, with umvavering certainty, claim 
it has been a challenge. To a great extent VMI has been an 
exercise in futility. To my family. pulled me through. 
Thank you for seeing through my complaints and offering 
a reassuring reminder of what lay ahead. To my rats... 
Nate & Austin. . .you both have the resolve to be great cadets. 
Keep your sense of Mimor intact and take everything 
with a grain of salt. And to Kathleen. . .it is hard to imag- 
ine the last severed years withoxtt yo%i. For the patience 
yoiL instilled and for the sanity you helped me retain... I 
am... eternally grateful. It has been a rollercoaster over 
four years and I am thankful to finally switch rides. 

Through the past fottr years I have learned many things 
from VML I honestly xvould not have made it through 
this place tvithotit my Brother Rats, roommates, friends, 
,and family. As much as I complain about hoiv much this 
place was so miserable I look back at all the good times, 
the late nights studying, and the inside jokes, . To my rats: 
remember what I have taught yoit. Keep your eyes and 
ears open and take whatever this place gives you. Learn 
asymich as you can from this place, it ivill not only teach 
you about your specific major, b'ut about life too. It may be 
miserable noiv but in the end it luas worth every second. 

Arabic and 
International Studies 

Dyke: Ryan Ibung '07 
Rats: John Covert 

International Studies 

Marine Corps 

S-1 1; Cadre 2; S-7 3; Ring 
Figure Committee 2; SWIM i 
3; Triathlon Club 1; Bidldog . 

Dyke: Greg Barnekoff '07 

Rats: Nathan Beck, 

Aitstin DeMoss 

Mechanical Ehzgineering 

Dyke: Stefan Dietrich '07 

Rats: A>idrew JEhkroade, 

Ross Piccinini 

"^Im of 2Oi0 

■ Howdy! Peace with yo%t, or something like it. Tired writing 'JH 
this. . . XLSiially tired at VMI, but less so later in my cadet- 
ship. Get sleep if your still here and take a day off for rest 
every week. Don't move too fast all the time, or you will [, 
forget why you were moving so fast. There is a tim,e and 
season for things (including sleep, breaking rules, keeping 
rides, eating, not eating). Ith a matter of asking for help 
to not jtist know when to do the right thing, but for help to 
actually do them. When yoti are broken, be broken, Some- 
one will help if you show yoicr brokenness. Look for Help. 

Dyke: Neil Stttliff '07 

Rats: Tyler Klausmeie?; 

Patrick Sexton 

"JB" "NuggeV 

Baseball U,3,2,l. 

Dyke: Robert Crumpler '07 

Rats: Miles McQuaig, 

Er-ick.'ion Keetori, 


j^ V' ^ 

% ^ 

_-':u;-\ « 




WT ■' 



Mechanical Engineering 

Dyke: Ben Safrit '07 
/2«/,.sv Ch,urles Curtis 

^"ter these past four years, I otve many thanks to my family 
fed friends who have stcpported me and helped me stay 
Reused. First of all, to mom and dad, tuhat can I say, you both 
j^e always behind me in everything I do ariA your unwavei- 
I cannot thank ya'll enough far what you do for me and far 
that I consider myself very lucky to have parents such as 
yo'u both behind me. To 'my friends who have remained in 
contact and offered support to keep me going, thank yoti. Of 
course, my BaseCo boys far life! It has not only been fun, but 
a privilege to go through the good times and bad while get- 
ting to know one another over the years, and I thank you for 
the mem,ories. Most of all, I -want to thank you Crum/p for 
helping 'me thro'wgh some of the to'nghest times I have ever 
faced. Not only did you help 'me, btU you became a great 
frieyid, 'mentor, and an older brother I never had. As pop 
■wo'u.ld say, "It was real, it -was good, b'tU it won't real good!" 

It has been an honor and a privilege to get to know you 
these past few years. VMIh not always treated us fairl-y, itb 
■not al'wa-ys done 'us 'well, but there is one thing I can say ith 
do'iie, ith given us a group of friends that we can 'rely on no 
matter what. I g'uess thath what m,akes me pro'iid to have 
come from this place. I look forward to seeing yoit -in the 
future and wish you the best of hick.Hotel Rats: Remember 
what 'yo'u were taught and take pride in e'uerything yon do. 
Whe-n -yo'u face troubles, y-em.ember your BRis am always by 
your, and togethet; you can overcom.e anything, ib'u're 
'part of a good dyke line; it has its blemishes, but ith one 
'you'll be proud to entrust toyotor rats. Do great things and 
conti'mte o'ur legacy. Charles: Ith been an honor to he your 
dyke. Ibu Ji.aue m.any challenges ahead of you., but I know 
youh-e capable of handling them. Keep in m;ind, the steepest 
mozmtai'iis have the hardest climbs, but tli.e vie'w from the 
top is always the best. Stay low and keep those faet mo'vbng. 
Dad. & Mom.: If it 'wer&nJt for you, I woiddn't have survived 
VML I can ne'ver e.r'p'ress how for-tunate I am. to have par- 
ents tike you. I've truly been blessed beyond what I deserve. 

"Vitginia ^eadi, 'Viiginia 

'§lm ^Im, "PUgmi 

^Im 4 2DiO 

""'"^ "Do not go -where the path may lead, go instead tvhere 
there is no path and leave a trail" -Ralph Waldo Enzerson 

'^fualed tM. ^mnd. 

■ i^imtmdi, Ohio 

Somebody once said that you meet the best and worst people 

at VMI loifbrtnnately, I lived with the later There was 

never a. d-ull moment in our room and it's been compared to 
a Wild West Saloon and Ma:)iliattan at 3 AM. But I wouldn't 

trade any of yon, except maybe Kenny. But honestly, 

yoii, gtiys toere alivays there to kick me ivhile I luas dotvn 
and always quick i,vith an insult. Although I had the high- 
est GIA in the room you were all able to, somehow, teach 
rne something. Silas, you ta'ught me that "the eye flick" 
will awaken a person passed out from drhiking too nvuch 
Beam. Cappy, yoiibe ta.ught me that lips come in all size. 
Kenny, yon, taught me that there is ahuays time to squeeze 
in a quick potver nap, and that dog tags shotdd be tvorn a,t 
ALL times. Mike Lund, after living with you, I've learned 
that not all Marines ward to kill baby seals. Finally, I m;u,st 
give a. shoutrOiU, to my past roomj)nates, George Degennaro, 
and Ray Starsman. Ibu were both great roommates, and, 

and don't forget. 

.Ibu'rrrrrrrrrre my BEST friends.' 

'Six months prior to matrictda.tioji, VMI was not a place 

'. that I had ever heard of; howevei; it has become a place I 

know I 'will never forget. As much as I at times thought 

y:^: umidd love to replace memories of room inspections, 

^^■eczhig I in) iper attires, and 7 AM march downs with 

ilpio.s-c ()/■ ^h'cjting in, drunken nights and skipping class, I 

^-^einen/bcr thai I was fortunate enough to have the uniqrie 

^^^^perlciici' lliat only a handfid of people get. The four 

ll^poc.s' ()/' ;;/// ///(' f/ui/ I dedicated to sticking this place ou,t 

Mfl0^s liuiglit nil' inoiv lliaii most learn in a lifetime. I want 

'to I hank Aiiilrcji. Kal, Asia, Chandale and, Sliawn; the 

-pr()j)/r irliii ^luoi/ bij me day by day to help me get through 

lliis p/iici': I hire all uf you dearly and would n.ot be here 

ivi/lioiil lion. AlUiongh the four short years that felt like 

tjifihiw arr uri'i; Itie experiences I had and the memo- 
■0s I irii.\ liirh'jj ciionq/i lo ) will live with me forever 

Swim team 4.,3,2,1; Ontdooi\ 

D-yke: Brad Beck)ier '07 \ 
Rats: Nate Gibbs. Matt GalU 

International Studies and 

Rat Challenge U,3,2,l; Resa 
Squ ad S,2:ERT 3,2,1 

Dyke: Josli Copes '@ 
Rats: Rliett Scarbo-i 

Shawn Rahitt 


Wo'men's Soccer J,. 3,2, 1 

Dyke: Jennifer Farkas '07 
Rats: Si,m,on,e Jimenez. Lin ds 


Marine Corps 

Jadre 3,2,1; Library Assistant 

Dyke: Gregory Kosh '07 

Rats: Kyle Farniei; Nathan 


"Silo" "Tank" 

Rat Challenge 2,1; 
FTroop U,3,2,l 

Dyke: Mike Cornell '07 

Rats: John Williamson, 

Ben Nefosky 



Baseball 4.3,2,1 

Dyke: Corey Bachinan '07 
Rats: Oinbri Rivers 

' once was lost but now am found" The words of that inspi- 
rational hymn will forever ring the truth of my life. The 
dark, deserted, and decrepit path I misguidedly followed 
before I came to the Institute will remain a memory of the > 
past, for VMI has done mttch more than provide me with ; 
basic skills for being sztccessfid in a complex world: Mother \ 
"I" has forever changed my life. She is not perfect, and some 
aspects of her are, to be frank, despicable, let her ideals 
represent a last bastion of all that remains good, i-ight, and 
jtist in this world; for this she cannot be faulted. To my BRh: 
I have met the closest fi-iends I will ever have. I will never 
forget you; I wish yoit the best. Thank you. To my Rats: 
The InstitiUe has done so mtich for you as well; be grate- 
fod. Ibu toere great Rats; yoit will be great men. Thank you. 
Thottgh I tvas apart from God, He brotight me to VML In the > ^ 
end, the Institute was losed for the greatest purpose of all: ^ 
to bring me back to Him. Mother "I": I am forever indebted. 

Don't really know xuhat to say. Itb been a trip. Between Mean 
Greenk coma, Logan Barnhillh "the one that got away" 
Capyh giant lips, and Mike Lundh Semper Fi-oiess. ..itb been 
a xvild ride. I sure couldn't have done it without yoti guys. . . 
and all the other guys along the way, yo2t know ivho yoit are. 
To my family, it's been different. It ivas definitely not what 
I expected it to be but nothing ever- is and I think that is 
what VMI teaches you. Regardless, you sure were there for 
me -when I needed yoit. To Tanner; sorry I missed all those 
Friday night games btit I ivas always thinking about you. 
As for the 15JM. ..and Kenny, xvho by the %vay is an E-5 in the 
Army and an infantry officer... you guys ivill ahvays have 
a special place in my heart. I ann proud to say you are my 
brothers an d you guys will all go onto do great things. . . except 
you- Kenny. To the rats, I am proud of all you guys, hang in 
there and don't be like yottr dykes... in particuarily Kenny. 
Do your best and when times get you down. ..get some booze. 

It has been a, long four years here at VMI Without my faith 
and the people that Christ has put in my lifis I would not' 
have been able to make it through a. place like this. I ivant 
to thank m;y mother; thank you for supporting all of my 
dreams and goals in life, you are more than a son coidd ever 
ask for Thanks to tlie rest of my family for their support 
and believing in me all these years. Bach if I would have 
had anybody else for a dyke I probably would have quit, 
thanks for understanding and helping me out. Ashley you. 
have only seen me here for a yeaxbut thank you for being so 
supportive. Dylan and JT,not roommates bu,t brothers, ya'll 
are the best roommates I cotdd have asked for and n.otv life 
long friends. Nug. 2 or 4, bro, corner guys, keeping hiP 
ting for the hills. Base Co. is a, second family to me, I would 
do anything for anyone one of ya'll. Ombri you have been 
great, you keep working /urrd and you will succeed here. 

'§ieetm[le, <3/t/otlli ^mdina 

SonaUim ^, SBiudca 

Wow these four years have flown by. It feels like just yester- 
day I was showing up to VMI to start this journey. I have 
greatly enjoyed my experience luhile at VMI and I account 
that to the people that are aro'und me every day. I do not think 
I coidd have made it to this point this out my brother rats 
being there for me. I also need to thank my family. Thank 
you. Mom and Dad for ahvays being there forme. Thank you 
for ahvays being willing to come bring me anything I ever 
needed or to go out of yotvr way to stop in Lexington just 
to see me. Thank you for coming to almost every home foot- 
ball game to see me, to tailgate, and to take me out to dinner: 
Thank you coming up for every special event and dad 
thank you for taking all of the pictttres that you wotdd take. 
Lara, thank yo'u for being so understand for the past ttvo 
phis year I know that sometimes it was hard, but thank you 
being there jbr me whenever I needed yo%t and allowing me 
to go when I had work. Thank yott so mu,ch for just being you. 

When I think about graduation, I cannot believe my four 
years at VMI are over. The days were painfidly long, bxtt the 
weeks were fast. I remember my first day here, Jntt every- 
thing since was a grueling blur: Although I coiddn't leave any 
faster; I'll miss all the good friends and unfoi-gettable mem- 
ories that I made. Sattenvhite, Rodriguez, and Weschler, I 
couldn't have had better roommates. From the fifth stoop 
to the first stoop we shared many good times together I tvill 
miss being with yoti guys every day. To my Civil Engineer- 
ing buddies, no one warned us about what we got ourselves 
into. Staying up all night, only to get haf our homework 
done is demoralizing, but yoti kept me going. To John, Rusty, 
and the rest of 118 rats, work hard and sleep as much as 
possible, and faster than yo%i know you, will be graduat- 
ing. To dad and mom, I worddn't be graduating without 
your support. Ibu're many trips to take me home, tuition 
payment.% and care packages were invaluable. To VMI, you 
made me appreciate the good things in life, and as a wise 
mart said "Despite the cost of living, it's still quite poprdai' 

Has it been four years already"? Where has the time gone? It 
; seems just like yesterday %ve were standing in front of our 
■ .parents, in Cameron Hall, on. Matriculation Day not know- 
y i-tig what lie ahead of us. Now we are all m.oving on and leav- 
t'sirig VMI as graduates. I wotdd like to thank everyone who 
^0ielped me along the way, especially my family. Mom, Dad, 
Nicole, Oma, Pops, Suzy, arid Parker; thank you- for always 
being there for me; through the ro-ugh times and goods times. 
Hard, Charging Hotel, the Pride of the Corp.^. . .What can, I 
■say? It h,as been great! I am going to miss you gtuys. We stuck 
together a,rid made it; from the Ratline to crashing parties 
lit Washington, and Lee and those last minute dashes back 
lo llin barrorks barely making Ta,ps. I wouldn't trade those 
iliuiH furdinjlli'nig. Thcmks Hotel Company! IloveyoualU Of' 
i-inifHc, I ciiiiiiot forget about my Rats. Th,an,k you for help- 
ing iiie Dill lliis year an,d cori,gra.tulation.s on, breakout and 
r<>ni/>l(iiiig i/inir first year at VMI Before you know it you, 
-mGCB going Id be in my shoes, wondering where the years have 
■^01 1 ('. -lai 1 1 cs, good luck to you! Stay on. top of your studies and 
■'■-^^.kixiys know you, are never alone, VMI takes care of its own,! 

K : ; 

Mechanical Engineer-ing ] 

Wrestling U; Triathlon Chd: 
3; Rugby 3; Cycling Chd} 3,2 
Soccer Club 1; Academic ' 
Mentor 3,2,1 

Dyke: Adam Reel '07 

Rats: Patd Scarcella, 

Collin Harkrader 


Civil and Envir-onmental ' 

Marine Corps 

Dyke: Bryan Stange '07 

Rats: John Dommert, 

Rus-vell Johnson 


Wrecking Crew 2,1; Club Bas 
ketba.ll 3,2,1; CEA 1 

Dylce: Rob Thomp.son. '07 
R(ds: James Avery 


^ ■ 


If \ 

^r ^a 

,3,2,1; Marathon Team, 4;3,^ 

Dyke: Mike Lloyd '07 

Rats: Brad Stallings, 

Jordan Starin 

^Im 4 2DiO 

"We rejoice in o%ir snfferings for we know stuffering pro- W^ 
dtoces perseverance, perseverance character, and charaa ^U 
■ hope. And this hope does not disappoint" The past four 
■ars have forced all of us to persevere more than we could 
: 'have imagined, but thank God we didn't have to do it alone. 
Tom,yfamily,thankyo%v for yottrstvpport.Mom,yo%Lr prayers 
and encoitragement have meant more to me than you will 
ever know. Dad, you, have been m,y constant role model, and 
the man I aspire to be. Thank you for always believing in me. 
To my roommates, Berean Brothers, and the otherTrue believ- 
ers, you all have become as close to me as family and that will 
Brother Rats,"asironsharpensiron"wetoohavebeguntochal- 
^"^ lenge each other to liveup to our true calling and fullest poten- 
^'^ tial. I hopethisneverendsdespiteotvrseparationinthe future. 

Hopeforthehistituteliesinthosewhobelieveinwhatitstands J 
for and seek to attain that in their lives. Keep fighting; it is well a 
worth the end result. "Honor God, Finish Well, Don't Qidt" ^ 

Civil Engineering 

'adre 3; Tli,e Cadet i,3,2,l; Jazz 

and 2,1; Flag Football 1; Ring 

Design Committee 2 

Dyke: Michael Doughton '07 
Rats: Ben Mackercher 

Civil and Enviro7im,ent,al 

Murine Corps 

Cadre 2,1; S.A.D. Jp,S,2,l 

Dyke: Dan, Stinn.ett '07 
Rats: William Helfrich 

Looking back at my cadetship, I have to .stop and ask my.seff' 
Even though the journey was rough and seemed to never end, 
it was an experience that I woiddn't change for the world. 
To Chris & Matt: If it had not been for yo'u, guys I don't think 
I wotdd have ever been able to get this far We had some great 
tim,es together, even if we did always joke about kicking one 
of 'US oi(,t of the room .so the rest of us had more room. (101) 
ToMitch:Wheretobegin,OperationLightsaber perhaps? C^' all 
the people I have met in my life .so far you are by far m,y closest 
and trit.sted friend. If ther-e is one thing that I will truly 
miss about VMI it will have been some of those shenanigans 
that we got into. Go conquer the world man! (you know what 
I ■mean). To the Rat: Ben it has truly been a pleasure to such 
an awesome rat. I hope you learned all you could from me. 
"Every man dies, but not every man truly lives" 

Here are som,e truths as I saw them. Life is not fair, and 
VMI is no exception. Howeve?; the system is not out to get 
you; the rules are taught, the boundaries set, and th,e game 
begins; do n,ot hold grudges when you lose. LIVE honorably; 
there is -more to honor than the four tenets VMI holds dear 
Add something to the corps, because apathy and misery go 
hand in, hand; the most fmstrated cadets are the ones who 
don't get involved, forget why they are here, and succumb to 
endless whining, llis, grades come first; but your academr 
ics will be some of the least vahiable lessons you can learn 
here; don't get lost in them. Choose your room,mates as care- 
fully as your god; they are guar-anteed to have a, profound 
impact on yo'ur life every day at the Institute. Ibu'U know 
when you've chosen, the right ones. Ibtir rat will be a direct 
7-ef lection of your own character and attitude; help them, 
get m,ore out of this place than you did. If you are fortunate 
enough to get a solid rat, thank your stars and don't ruin 
him,. Lastly, suck it tip; you can always do one m.ore pushup. 

t%aJen "6, ^oomdum 

') 1> - — ^= 

Ming '§msjb, l^uginia 

\/ ^*^^ ^K^7^5S 

&laffod, n^ugifik 

VMI is two different entities for me. The VMI that I imag- 
ined before I came here and the VMI that I experienced 
while I was a cadet. I always compared the two and the 
VMI that I imagined is always held to the higher stan- 
dard. Although VMl did not always meet that standard, 
mtj experience at VMI will always otttweigh any experi- 
ence that I could have received at another college. Alex, 
Chris, at id Bobby, you gtvys helped me get through VMI and 
your friendship means the world to me. To Paul and Saif 
'^ypu guys have been the greatest roommates that I coxdd 
have and I hope the best for yo%t in life after VMI To my 
rats, play with the system and not against it. Always do 
the right thing and remember that you will always have 
each other and your dykes. Overall, I have learned more 
than I cotdd have imagined from my experiences at VMI 

This place is crazy to say the very least. There have been 
plenty of bad times and a few good with those few I asso- 
ciated mysef with. Remember BRs there are only three 

guarantees in life: yozi live, you die, and all es are crazy. 

The current administration mined VMI forever They 
turned it from an amazing in.stitution to a school of indefi- 
nite marching and unlimited trivial BS and technicalities. 
Real' Honor right? Welcome to the 21st Centtiry I guess. 
Despite the administration: "Veni, Vidi, Vici" (Caesar M7 
BC). Best of Luck to everyone (except the guy who gets his 
^gm name on a Brick first what a 'tool'), especially to my room- 
'^M_- mates through the years, and I'll see you when I see you. 

3{mjaMle, lommm 

'v /*:/ias taken me four years to truly forrmdate a clear opin- 

IfSf^nqf this school and even now how the system operates 

-ji|tiZt baffles me. There is no doubt the expectations of this 

"^^ace are high, but what it shoxdd represent and reality 

^^^etwo very different things. Those of yott who embraced 

^jefsystem and upheld your honor; yoit will tridy be my 

mf:others 'until the end. For those of you who defiled my 

f^Bkool tvith yoitr cond%Lct and attititde, who every chance 

' 'you got complained and could not meet the standards, I 

'•pity ijou and resent the fact you wear the sam,e ring and 

recc'ire the same diploma as me. Ith interesting the "tran.s- 

fornuttion" that supposedly takes place over a cadetship. 

Whether I am better because I have endured this system 

for filler yeais I can't say yet. What I can attest to is the 

loiH' (Old support I received from my true friends. Ibu few 

1 iiiidiridiialH knotv tvho you are and even though we depart 

(iiii- >^e/>ar(de tvays, tvewill always stand as one. To my rats, 

Una lip /() I.I )h at this place still holds true. Imprint those 

rallies upon yourselves worth keeping and do great things. 

Ultimate Frisbee 3,2; Flag' 
Football 1 

Dyke: Brandon Kelly '07 
Rats: Josh Aidbach 

Marine Corps ' 

Hockey A,3,l; 

Dyke: Taylor McClure '07 

Rats: Casey Salgado, 

Blane Groat 

Cadre 3, S-3 2,1; Rat Challem 

2; Ring Figwe Committee 3,'.\ 

Club Lacro.Hse U,3; Flag Foot 

ball 1; Trident Society 1 

Dyke: Anthony Harris '07 

Rats: Michael Sigleton, 

Robert Klipfel 

"^Im 4 20 10 


Business and Eaonomics 

Football 4;3,Z,1 

Dyke: Dan Swift '07 
Rats: Christopher Dreikorn 


X}A 1; Rat Challenge 2; S.A.D. 
2; Recycling Club 3,2 

Dyke: Dan Swift '07 
Rats: Christopher Dreikorn 

Ith all about your Brother Rats. It doesn't matter how 
bad this place sv-cks, or how long you were on confine- 
ment, or how good your Gi34 was. When yozc break us down 
to the core, to the foundation of who we are as people, ith 
about the things we shared throughout oztr time here. 
We were all broken down dzcring the ratline, striped of 
our individxtality and made into a ditmb and sm,elly rat 
mass. And fro-nx there we grew with each other, shaped 
the lives of those around us, and were reborn into the 
people we are today. Itb the ability to have complete faith 
in your BRh that sets us apart from everyone else. That 
is the most important thing I have taken from this place. 

\ After being at this place for U years I am ready to move on. 
To my mother, thanks for all your invahiable stipport, you 
always saw the best in me and who I am today is because of 
,. . , — '\ you. Know I will always be there for you in the future, no 

\.. a^^*^J— — .,ee^« - "matter what. To my grandfather, thanks for yotor aid both in 

I ';•' _ ■ --^. , Y spiritual terms and financially I would not have made it 
'^"' through the hard times without yoitr support. Roommates 
and friends, at VMI you're the only people that mattered 
and getting through this place in one piece is due to yoxo and 
Mechanical Ehigineering j believe in friends for life, so if there is a time I can help let 
me know. To my rut, Ali, stay on the grind and push throitgh, 
Cadre 3; Ranger Challenge J,.; ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ p^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^ friends and memories yoxi make 
Boxing J,,3,2; Skiing 3,2; Rugby j^^^^ ^-^^ ^^^^ ^ lifetime. Goodbye VMI and it is about time. 
1; First Class Put. 

Mechanical Ehigineering 

Cadre 3; Ranger Challenge J/,; 

Dyke: Liam Gilroy '07 
Rats: Mi Mi 

' J^^^^Sm^ 



I ivant to thank -my family and friends for szvpporting me 
dioring these past fmir years. Ybuhe seen me matttre as an 
iizdividual and a man, from a "clueless rat" to a commis- 
\sioned qfflcei: To my grandfather, you provided a place of 
fefitge and a home. Every time I see my ring, I think of you. 
JOaui'-en, I can't say enotugh about how you encouraged me 
for three years to strive for excellence. I attribute nvuch of 
■^y.success to you. I'm proud to join the ranks ofVMI alumni 
■Jujitii ■my father To Denny and the rest of the corps, I'll give 
youthe same advice my dyke gave me, "Don't sxueat the small 
sfn/ff". In. the tvords of Major Dick Winters, "Hang Totogh". 

Wichm, J/umm 

BRs of 2010: I67,t all are the greatest thing to happen to me 
since I gradiiated FUMA. I'm honored to be amongst yoxi 
all and even though I have my differences with some, I 
wish you all the best. Rats: Ibti are 2010i> legacy. Ibu are 
part of the best dykeline in barracks. As I told my very own 
rats, HCNCR THY DYKELINE! Do great things while we 
are gone and represent 'its well. Band/Etho: Band yoti, will 
always be the best. . . stay weird, be yottrselves (it doesn't matter 
what the talentless people say). Ehho, you are my favorite 
"letter" company. Continue to .'set the example and show 
us what the Corps .should be. Foxtrot: 'ibu are not special. . . 
no-one cares, get over yourselves and stop being a group of 
nasty individuals. Everyone: This school is great at teaching 
yo%L things the 7A)rong way. Ibu can always learn from bad 
examples. Take this school and bttild yoturselves into better 
leader.^. Believe me (in a round-aboiU way) you'll eventually 
cuppreciate it. This place ptits us eons past these kids from 
other schools. Use it! Thank You G(X>. . .Morn. . .'07 .. .2010, 
and everyone else that helped 'm,e through. ..Sempei- Fidelis. 

My lime here at VMI has been a good one. I have been chair 
lenged, but am stronger than befhr-e. I am proud to belong 
to VMI and to be associated with everyone who does. For 
this I would like to thanic: The Lord God who led m,e here 
aiiAl by whose str-ertgth has led me to success; Mom,, whose 
love and, support through all those phone calls and care 
packa.ges always encottraged me when I thought all was 
■ridiculous; Dad, 'who always supported ■me thro'ugh my 
st/ruggles and h.elped me to be Godly; Au.dra, wh,o loved m,e 
"ani.d was a great sister; Rob, Jared, Jacob, for Iceepin.g each 
other h.appy; Mi: and Mrs. La-wson, for the tailgates, food, 
11.11 (L love tlhat I ne've-r would ha've expected; Grandmother 
11:11(1 (rrandda.ddy, and G-randma, for the co-n.stmit thouglits 
11)1(1 prayers; Chap, for- the spiritual support and coach- 
ing: lli(^ .JosepJis, for ■me in; BG Farrell, for being tii.e 
)n.()st iii.-^/>iriri.g teacher/p'rqfesso7- I have /uid; UESM Saint- 
Cyi; pour ni'iulegre^r comm,e ■un Salnt-Cyrien; Liam., ■who Is 
still in.y dylce; Major Mitcliell, for piping is nvy n&w ■passi,on; 
and lo tnij BRs, ■particularlij tliose in. Band, I'll 'm,iss you. 






* w ^ 

hitemational Studies 

Chemistry PLTL Tutor 3,2i 

Dyke: William Doyle '07 
Rats: Dennis Kiely 

"Double D" "Black Deatm\ 

Mechanical Eigvneering^ 

Marine Corps 

Cpl S; MSGT Cadre 2; 1 BM 

CO 1; Marathon Club 1; Bafi» 

U,3,2,l; CEA 1; NCMT 1 

Dyke: Alex Rawling '07 

Rats: Keimetli, Oumifrnings, 

Patricic Sa.^ai 

Fr&uch (jund Spaird.^h 

Ecldbition j_ _ . 
Theatre 1. 

Dylce: Liam, O'Brien, 'O'i 

Rats: Ale:v Sluvrp, 

Ba.icter Blevi,ri,s 

■ M mi^^ 

., 1 1 *i i 


\idre 1; Ranger Challenge 3,2 

Duke: Bryan. Welch '07 

Ruts: Kenny McFetridge, 

Ben Sykes 

mm 4 2Dio 

My roommates: Rory best of hick in the Navy with ECD, yoti ^* 
f have worked extremely hard for it. Don't cut the wrong wir-e. 

,■ AJ, I wish yoti the best, I will also n-er)xember the Christmas 

M tree of 2nd class year and 'marching the 5 pts for it. Will, 
I can't say that I won't miss all the head locks bttt I know 
I am better far them. I know yoti will be an outstanding 
office); good hick in the Corps. Clint, I aim glad that yott and 
I got to share the experience of molding our Rats together 
in F-troop.To all yott four, in the past three years yott have 
become my brothers through the good times and the bad. I 
■will miss roor)iing together, you all have made my cadet- 
ship and I will always i-emember you,. I can't say enottgh | 
about how much you fotir mean to me. My rats: Jbzo both 

^^'■^ have been oLotstanding and I coidd never have -wished 
far two better rat's. I hope that I have helped guide tjou 
on the right path far success here. This school is tough, btvt 1 1 

^' in the end it is ivorth it.FTroop '10- Thank yott Heinotts!!! q 

These fouryearshavebeenablessingonmy life. Althottghthere 
have been struggles, I have been privileged to endur-e them 
witlt the best BRs God could provide. I pray that He goes with 
us in our separate paths, and brings tts safely back to gripe 
about the Ratline and remember the Old Corps (as it is today). 


Commanders 4:3,2,1; 
Rat Challenge 3,2,1 

Dyke: Justin Chetney '07 
Rats: Josh Peterson 

To the Class: Thank you for giving me the opportitnity to 
be your President. I will never farget luhat xve have been 
throitgh and tvhat yott have done for me. I will never 
' have such a strong bond with such a large group of people. 
I To my roommates: Thanks for keeping me sane and giving 
me the fi-iendships that I never acted like I needed, but 
always yerned to have. I cotdd not have made it through 
"El Presidente" j^^^^ tvithout yott. After all the .sleepless nights and never- 

ending days, yott were the people I could turn to for help. 
Mechanical Engineering j .^^^^ never forget it; you are my brothers. To THE 7: Will, 
Httntei; Miles, Paul, Justin, Randy... "One day we tvill sit 
aC 4,3,2,1; Trap and Skeet Team ^^^^.^^ ^^^^ j^^^^^ ^^ ^,.1,^;^ ^„j^^^ /^^o^y ^ye aid the right thing:' 
3.2,1; CIG 3,2: Rat Challenge 3,2 j^ certainly was a trying time, bttt we all made it through. 
Di/ke: Sam Alvaivnga '07 j^^^.^. .-^ .^^■^ ^^ ^jj^^ ^.,^iy ^^.^^g y^^ can find sometimes. I have 
Rats: David Roch ow, ^^^ ^ .^ j, -^ ^^ y— ^/^ ^/, ^^ j^o,, ^^,lll g^cel, but it will not come easy 

Robert Jon es ^^^^^ ^^^ ,>^ ^ ^g^, expect ittocome easy; that will make yott a fool. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Dijke: Sam Alvaivnga '07 

Rats: David Rochow, 

Robert Jones 


r S^ 

, '=&luddle., G/Mi "^aw/im 

r I thiuJc a lot of people come here to figure out who they are 

; ivh.ethei ■ they kii.o'w it oi ■ not, aiiid I probably am one of those 

people. Li my time here, I have fbitnd two things. One is that 

': ivho we are is constantly chaiiging with owr experiences. 

;t llie second tlihng I hcwe fonnd are the people who kept me 

)- front goin,g completely off tlte edge during my time here. I 

■ kn.ow youve had -i ny back for the last four years, and I'll still 

: be right there at yours. To those of us xvlto have or want rank 

(it VML tliere is somethmg I need to say: Get a spine, llvis is 

your corps, yonr way. This place is not the Commandaoitk 

: sandbox, vor is it Peayh play place. Have the integrity and 

to do what you think is right. Take theii ■ advice, bid nevei ■ let 

■ anyone tell you tultat is right, that's on yo'u. To my rats I only 

?: need to say: read what I lurote above again very carefully, 

1; it will take you far If you always do -what you. honestly 

''' believe is right, you can do no wrong. "Hoot" -Jimmy Buffett. 

VMI has a lot of good and bad aspects to it. I feel I liave 
grourii. imme'uselij ill character; yet I have found ivays 
to work the system. I love VMI ivith every fiber of my 
being, yet I hate it at the same time. VMI overall has been, 
good to rue, I liave made friends here that ivil.l last a life- 
liiiie. No other college in the country or even the world 
an I com pare to what xve do and the people We produce. 
I williilwu-iis be proud of the Mother I For my rats: stay 
siriing.dhruys look forivard, work Ihard, a:ii,d try to enjoy 
/III' /iii/r yo/i spend here. Remember the old adage though 
"\ Ml i.s (I f/rrat place to be from, but not at" Try your best 
.J^ij clniiigi' tJial. leave the I better than when you, fb'und it. 

International Studiei 

Dyke: Chris \bder '07 

Rats: Matt Wacdkes, 

Nate Marion 

Civil and. Envirouiiienta 

SAME J,..,l.-2,1. 

Dyke: Victor Karpov W 
Rats: Roland Zech 

Intel-national Stndii 

Rat Challenge ::i; XCMT 
Paintball Team J 

Dyke: Gi-ayson E-nst 
Rats: Ra.-ihod Robins, 
Hagward Hood 


Internatio'iud Studies 

'f^rroop 4..:i,'2,l; Aoiation Chth 

■2,1; Flag Football 1; 

Rat Clialleiige 1 

Dyke: Mike Eager '07 
Rats: Im McGinn 

Dyke: Wesley Docker y '07 
Rats: Anthony Kemp 


H-oiioiivics and Business 

'('ii'isli Actinities; GIG; Omega 

Delia Epsilon; Sigma, Beta, 


Dyke: Matthew Bnrtoii. '07 
Ra,ts: Sa-mit.el Cain 

What is a senior narrative? Am I supposed to thank every- 
one 'Who got me hei-e like my mom, my day, and the rest of the 
family? Euen thoi,tgh you probably should have disoivned 
me numerous times, you kept me strong and my head 
straight. Am I sivpposed to reminisce about ring figure and 
the "Twelve Gauge?" Maybe I'm supposed mention all the 
Troopers and say that without them I ivo'uld have quit the 
third day here. Maybe I'll give my rat some sort of encour- 
agement but he 7-eally doesn!t need any because he can tough 
it out. Why not add an inspirational quote by Pdtton like 
'Accept the challenges .^o that you can feel the exhilaration of 
victory" which really sums this place up. Well, I think I have 
to give a shout out to the 7nost dysfunctional grotvp of kids to 
Hue under one roof: my roommates over the years. Without 
yo%i guys I probably still be marching PTs for the Mazigu- 
ratioii incident, for the late night brawls, for the games of 
poker; a/ud for the time we -went fishing and caught a George 
Rat. It really has been the most memorable four years of 
my life and it wouldn't have been the same without you gttys. 

To my dykes: Doc, Z, and Smalls, I didn't say this nearly 
enougli, bu,t tha.nks for being great dykes. It's because of 
you g'uys that I became tvho I am today. To m.y cadre: I'm 
not sure how you felt about me or if yo'u ever learned how 
to say my name, but thanks for- showing me the right way 
to do things. To my BRs: I didn't get to know most of yo'u 
as well as I would have liked, but thank you foi- bringing 
some professionalism, to this place. Maybe someday the 
term Milita:ry will actually belong in the name. To Ehho 
2010: Thanks for all the good times and memories. I don't 
know if I'll ever be in a gro'up closer than we 'were rat year 
To 'my rats: Anthony, Ari,dre'i,v, Alex, and Peach, -nvy final 
advice to yott is to take action. If -you see someone in the 
wrong, fix them. Don't fust co-nvplain .something, take steps 
to change 'it. Ibu guys will do great here, fust stick with it. 

There are so'me t/dngs that I have do'i le dwrlngmy life here that, 
that I do not take pride o') i. The difference between me and tlie 
■r)i,any other people here is that I learn from 'vny 'mistakes, 
a,nd 'ma,t'ure from it. I have beeii, fortunate to have the great- 
est dyke in the world, who has helped rn.ake 'hie the 'man. that I 
am today, and 'i-n the future. I want to thank ')ny 'mom,, despite 
all the drama, we may have had. More importanM-y I want to 
thank nvy dad, who became closer to me in the past couple of 
years than -my e'ntire life, and supported 'me thro'ugho'ut this 
entire process. It is iinfbrti.tnate that he will ne'ver be able to 
.see me first hand beco'tne the nian that he wanted me to be. I 
will pu,sh on knowiiig that he 'will always be watching over 
me. Rest 'in, peace Dad, I 'will 'ivuss yon and, love you fbrever 

Barnes <9t '^addea 

.amlumd, O/vau- 

e^eufml e/llaoi,, O^tigifiia 

mi, O^itgu' 

^ -.»_ 

Mom, Dad, Natalie thanks for the support, couldn't have 
done it 'without y'all. Tannei; J.T. y'all made life here much 
.easiev.tkrough the good and bad ive survived because 
of each other so predate it. Tanner- good luck with ball 
JTt yozL just need luck period Big- stay big Mike, Nick, 
Ombri, Kaleb- good buck ivith your time here. Remem- 
ber slow days, fast year and don't pee on McKorrnick. 



RDC 1; Cadet Waiter 2,1 

Dyke: John ibhe '07 
Rats: Mike Olivo 


Inter national Studies 

Rat Challenge S,2. 

Dyke: Will Konrad '07 
Rats: Choongsun Sa:)ichit 

d'mallvdle, 'V'itgi, 



Applied Mathematics 

Volleyball. 4,3 

Di/ke: Sientjun Jack Lin '07 
Rats: Shun-te Shih 

^Im 4 2010 

— I am thankful that I have the opporttmity to be here as an WA 
I exchanging student from Taiwanese Mr Force Academy, 
' -within these years of my cadetship, I have met so many 
great people: roommates, codykes, and BRs in Hotel com- 
pany. Ith tough to be so far away from home, and I don't 
think I could get through this without them. Furthermore, 
I would like to thank my family; I thank them for always 
being suppor-tive and considerate of me. I love my coun- 
try, family, roommates, codykes, and BRs. VIVA TAIWAN!! 


III I I procrastinated imtil 5 mimctes before this tvas dice... stan- 
dard. Blood and Gicts Gplf.Thanks to m.y roommates for put- 
ting lip ivith my sliananagins.lbu ivon't do it. From my dyke to 
me to my rat. . . don't get caught (well try not too), and stay away 
from trouble makers like Pue told you a million times. VMI 
rugby, DO WORK, weekends, Macadoos, Benedictine (2006) 
to VMI (2010), second class year with 7 months on lockdown. 

International Studies 

Rngby U,3,2; Newspaper 2; 
RDC l;Alclub 

Dijke: Nicholas Boykin '07 
Rats: John Rivas 


Football 4,3,2,1. 

Dijke: Josh VanKleef '07 

. Taiwan 

Whenever someone asks yott why you came here, the auto- 
matic response is itsually. . . "Heck, I don't even know any- 
more" or "I should'ue fast gone to JMU' I've said it myself, 
hut I k'liow deep down that this place has tattght me les- 
sons not easily fo7-gotten. To those who were somewhat 
disappointed when you got here and saw the large amoimt 
of flaws with the system and people, you are the f%utwre 
changers of the world. To those 'who just saw it as sowie- 
"'t^rig else to get through, I hope you find something deep 
^fipn in you that shows you the importance of giving a 
WmifP about something other than yourselves. Brother Rats, 
^pt'ye made this experience one hell of a journey, and I 
jffish you, the. best of luck wher-ever life takes/drags you.. 



S^aiifa^ l^ixgirda 

A lot has happened in the past four years both good and 
i>o,d. But I know that I have lived with no r-egr-ets and along 
_4he way I found some life-long friends. I ?, to think that I 
-was wasting the best years of my life here at VMI, but know 
I realize that they 'were not wasted and that I spent them 
with some of the best guys I'll probably ever meet and 
that I know I'll never- forget. To my pay-euts, tha^i.k you 
far' everything and sapporting me when I was ready to 
quit, if it wasn't for both of you I wo-uld have left a long- 
time ago. To Rob, take it easy while your here, never sweat 
the small stuff and the time will fly by befin-e yon know it. 

^ % 

Civil and Environmental 

Marine Coips 

Club Basketball ^,3,2,1; Ra'.> 
Challenge S,2,l 

Dyke: Brandon Kelly '07 ' 

Rats: Robert Bicontro, 

PhilvB WibWken 

International Studies 

Dyke: Tommy Catlett '07 
Rat-v: Robert Kaiiter 

Rifle 2,1; So nn ding Bru.^s 2,1\ 

Englisli Society S,2,l: Th.eatn 


Dyke: Mira M-is '07 

Rats: Sural I Hoover; 

Clare Kinigsley. Marie Mallei 


VhI) Laci-osse U, 7th. Corporal 

I J, id Pit Guide Sgt 2, Mh Pit 

Lt 1 

)//ke: Mathew Schreibfeder '07 

Rats: Josh Caidfield, 

John Gilniartin 

"Si Vis Pacem, Para.". 
- Flavins Vegetius Renatus. 

They saij it takes ha^rdship 

To let you, love the rest . 

Sometimes underneath the road 

Is where I show my best 

Go, put your work clothes on 

Go and leave your mark 



R-oiioDi.ics and Businet 

Rugby Jf.S,2,l- 

Dyke: Rhett Hntaff •()'} 
Rats: Chris Ralli 

got into UVA and stayed, here at VMl if it were not for those; 
who encouraged me to re.inain here I would be there. IViank. 
you to everyone n>ho helped me achieve my goals. Thank yon 
to my grandparents who gave me a 7-eprive while here at VML 


CCS :i:i; ERT .2,1; Philosphy 

'hih .i,2.l: Cpl ii: S-O 2; S-2 1; Phi 

Kappa Plii; Phi IVieta Kappa; 

daii/iiia Sign/a Epsilou; 

Oniicrou Delta Kappa. 

Dyke: St ere Sykes 'Or 

Rats: Zaqiiero Haviielt. 

Clayton Scott 

SoniSum c^f . '^ffjc^ 

'-Shenajieahe, ^iiginia 

-I have defbiMely accpoired more than what a frustrated, 

'nnlve, IS yeai^oLd kid ever fathomed gaining from this 

■ school. Lacrosse has been my haven, and to the wise guys 

-i thank yoit so mach for all of those expe7-iences, a lot of 

■^LOCSD, SWEAT, and tears have come fi-om these years 

.together; bat I tvoiddn't change it for the world. I have truly 

;'leffirned the 'meaning of humility being ivith yott guys It 

:'MiS'been a, privilege being by your side throughout it all. 

Tummy, I cannot believe -we made it thatb all I can really say 

ynan bttt this is just the beginning... To Thomas and, 

yfhis place is what yott make it, fallow the examples which 

have been set by yoxar seniors and teammates, we don't know 

■that much but tue know how to survive and stick together 

To my parents, because witho'ut yo'ur sivift kick in the dii-ee 

tion of VMI I would not be the man I am today. Because 

of you Dad, impossible is not in my vocabidary caiymore. 

Ibu have tatight me life i.^n't about weathering out the 

; storm, but learning how to dance in the rain. I hope to keep 

making yo'u proud as I continue to dance my crazy dance. 

When I first got here, I never thought the ratline would end, 
let alone the next four years. Now, I am -wondering where all 
the time went. VMI has challenged ine on many levels and 

/ coidd never have met those challenges ivithout the family 

I have and the friertdships I have made sbice arriving. 
Mom and Deed, thanks for the constant source of guidance 
throughoibt mtj time at VMI UNQ I love you guys so mucli. 
Jack, you're the best. I cotddn't have -made it tlurough 'without 
-■'"■"' yoiL Lowell, yoxi have been a great friend, always williiig 
^ to listen to whatever's going on. I will never forget the days 
4^P of room 391. To all those I have prayed or studied tlie Woi-d 
i ifeS together ivith, you, Jiave been a. constant source of encourage- 
ment. Keep thefaitli brothers! To the "old -man',' all I can say is 
"keep it classy? Sam, always face challenges straight on and 
tncst in the Lord far yoicr strength. Remember that yon have 
a hope that will not put you to shame. I am, looking forward 
to seeing -you, graditate and ho'w the Lord will use your life! 
To my Brother Rats, I am proud to %vear tlie ring ivith yon. 

S<mA St "Ruddock 

3\uhmonL, O^iigifiia 

Internatio-nal Studies ■ 

to-osse J4.,3,2,l; All Americ. 
Badass i,S,;i,l 

Dylce: Greg Sc/vwartz '07i 

Rats: Matt Li-n,dem,an; 

Thomas Mo-ran 

Civil and Environmental' 

Rat Challe-)ige S,-2,l; Ring, 

Figtire Committee 2; Cadre 

S-1 2; S-3 1; Tbmnons-Genti 

Music Society '2,1; Golf Club .• 

ASME 3,2,1; NCMT 3 

Dyke: Dave Riedel '07 
RMs:SuwMelOraw t 

Rats: Stuart Hughes 

International Studies 

Lacvosee i.,3,2,1; i 

mm 4 201 

^ I Ith hard to believe ith finally over. To my family, thank 
musi^;-ny^ fQf all the support yonh>e given me, I coioldn't have 
ne it without yo%<,. To nxy roommates Jake, Jesse, and 
Bryan, thanks for everything, \b^(, guys have -made this 
place bearable and thoroughly enjoyable at times, and I 

/ thank you for that. I'll 7iever forget the time we shared 

here, both good and bad. To iny dyke Andrew thanks for 
everything you did far me, I co%ildn't have made it through 
those first 6 months without your help. I can see now after 
having my own rats how little they know and how hard 
it can be to deal with them at times. To my rats JO and 
Tucker, keep up the good work guys, ibitr time here will be 
over before yozi, know it so make the most of it and do as 

' mzich as you can to enjoy it. 

Dyke: Andr-ew Williams '07 
Rats: JO Goode, 

, ^lem 

International Studies 

Guidon 1; Honor Court 2; 
Vracking Crew 2,1; Guide Sgt 

So ith finally been four years. It seems like it has been longer, 

kt I know my parents will disagree. Thai iks parents for sup- 
yoxi let me find out what I wanted to do and you supported 
me from day one. Thanks far dealing with everything. To 
my roommates, Brett- yott are a gr-imy rat roommate. EUdie- 
you do three things way too mrtch, sleep, eat, and I won't men- 
tion the third. Per-estock- you are the biggest meat head in the 
'world and if I went back and had a dollar for how many 
times youR scream, profanities into the late night of barracks, 
broke .something or lit your farts on fir-e; M be rich. VMI has 
been a wild ride; I have been throztgh the worst and the best 
titnes of my life, and have learned some of the m,ost valuable 
things about myself and others that I'll take away from this 
place. Ml, jthst play the game and don't let anyone or any- 

Jl.ii.b Soccer 3; Rat Challenge 2; I ^j^^^^^ ^^^ y^,^ down. Just put yo'u head down and drive on. 

Dyke: Mike Peranski '07 
Rats: fill. Smith 

Honor Court 2,1; Football 
i.,3,2,1; S-3 :i,2 

Dyke: Rich Meredith '07 
Rats: Denver Reese 

Ith hard to believe it has been four years. I first off want 
to thank God, who through his son Jesxcs Christ gave me the 
strength to get through this place. To my roomm,ates John, 
Clay and Hutch, I could have not had better friends or room- 
mates. To Wes, Will, Rory, Bill Mikey and Gene, it has been an 
honor and a privilege to have .-served on the court with all of 
you. I am proud of who we are and what we did. We fought the 
good fight. To Chris, Josh, Phil, Ethan and Sharif; I know the 
coivrt is in good hands. To Denve^keep working hard, I know 
you will do great things here. To my girlfriend Sara, you stuck 
with me through this place, I consider myself a lucky man. 
To my parents Mac and, Cindy, I could n.ot have had better 
parents to help guide m.e to rnake the right decisions in my 
Life. To the rest of the class of 2010, good luck an,d God Bless. 


^abJfajc^ Sflciim, 'Vingima 

Ltternational Studies 

Rats: John Rice 


It honestly feels like yesterday when I first stepped foot on 
VML Thankfully, my time here has finally ended! While I 
have hated plenty of things abottt this school, I must admit 
that there were plenty of things that made it bearable. From 
red dye catastrophes to jumping oitt of trees, varioics meet- 
ings zvith Trumps, and overall group adventures, coming to 
VMI was almost worth it. I need to thank some people in 
the process. Mom and Dad of cotvrse, you guys kept pttshing 
and helped me through. Weims, Crean, and Newman. . . itb 
been i-eal. There definitely were some fun times through- 
out the years regardless of the everyday "rotitine". Regard- 
I less of the room battles, it was definitely interesting every 
day. Rory and Timmy, we definitely went through some 
crap because of our dykes but it was fun regardless. Brett, 
Bobby, and Stock: 32UI322 COD battles never got old. To our 
rats: keep your heads low, stay .smart, and get throtigh 
this school, the end is worth it. Now ith time to move on 
to the next step. I wish all my people luck in the futtire. 
Be safe, be smart, but have some fim, you only live once. 

i These foiir years flew by with countless memories, espe- 

i cialby with my Hotel BRs. I cozddn't ask for a better group. 

;(\Sicleby side we suffered and endured, we always had each 

pjqtfierh backs, and when we fottght, we fought like brothers. I 

$:3A)pul(i)7ft trade it for the world. To the Class of 2007: Thank 

^^eiic for everything yoti did for us. To the Class of 2013: 1 was 

'^^enthe task of building you into men and women worthy 

^§^^MLI watched you suffer throttgh all of the hardships we 

S§-?*owed upon you, and I watched you slowly become Cadets. 

^^tmiproud of yo%i, b%it it doesn't end here. \bu have a lot to live 

up to, and you rniost continue to improve as Cadets. Live with 

bono rand pride. Be courageoiis, stand upright and be strong. 

Ne t v;'i ■ forget your Ratline. Always be there for each othei; and 

catc/i each other if ever one should fall. If I take one thing 

fi-om my four years, that is the most important. This place 

became, a h ome for me and my BRs, a family. What VMI has 

given to me is something that I will carry with me forever: 

'.yCiLlJmiu^h, e/Vm- ^Keue^ 


S-5 2, 1; 
Ultimate Frisbee 3, 2 

Dyke: Nick Tommaso '07 
Rats: Max Ctorry 

"Czu" "Gerpin" 


Rat Challenge 3, Boxing Tec 
3,2; RDC 1 

Dyke: Nick Franck '07 
Rats: Adam Browder 

^/fflM af 2D 

I have finally made it throiogh, and all with the help of many 

] people. First thanks to my mom,, dad, and brother who would 

\ tell me that I just need to suck it lop and keep pushing through 

it and that was what helped me have faith in myse^ when I 

' thought I couldn't do it. Second to my one and only second 

who has helped m,e through so many different chapters of my 

"^ life— through the lattghs, fun, fights, good, bad, and the ugly. 

"Jess" Third to my Rats: Girls you have been the greatest rats that 

any dyke could ask for Just remember that your DYKE loves 

Spanish yozi and will always be here for you. Dyke Love Me! Love Me! 

I want to be with you forever! With mztch love and appre- 

•tvimming 4-; Cheerleading 3,2; ciation, hugs, and kisses to those special people in my life. 

Glee Club 1 

Dylce: Erin Hottle '07 

Rats: Shawna Lennen, 

Aneaka Seal 

3 stripes, 3 years - and it seems like we only just got off the 
foitrth stoop. Now looking on to gradzcation, I find myseff" 
conflicted. It feels foremost depressing because there are 
so many people I don't want to say good bye to: Rob, Dom, 
Jonathan, Dave, Abe, Mazi, Kelly, Rory, Alex, Scott. Spend- 
ing late nights in the NEB for weeks on end with my 
good friends; I think those were ironically the best times 
we had at VML Ejerything I did alone here, it all fades 
in comparison to the things we accomplished (or failed 
at) together Graduation also feels hopeful because I will 
soon join most of these same friends in the armed forces, 
but now that webe risen to the top, ith hard to trade cer- 
tainty for opportunity. We will soon be matriculating to 
the world, entering other ratlines, and straining away in 
different directions. To my friends, I hope that when you 
get the chance, you'll still pop in the door and say hello. To 
the rats, don't tmderestimate your time here and don't hate 
it - give everything you, have and enjoy it while it lasts. 

If there's anything that I took from being here at VMI is 
never give up, no matter what life throws in front of you. 
I know it sounds clidie but its words Ibe come to live by 
the past couple of years. Thanks to my parents and family 
for .sticking zip for me and for all the love and support, I 
definitely couldn't have made it without you. Lax Co., we've 
seen it all, from going the MAAC championship to. . . well, 
not so great seasons, but %ve stuck together To the wise guys 
and all the other bros, iti been an interesting past couple 
of years and I'll never forget the memories. Thanks for 
helping me throzi,gh the hardest parts, you guys brought 
me back to this godforsaken place and I caoi't thank you 
enough, I'm definitely going to miss you gttys. Our rats 
Bernie and Ninny, life isn't always fon; and like we always 
say, just play the role here and you'll be fine. Now all we 
have to find a way to make up for the lack of the "col- 
lege experience" we missed out on these past i+ years... 

Civil Eigineering 
Marine Corps 

Rifle Team U,3; Frishee 1; Cpl 3; 

S-2 1. 

Dyke: Nathan Fifer '07 

Rats: Clay Strong, 

Ryan Blank 

"Bdave Bobby 

International Studies 

Dyke: Ryan Benson '07 
Rats: Bernie Mowbray 

Jeuica Si ^)anu!l 

'Sdcdm W, Wcm 

e/VokmlU, 'Vkgima 

'Vunm, 'Vk^um 

WtV «-^ ,S...g..^' 

"George Rat" 

Electrical and Coinputei 
Ehigineering ,, 

FTroop Jp,3,2,l; The Cadet U 
Academic Mentor 3,2; Clwi 
Boxing 3; Ranger- Challent 
2; TEEE3,1; Cadet Livestme- 
Group 2,1; IT 3,2 

Dyke: John Lento '07 
Rats: Dustin Shelley 


Mechanical Eigineering\ 

Band U,3,2,l 

Rats: Jonathan Bodin, 
Tyler Davis 

^*- sufficient to say that we all knoxv why this is such a hor- 
, fxble place to he at, b'ut I am finally understanding why it is 
such a great place to be from. If I had to pick one thing abottt 
this great Mstitute that I wo'uld cherish for-ever; it woidd be 
the tmbelievahle friendships I have formed here. To my rat: 
■ John-Calvin, hopefully you'll learn how to put a hay down 
in the next 3 years, bttt yoto're all I cozdd have ever asked for 
M I a I -at. To the rest of the Nasties: keep u,p yo'wr hard work; it's 
I on I -th it in the end. To my family: no amount of "Th.arbk-yous" 
coidd, e.i- press hov) I feel. \bu have made me the 'm,an I am 
/ odfii;. Dusty, I am so proud of you,. Ibu, am truly doing great 
t/i/)igs; never let anyone take that away from you. Finally, 
and iiio.'^t iin:portantly,.to my hoys: ith almost unimaginable 
tliiiikiiig I ivill n.ot he in the sam,e cramped, smelly, broken 
room loiJji you, all next year. I will never ferget our sto- 
ries, iiKisI if ivl/o.-ie content prevents them from being told 
ever again. Tli,mt.ks for the memories. Wise Guys for Life.. 

nko')i,o'm;i.cs and Business 

GC 2,1; Cadet Investni,e,nt 
oup 2,1; College 

Battalian Staff 2,1 

Dyke: Craft '07 
Rats: John,- Cuh>i-ii, Baini.arc 

"Petey", "DeVo" 

Civil and Environmental 

NCAA Switnming ^.,3,2,1; 

Dyke: Paid Sheldon '07 
Rats: Donnie Martin 

"^(m 4 2010 

We have no way of picturing for certain who weh-e going to 
be in the fiitxixe, but what a joy its been to truly begin a vigor- 
ous and fervent chase after convictions, challenges and per- 
sonal growth xvith you all. My experience here has enabled 
me to see beauty in a different light; more specifically the 
beauty in people. I can't imagine being surrounded by a 
more genuine grozvp of people: people that aren't coinfort- 
able with the norm, people that attack a life of meaning and 
structiLre, people that aren't afraid to pursue and defend the 
things they know are right. I will miss you all and encour- 
age you that, whatever yotir future endeavor, meet it and 
live it to the fullest. My prayer for you all is that God will 
daily take your world apart and keep only the pieces that 
are needed to mold you and fill your lives with more and 
more of who He is in hopes of creating in you a clearer 
vision for the person that you, are called and meant to be. 

' " I can't believe our time here is almost up; I'm not complain- 

ing or anything, it^ just that some days I doubted first class 
/ : year and gradztation would ever come. There are so many 

V people I need to thank for their faithfid prayers and support 
t... throioghotbt my cadetship. First, I woidd not be here withozd 
my God and Savior, who has blessed me with so much more 
"^ than I coidd ever ask. I wish I cotdd express how amazing 

Deverna ^^^ parents have been throzighozd this experience. Whether 

it was driving tip to visit or providing an unending chain of 
Civil Engineering e-mails, they did whatever they coidd to cheer me up when the 

Ratline(orthird-line,orsecond-line)hadmedown. I alsohave 
'adre 3; Big Brother/Big Sister ^^ ^j^^^^j^ yj^j_ booking back on it now, enduring the parades 
3.2; Habitat for humanity 2,1 ^^^^ inspections, rules and restrictions, and bad haircuts 
and horrible food made us who we have become. Finally, I 
Dyke: Cory Knick 07 wantto thank my roommates, who gave me areason to come 

Rats: Brian Bullock ^^^^ ^^^.^ ^^^^ Without you, guys, this place would have 

been unbearable. I will never forget the great adventures 
we shared and the stories we will retell for years to come. 

First of all, I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
All the honor and glory goes to him. Second, thanks to my par- 
ents; Mom and Dad, thanks for all the supportyou'ue given me 
for the past 22 years of my life. I wouldn't be here without you. 
Finally, thanks to my roommates. Ibu guys have become like 
my brothers over the last J4, years. Ibu guys madeVMI bearable 
and I look forward to more good times and good memories. 

International Studies 

: Habitat for humanity 2,1 

Dyke: Cory Knick '07 
Rats: Brian Bullock 

Cadr-e 3,2,1; Club Soccer U,3; 

Dyke: Matt Upchurch '07 

Rats: Alex Bracco, Noon 


9ad miPalk 

Myle Si mPe. 

tMiiUolhian, Ovinia 

'd^r- — ^ 

:\^'i(aping to VMI was one of the best decisions Ihe ever made. 

-Sjoivr years at the MstitiUe transformed me from an imma- 

iMire high school kid into a confident young man, biot it 

tvasn't necessarily -VMI that transformed me. It was the 

Lord, my roommates, my family, my host family, and my 

brother rats who woiddn't let me quit on mysef. A qtiote 

from the Bible that always helped me was "trials produce 

endurance, endttrance produces character; character pro- 

r^dMi&s hope, and that hope doesn't disappoint'.' VMI has been 

flMice: a long trail, but it proditced in wie endtirance and char- 

■ii^cter The character I now possess gives me hope for the 

future because I know that the friends I made here and 

the values that were reinforced here will NEVER let me 

down. To my roommates: yoxt are the best thing that ever 

happened to me. Thanks for everything. I am going to miss 

you guys. To my family and my host family, the Klines: I 

love yo%t all very much and could not have done this without 

ymt. To my BRs in FTroop, it tvas an honor to endure this 

place together with you. Thank you for your friendship'.' 

"Je suis entre deux, kh bin zwischen zwei. I am between 
two'.' VMI has left me stronger, and I have fotmd the truest 
friends I cotdd imagine here. My roomies (VMI and BV) 
and my brothers will always be with me. Jttlie, from STP to 
Marine Corps Cfficers together! Paramour, you are a bless- 
ing. Dad, yott have always been my counselor: yott know 
I just want to be as good an officer and a person as you. 
Grammy, Mom, Katie, Maggy, your love and support has 
sustained me- I have missed our- girls hoiise. Merce, Erika, 

:Elise, Emma, John, and Philip Brooke, it has been wonder- 
ful to grow with you years. I will never forget your 
love and encotiragement. To my rats Jamie, Brie, Jenna: 
keep laughing and working hard- be good cadets, and more 
importantly, great people. "Who coiold be so lucky? Who 

\ comes to a lake for- water and sees the reflection of moon'.' 

:-_^-Rumi "It is only by following yo%vr- deepest instinct that 
you can lead a rich life, and if you let your fear of con- 
sequence prevent yoti, from following yotvr deepest 
instinct, then your life will be safe, expedient and thin'.' 

;; -^Katharine Butler Hathaway 

*^0>maMi people along the way, whatever it is yoit aspire 
0Midq^ will tell you that it can not be done, but all it takes 
'Msjirnagination. Ibu must dream plan, and reach. There will 
^^;obstacles, doubters and mistakes, bxbt with hard work, 
'^ffklief confidence and trust in yourself and those around 
yon,, there are no limits Currahee-Stand Alone Together 

"Sleeping Beauty" J 

International Studies 

Cadre 3,2,1; Soccer ^,3; MMA 

VMI Commanders ^,3,2,1; M 

in Grey 3,2,1 '\ 

Dyke: Matt Treadwell '07 

Rats: Payton Dekker, 

Adam Wood 

Modern Languages /CtUturei 
and International Studiesi 

Marine Corps 

Rat Callenge 3,2; Mentor 2,1; ^ 
3,1; Pre-Law Society 2,1; Ritghf 

Dyke: Quincy Wasli.a '07 

Rats: Jaime Freeman, 
Brie Hogan, Jenna Moye 

Wamud &. %SiM 

■^ikhnwnd, T^n^ima 

Economics and Business 

Triathalon 3,1; Marathon 2,\ 

Rats: Hicii.ter Colt 

Applied Mathematics 
Cpl 3; S-2 2; Rugby 1. 

^im 4 2010 

(Sadly, I have no enlightened thoughts or angry diatribes to WM 
share. Instead, I just want to thank the folks who helped ^| 
me manage my four years here. Eban — thanks for being a ^| 
good rat my last year here. Keep working hard, set the goals ^| 
people tell you are impossible, and then smile when you ^| 
I prove them wrong. Take what you want from both VMl life 
as a whole and good heck with your next three years. To my 
family — thank yoxi for your patience and understanding 
these last six years. It took me a while, bu,t I coiddn't have 
made it without your love and sitpport. Ta my friends — the 
true backbone for anyone lasting four years at this place. 
Thanks for the good times and the bad, the life-long memo- 
ries and the friendships I'll hold dear for years to come. I 
^^ hope to see you each siccceed in all your future endeavors. 
Ibu're all great people and entirely irreplaceable; way to see 
the bigger picture, stay true to what matters, and keep a g,.,^^ 
level head despite the craziness that exists here. Best wishes. 


Civil mgmimng 

Rat Challenge 3,2,1; Academic 
Mentor 3,2; CEAl 

Dyke: Stephen Partin '07 
Rats: Patty Rowe, Andy Kriz 

VMI is like a grueling jigsaw puzzle and you have to 
fig\Lre out how to make each piece fit. Once you figure 
out how everything fits, life is so much smoother, but never 
truly smooth. Don't ever get so caught up in your VMI life 
that you forget to take care of real life. At VMI, there are 
plenty of things to do, btit just doing the things that need 
to be done to get to the next day serves no purpose. Con- 
trary to popular belief God does not hate VMI God is very 
present at VMI and without Him life here wotUd be icnbear- 
able. Whether you accept it or not. He is there for you. Find- 
ing and remembering your purpose here is crucial. Patty 
and Andy, be thankful for the friendships you make at this 
place and find something that makes yotc happy every day. 


"Jack" "Duffco" 

Rat Challenge 2; RDC 1 

Dyke: Eric Diipilka '07 
Rats: Panl Brandeis 

L'uck brought me to VMI and I cottld not be more thankful 
for all the gi-eat times I have had here. VMI has given me 
my best friends, my biggest role models, and my fondest 
memories. I will never forget the great times I had with 
all the guys I roomed with, sttmmer school inchtded, and 
all the gr-eat people I met in my class. Sttidying in Meknes, 
Mor-occo the spring semester of my 3rd class year was an 
eye opening experiertce and an imgodly amoimt of fun. As 
jar as ring figure is concerned, I had 7io idea that a person 
could have the amount of jun that I had that weekend. I 
would not trade my time at VMI for anything. Maddog. 




men Mlm, "Po^itda 

'Wddoa, <Jma 

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best 
of everything they just make the most of everything that 
comes along their way. "If you obey all the rules, you'll miss 
all the fiml' It may not have been the best time spent here, biit 
I will always remember all the good times we had. I could 
not have made it throtigh withoivt yo%t gitys; this is to y'all. . . 
Josh, Linc,and Stmdbeck. To tny family, I cannot thank you 
enoxigh for always being there for me, throtcgh the good and 
badtimes. Icouldnotaskforanythingmore,yourcontimdng 
support helped carry me to where I am today. BaseCo. Love 

I'll never miss this place, but I will miss the people. To 
my roommates Bill and John, I wish you the best. To 
Dan Strattsbaztgh, Scott MacDonald, Chris Mendillo, 
TYavis Travis, Matt Satterwhite and countless other 
MEk, thank god yoit were there. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing would have really sucked withotit you. To the sxvim- 
mers, I enjoyed this part of my day the most; thanks for 
making it so. To my rat, keep jiutting oict. I have to say it 
was a privilege to be yoitr dyke. Best Wishes to all. -Tristan 

the world, & like wandering aboiot in a great library withoitt 
toiiching the books'.' The Secret Teachings of All Ages . "With 
all its sham, drtbdgery, and broken di-eams, it is still a beauti- 
fulivon-ld. Be cheerftd. Strive to be happt/.' Desiderata by Max 
Ehrvzann. To my Rats: Remembei- to .stay true to yourself 
lou only live once so make these next three years worth it and 
have fun, it'll be over before you knoxv it. To my Teammates: 
: Thank you for some of the best memories I could have ever 
asked for VMI ivould not have been the same ivithout you. 

Q£m 'Pegoi, e/IImda. 

Bxisinessand Es.onomics\ 

Baseball U,3,2,l \ 

Dyke:Robert Crumpler 'OT. 

Rats: Jacob Cowgill, 

Matt Armstead 

Swimming 3,2,1 

Dyke: Zach Huson '07 
Rats: Alex Green 


Dyke: Anya Kovarik '07 
Rats: Kacey Hall, 
Christelle Ndongo 


Modern Languages and 

The Bomb U; The Cadet 3; Mar- 
tial Arts i.,3; Paintball 3; EMT 
1; Rescue Sqtcad 1; Trap and 
Sheet 1 

Dyke: Michael Pesano '07 

Rats: Tyler Mills, 

Scott Holder 

"^Im 4 2010 

~^ I was born in a log cabin on the Kent%icky frontier: I """• 
spent most of my days chopping down trees with the aid 
of a bhte ox until I was accepted to VML It was 3 weeks 
jottrney by Conestoga wagon to get to the bright lights and 
never ending excitement of Lex Vegas. At the Virginia 
Mental Mstitution they cut my hair and told me I was to 
strain. Throitghoiit my four years of walking through the 
neo-gothic architecture in my red VMI short shorts, I have 
encountered the most inter-esting specimens of the human 
^ race. Good friends have been made, life lessons learned. 

Such lessons will stick with me throughottt my life, such as 
time management, and embrace the suck attitude. Others 
^'^'" will remain fond memories, most of these inchide mess- 
^^^ ing with L Train, Uncle Gary and Garr Bear All of these are I 
'"'''^ the same person, but vary depending on the mood hek in 
and what I'm getting boned for Rats, take care of yourseff, 
and others. We are here to serve others while on this earth 
'"^ and everything you do shoidd be to accomplish thi.s. Always € 

fceep learning and have fun with whatever you do in life. 

"Far Nztts" "OPS" 

Liter7iational Studies 

Marine Corps 

Ski Team ^,.3,2; Cadre 2,1; R 
Challenge 3; NCMT 2,1 

Dyke: Colin Wu, '07 

Rats: Ryan Hillman, 

Jusi' '" ■ 

'ALF" "Pookie Bear" 

Civil and Eiivironmntal 

Cadre 3,2; Chtb Basketball 2 

Dyke: Drew Wade '07 

Rats: Nick Martinez, 

Taylor Price 

I have learned too many important things to list here dzoring 
my time at the I To sum it up in as few words as possible, this 
place has changed me. I have seen the lowest of lows and 
the highest of highs, and I feel prepar-ed to face the greatest 
challenges, and for that I am thankful. To my parents, from 
matriculation to graduation yoti have pztshed me to work 
to my potential and provided tmwavering stipport throttgh 
it all, I cotddn't ask for anything more. To my dyke, I didn't 
understand it at the time, bttt you being hard on me was what 
I needed most, so thank yott. To my "other dykes" (Scott and 
Jeff) and the Shi Team, good times! Thanks to Roger Thomp- 
son for the sitpport and all the trips to random ski areas, I 
will never forget them. To my girlfriend, thanks for endur- 
ing the sy.stem, it wasn't always fun and I'm thankfid you, 
.stuck aroztnd. To GySgt. Driver, Capt. Craig, and the NROTC 
department, thanks for the guidance. Finally to my room- 
mates Adam, Gene and Jeff xohat can I say, yoti g%iys are 
amazing, and I had the best times with yoti, love yott gtvys. 

Thxig Life 

Get rich or die trying 

SomMwn ^. Gondii 

'Soon St c 

J%^ ^«e, G4/m J^ 

nw "" 


abb a 

Somia QL Wmm 

William ^^dmm 

To My Parents - Thank you, so much for the oppoi-tunity to 
achieve something I normally woiddn't have at another 
school. At the beginning, I really did not knotv what col- 
lege to choose, I just knew I tvanted something different. 
Ihn glad you were both there to help me choose the right 
option. Ibu zuere ivith me through the good times and bad 
and I am very grateful. To the HC - Webe spent a lot of 
nights togethei- debating a lot of differ-ent things. All of yott 
have been great to me. To the biggest PDB of all, thanks for 
giving me a light at the end of the tunnel. AP's — Do work. 

In the midst of all of this, I have foiaid individuals who do 
represent the best these ivalls once offered. They were drawn 
by what this place was and strove for four long years to pi-e- 
serve that image. Tliey believe that honor extends beyond 
the letter of the laiv; that uitegrity is not an option; that their 
hhrothershere area family unlike any other.Tothose few: Long 
after the VMI we know is gone, we will represent each other: 
I am proud of that fact and I have the utmost respect for 
'eacli of you. We will reminisce xvith fond memory of times 
we wanted to forget, ignoring the old grudges and pointless 
battles that drove us mad while we were here. Our experience 
We will be brothers and brother rats no matter what battles 
)-ise and fall around us. Pro Deo Patribusque Fratribusque. 

Mechanical Ehigineei-ing I 

Football U,3,2,l. 

Dyke: Adam Peters '07 ' 

Rats: Daniel Siveeney, 

Mario Thompson 

Mechanical Engwieering 

Honor Court 2,1. 

Dyke: Trevor Mitchell '07 
Rats: Chris Hooks 


"Bob" -'Bobbo" 

Liternational Studies 

Cadre 3.2; College Bowl A,3.2; 

Cade Assitant :2: NCMT 3,2: 

OGA 1; BOMB 1: 

Cadet Tutor 1; 

Dyke: Daniel Lntterbie '07 

Rats: Matthew Chapin. 

Robert McKenna 

Mechanical Engineering 

Cadet Chaplin 1; 

ASME 1; FCA J^,3,2,l; 

Library Cadet Assist. 3,2,1; 

Track and Field U,3,2,l; 

E)igineering Club 3,2,1 

Dyke: Brittani Mack '07 

Rats: Saanantha Conde, . 

Kayla Johnson, Katie Coonan 

"^Im 4 2010 


bu know who you are, you know what you have done, 
ou know where I have been, and you know what I will 
ecome. To all of those who have helped me in the past or 
' will help me in the futxvre. Thank Ibu. -BC "0)ice you have 
tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth tvith your eyes 
turned skyward, for there you have been, and there yozi 
•will always long to return" — Leonardo da Vinci When 
things go wrong, as they sometimes will When the road 
you're trudging seems all uphill When the funds are low 
3 and the debts are high And yott want to smile, but you '■ 

have to sigh When care is pressing you down a bit Rest 
if you must, but don't yott quit. — Unknown Requiescat 
in pace: Alice Eileen Bretnet; October 1, 2009 Ecodusli.l-i- 

Civil and Eivironmental 

Swimming U,3,2,l; RDC 1 

Dyke: Maivry Denton '07 
Rats: Booth Hornsby 

International Studies 

Rat Challenge 2,1; Recycling 

Club 3,2,1; Pre-Law Society 2,1; 


Dyke: Jason LaCerda '07 

Rats: Keith Campion., 

Don, Mays 

Here it is, the end of my VMI cadetship, where have these 
foztr yea7-s gone? I have definitely been throiogh some 2ops 
and dozens since arriving herv in Aitgttst of 2006. While I 
can't say that all of my experiences here were enjoyable, it 
was an adventure, and I would not trade these past years 
for anything else. More importantly, there is no other school 
that I would rather be graduating from. My character- has 
transfor')ned from that high school know-it-all to an honor- 
able 7nan. This place has made me realize that whatever- it 
is you, want to do tvith your life, the opportunity is otit there, 
just make sure you enjoy it. I have made some amazing, gen- 
uine friends that I will keep in touch ivith forever Joe, Will, 
and Chang, thanks for everything, and nobody co'uld ask for 
better roommates. Booth,keeprunningandmakethemostof 
your four years here. Stvimming, keep up the hard work. My 
parents, thanks for sztpporti') ig me in everythirzg. And above 
all else, Whitney, I miss yo'u, and I hope I made you, proitd. 

abb ^ 

^dk Q/l/eck, oMm Stue^ 

■^MidmmcwiLU, ^it^uda 

I 10111 never jbrget tohat my Dyke told me abottt his VMI 
experieiice, "I ivoiUdJi't do it again for 1,000,000 dollars but 
. I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the xvorld". I can say 
I would gladly trade the horrible food, loneliness, and aca- 
demics for casli any day.What I tuotddn'ttrade for anything 
in the world is the friends I have made and the moments 
we have shared no matter how big or- small. Whether it -was 
crazy trips over the mountain with Fletch and Delo trying 
to make taps, hometoivn shenanigans with Czupryna, good 
laughs with Sheehan and Krahling, the many moments with 
EVERY member in Delta, or the "Northern" moments tvitli 
Padget and Dobbins, I- will cherish every moment and laugh 
we have ever shared. There are way too many Brother Rats to 
mention individually but thank yo%i all for making this hell 
a home away from home for fottr long years... all of those not 
mentioned who helped do that, yozi know who yott are. I only 
hope I was able to return the favor at some point and helped 
you forget yoxt, were at VMI at so')ne point of yottr cadetship. 

four years of my life filled -with some of the memories. 
When I started my cadetship I never could have g^tessed 
how the people I met and the experiences I had woidd 
shape wh o I am. as a person. I /tad never known the lengths 
1(> which I could push myself and still keep going. The great- 
c'-s/ thing I will take with me as I leave VMI is the bond I 
liarr developed ivith my brother rats, and in particidar my 
roiymiuatc.s. I will neve)- forget the fitntimes I shared with 
lliem. and hare developed a true fi-iendship that zvill last 
a lifi'time. One persoti iu particular that lias always been 
there ivheu I needed her the most was Kelley. She has stuck 
with me tl, rough thick (aid thin and I will forever be grate- 
ful fur the devotion a,id lore site has given me, and I look 
ftmoard to speudiug the rest of my life with herEuen tho%igh 
it has beeu the most frnstraling, grueling, and painstak- 
ing four years of my life. I ivoidd not trade it for the world. 


RDC 1; PVT A,3,2,l; Club So, 
2,1; Rugby 1 

Dyke Jeff Fusick '07 

Rats: Van Etlmons, 

Joe Cinquemani 


Bionomics and Business 


Rats: Bryan Maner; 
Keyun Wang 


Electrical and Computer 

Dyke: Matthew Williams '01 

Rats: Thomas Hudson, 

James Graves 




Delta Cadre 3,2,1 

Dyke: Doug Hague '07 

Rats: Keaton Neeb, 

Donald Dunn 

"^Im 4 2D 10 

% Delta, I served you as corporal, Master Sergeant and as 
m your XQ Words cannot express the pride I have in you. Ibu 
jf are what made has my experience worthwhile. Ibu are what ,^ 

this place should be. For those of you %vho I have trained, ^^ 
I hope that I have inspiivd you to continue the Mad Dog 
tradition so that whenever I i-eturn, I ca-)i look to the 
stoop and say. ..thath a Delta rat. My Roommates- my best 
friends, I <3 you. My Rats- 'do big things" To the stains on 
my ring: Wisdom shouts in the street. She lifts he)- voice 
hi the square; At the head of the noisy streets site cries 
out; "How long, O naive ones, ivill you love being simple- i 
minded? I will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when ' 
your dread comes. When your di~ead comes like a storm 
And your calamity comes like a whirlwind. When distress ' : 
and anguish come ivpon you. "So they shall eat of the I 
fruit of their own way. And be satiated tvith their own |j 
devices. "For the waywardness of the naive will kill them. 
And the complacency of fools tvill destroy them'.' - Proverbs 1 

"Lt Dan" "Uncle F^derick" 

Meclianical Fhigineering 

Cadre 3,2,1 

i/ke: Wutthisan Luangjinda '07 
Rats: Darren Waters, 
David Kellerman 

Cadre 3,2,1 

Dyke: Salvatore Sfen-azza '07 
Rats: Jason Spencer 

Check out that pictw-e ... that xvas 8 years ago. When I 
weighed 95 pounds and decided to play football see how 
stiong I coidd become. Searching for a, challenge and pi-epa- 
-1 -ation for a life in the Army, I choose VMI whei -e I find r> vyself 
today, lour 'accomplishments' pale in comparison to the 
value of the experiences and les.sons you can learn by chal- 
lenging yourself^: Pay for my own college, conquer Mechani- 
cal Engineering, learn from, and then teach my peers, and 
take the New Market Mairch to the -next level. These are chal- 
lenges that I took on to learn from,, a.nd to add meaning to 
my time in barracks. The fact that I accomplished these 
things is meaningless compared to what I learned from 
them. Ultimately, VMI probably has never lived up to its 
potential as a. military iiistitution, but that does not mean 
that individuals cannot leai-n valuable lessons from the 
challenges offered. If only they choose to take them. To my 
roommates (present and former), my Rats, MY Company, 
and fellow cadets . . . Choose you future, and then take it. 

Most first classmen see this nai-rative as a way to get back 
at VMI for all the hardships they endured during their four 
year stent. Hoivever; after my fo%tr years I can honestly 

person. The everyday obstacles and the people that I strug- 
gled through those obstacles with have created a determina- 
tion and resolve in me that can be forged nowhe^-e else. The 
people that have any kind of relationship with VMI are a 
uniqtie grozvp of people and I have been fortunate enoicgh to 
serve my time with the best of them. As we all go on oitr oivn 
way after graduation. . .ivherever we may go... we always 
have ou.r time spent at the MstiUite to keep us bound together 
and that bond is irreplaceable, it is a one of a kind bond 
that ivill never cease to exist. For that I tuant to thank VMI 
for putting me in some of the most fritstrating situations 
humanly possible where my dedication to my friends and 
their dedication tome zuas the only xvay oiU, thios c7-eating the 
best friendships I have. To my Rats: Shoot high but aim low 

W'his place has been a great place to me. It has been difficult 
^at times but I thank God that I am made it. I am happy I 
came here because I have learned a lot about myseff" through 
-the good and bad times. I know that one of the greatest 
things that VMI has done for me aside from my ed%ication 
and helping me in becoming a better professional is that 
it has made me realize what is important in my life. Just 
■being here and dealing with the many rides, getting to build 
-relationships with some great people, sharing moinents 
.with the closer ones has allowed me to g7-o%v as a person 
i^:ifn evei-y way. I feel that because of these people, the fae 
Mlty, and all of the people who stood beside me diiring my 
'-: cadetship, they arte what have made me a stronger person 
; for my fiitm-e after VMI and I since^-ely appreciate every- 
thing that those people have done for me. "Don't waste a 
moment unhappy invaluable moments gone with the leak- 
age of time. As we leave on our own separate journeys. 
Moving west with the sun to a place buried deep within 
our minds. Remember the good times..'.' - Willie Nelson 

Civil and Ehivironmental' 

Cadre 3,2; Rugby i,3,2,l; ' 

Repi-esentative 1. 

Dyke: Charles Barnes '07 
Rats: Sean Noll, 
Johnnie Godwin 

'Aug", "GaCadget MEZ" 

Rat Challenge 3,2; Big BrotU 
Big Sister 3,2,1 ; Character 
Counts 3,2,1; 

Dyke: Tabitha Pinter '07 ' 

Rats: Emma \anvey, Gleuda 

Robertson, Jennifer Andru- 

Mternational Studies 

Rats: Nicholas Bruno, 
Ben Pedroza 

» * r4 ^. 

Virginia Historical Society 

Dyke: Graham Forbes '07 

Rats: Trae Mann, 

Chris Guaglionone 

Mechanical Ejigineering 

Dyke: Isaac Ostland '07 

Rats: Justin Dalton, 

Zeke Dodd 

Civil and Eiiviro)imeutal 
:, Engineering 

Dyke: Jeb Pinkerto>i '07 

Rats: Tyler Weston, 

Mitchell Banning 

To viy parents and grandparents: Thereh no xvay I coioldbe 
done it without yoit. I didn't know or like it at the time, bitt 
you prepared me well to make it at a place like VML 
Thank yoit. Trae and Chris: It doesn't matter what 
you decide to do here; jitst do it right, do it xvell, 
and above all be honorable. Remember; itb a game. 
To my Brother Rats: It hasn't always been fun and ith 
never been easy, but we truly are the happy few, we band 
of brothers. I %voiddn't trade my experiences zvith yhll 
for anything. I've learned -ynore from cdl of yoio than 
any classroom or professor has ever taught me, and I 
dread the day we all go our separate zvays as much as 
I)n thrilled to never have to wake up for BRC again. Ihe 
lived tvith some of the best guys I'll ever know, and Ihz 
better for having shared the pain, suffering, fnistration, 
and privilege that is the VMI education with all of you. 

Willianuiw^j 'Pa§ima 

Waudm, 'Viigima 


SSioham Si. "Smb 

'Abe", "The HIV" I 

Civil and Environmentah' 

Eh%gineei-ing and Appliea. 


Rifle Team u;S. 

Dyke: Patrick Yoxaig '07 

k, 9'tnnsfi 


S^tthe, l^imtua 

Out of the night that covers me. 

Black as the pit fvovx pole to pole, 
I thank luhatever Gods may be 

for my unconquerable soul. 
M the fell clutch of circumstance 

I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeoning of chance 

My head is bloody, bttt unboived. 
Beyond this place of turath and tears 

Looms but the horror of the shade. 
And yet the menace of the years 

Finds and shall find me unafraid. 
It matters not hozu straight the gate, 

How charged toith punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate, 

I am the Captain of my so%d. 

Time here at VMI pa.sted very qtiickly, as I sit.spect all 
cadets agree (at some point). Daily life here is a contimi- 
ous cycle I realize is perfect for me. Of course there xvere 
the good and bad tunes, good being Ring Figure; bad being 
■ a continuous' All in all the time here and the people 
I met «v(.s all I could have asked for. For- the guys I hang 
out most (ijon know tvlio you are), thanks for everything, 
■jespecidlli/ daring the last year here where ive got out of 
ftlvs place fo)- once witli a cur and of course the FCP privi- 
Z.lege. For the Poiverlifthig team, stay strong and work hard. 
Don't let Coaclie.'i grninpiness get you doton when you're 
lifting (1 still love ya Coach!), have fxin and push your- 
^If' to !/()/n- liinit.% To my Rat: strive to be the best you can 
W.I 'I don't l/are any regrets. I do not have any doubt that 
' you won't sncceed here at VMI just be active and don't just 
focus on grades; have some fun, do some extracurricular 
activities! Well VMI, ith been great! Thanks for the memo- 
rable e.x-perieu ces and development as a leader! 

International Studies 

Football Jt,S,2,l. 

Dyke: Jon Pool '07 

Rats: Mark Hornfeck, 

John Evans 

Sgt 2; S-6 1; Poweilifting 3,i 
S-3 1. 

Dyke: Seam Hingley '07 
Rats: Eddie Chang 

^Im of 2DiO 

[J The best decision I have ever made was to go to VML The jM 

f whole experience has been incredible and for that I need mm 

m to thank Laura, for being encouraging and supportive and ^J 
' shoiving me the ropes; Mom and Dad, for telling me that 
quitting was not an option; Sarah, for being the best sister 
I coidd even' hope to have here; and my roommates Vir- 
ginia and Sarah (and Maria) for being great friends. Oil 
and of coui-se Jim,, for being, well, Jim. 

Mechanical E)igineering 

Jazz Band U,3,'2,l; Glee Club 
.i,"Z,l; Softball 3; Martial A)-ts 
Hub 2, Engineering Chcb 2,1 

To all the rat-ties, congratidations, and I -wish you the best 
of luck in all yo^tr endeavors here and after 

Modern Languages: German 

J/ee Club i,3,2,l; The Cadet 1; 

Pipe Band/Competition pipe 

xuid 3,2,1; Cadet Bzcgler 3,2,1; 

Club Softball 3,2 

Dyke: Laura Hash '07 
Rats: Umi Hyon, 
Molly Hastings 

'Tiirok" "Brother Darkness" 

International Studies 

Color Guard 2; S3 1; Special 

\ctions Detachment 2; Mixed 

Martial Arts 1. 

Dyke: Dustin Dodge '07 

Rats: Mike Hixson, 

Nate Gant 

I am the Pipe Major for the VMI Pipes and Drums, oddly 
enough when I was a rat, I didn't even knozv what a pipe 
nnajor was, let alone how to be one, and the copy editor for' 
The Cadet. I am usitally easygoing btvt if I have a problem 
with something, I don't let it go easily. I enjoy hearing cool 

E'.es from alumni. My dyke line is important to me. I 
very lucky to have the best dyke and grand-dyke ever. I 
think Band Company is the best on the Hill. If anyone says 
any different then they have not been to a Scottish festival. 
I am gratefid for everything that Laura did for me, for 
meeting Jim, for LauraM parents, for Colonel John Brodie 
and Major Burt Mitchell and their support and instruction 
in band. Glee Club, and the Pipe Band, and to my family, 
especially my grandmother, for their support and encotir- 

It is difficult to describe my feelings for VML Ith not what I 
tho%tght it would be, but so much more than I ever expected. 
As we, the great and terrible class of 2010, near the end of 
OUT cadetship I notice that many of yoii share my mixed 
feelings. I have also noticed some of you look towards our 
graduation as a parting of -ways. That is a sentiment we 
do not share; we are not parting ways, for there is only one 
%vay to go from, here. . .forward. So I have no parting words 
for my Brother Rats, I will see you again som,eivhere 
down the road. To my Rats, continue to push forward and 
know that yozi do not ivalk this road alone; if you falter 
gather strength from your BRs that ivalk next to you. To 
my Brother Rats who have walked that stretch of the road 
'With me, let's get the hell out of here! 

■^iidimoml, '^difoma 



^med q4/, K!^Cmiee, 

"^odif S,\MnnM;^ 

To my BRk- Within these cold concrete walls of barracks I 
have been challenged in all ways imaginable, and when I 
sometimes fell short of meeting these challenges , you all 
picked up me up and- got me through to the next challenge 
of theVMI gauntlet, ivhether that be through motivation 
.or plotting things in perspective for me. To my roommates: 
Sean, Alex, Karsten, Dan, and Preston. Gentlemen, I owe 
everything to you. It is by Godh grace that I was misplaced 
in onrxoom third class year and yoxt all have truly forged 
■my VMI experience. Ibit have become my tightest of brothers 
and made me proxtd of both the great things that we have 
accomplished andthe pain that together we have endxired. To 
Logan: I never woidd have made it throitgh this God awfxd 
place had you not had been here all four years making me 
haxigh through all the suck. While sometimes I had no clue why 
yo%(, tvere laughing, you lifted my spirits and got me through 
day after day. To my rats: Nick and Patrick, you both will do 
well here at VMI, I have no dotibt. I wish yozo both the best of 
luck; take care of each other and your co-dykes. SEMPER FI! 

I wbtdd like to thank all of my family for your- love and 

, support that you all have given me over- these last four 

years. When times were hard and I was doubtful I knew 

I coidd always look to "yoiC for inspiration. The str%ig- 

gle to get to this point was not easy, but "we" have always 

had each other and together we will always prevail. 

Vm not going to say that these four long years were pain- 

; less, but am I glad that they are coming to an end? That 

■answer is riot easy to come too. I have made some of the 

yhest friends of my life here, brothers that will .stand by my 

^ Side when ever I call 'upon them. We are a family, simply 

^TtrecoMse we chose to take the road less travelled. I will 

[cherish the good times and if I had the choice to do it all 

over again with the same group of guys, then Hell l&a! 

My opinion of the time spent here has changed vastly over- the 
years. Notv, looking back I can't say it was the best of times, 
but the expieren,ce.s, knowledge gained, and people met are 
priceless. To niyfamMy and friends: I thank you all. Ibu guys 
have/ielped methro-ugh .some of the hardest struggles of my 
life; ijdur ef/brts meqn more to me than you will ever know. 

To nil) room ales CJ/)-is, Link, and Mike... and Sean 

ciui'f learc i/oii out. Ib/i guys are like brothers to 

' tre. (.'ouldn't hare done it zvitho-ut you and I know 

icfiii ahv<iij>< count on you guys to be there for- me! 


"The Hendee" j 

International Studies I 

Marine Corps 

SAD i.,3,2,1; Semper Fi Socv 
i.,3,2,1; Bravo SGT 2; S-i 2 

Dyke: Aaron Kerkof '07 

Rats: Nickolas Richardso. 

Patrick Simon 

Cadr-e 3; RDC 1; 
Ring Figtvt-e Comittee 2. ' 

Dyke: Peter Kirkendal 'OH 

Rats: Edgar Soto, 

Adam Hedio 

Economics and Business 

Dyke: Matt Davis '07 \ 
Rats: Bi-yce Garrison 

Mechanical Engineering 

Mai-ine Corps 

lb Lacrosse Ji.,3: Lacrosse 3,2; 
Rugby 1; NCMT 3,1 

Dyke: Nate Rasnick '07 

Rats: Chris Wagner; 

Ryan Wheeler 

Mechanical Engineering 

Marine Corps 

Dyke: James Sandman '07 
Rats: Alexander- Erber 

Wrestling Ji.,3,2; Rugby 1; 

RDC UClnh Wrestling 1; 

MMA Team 1. 

Dyke: Corey Micrray '06 
Rats: Antonio Wood 

These 4 years have really flown by. VMI has brought me the 
best times and worst times of my life so far From marching 
PTb to weekends at JMU, it has really been interesting. lU 
like to thank my parents, my girffr-iend, all my dykes, Nate, 
Nate and Alex, and of course the class of 2010, especially 
my roommates for helping me throzcgh the rough times 
and being there to celebrate the best times. To my brother 
rats, we've been through a lot and finally we are finish- 
ing it up. Go forth and do great things. I can't wait for 
those reunion weekends. To my rats, stay motivated and 
keep up the good work. \bu'll be here before yott, know it. 

Man I just want my diploma. 


Simmy ^ ^^^oiga 

(m a 

,T -^m ^*, 


Somm si flushed 

The VMI expo-ience has truly been a I'oad of tups and 
dowi/.fi. Ion liaoe your good days, (which are tisually ptst 
ffk) and you. li.ave your bad days (luliich make you qtuestion 
•the reason you crmte to this place). Regardless of the reason 
■we came, we all made the decision to push throitgh it and 
walk the long road to graduation. I want to personally 
thank my family, first my parents, Michael and Arleen, and 
my brother and sister, Kevin and Elizabeth. Without their 
constant support and encottrage-ment this whole journey 
tuoidd not have been possible. I want to thank my room- 
mates far finding a comical side to every bad sit-uation 
and to somehow make it better; together we got through it 
all. In a weii-d ivay I xvill miss coming back to the room and 
receiving a welcoming greeting of profanity or other forms 
of obscene gestures hoping to somehoxv get a laugh. However; 
I will not miss, parades, pointless formations, raping my 
ducks or being told J have a c-iafetv at 22 years old. To my 
Rat: Kevin, this place will eat at yo7t, at times but don't let it 
get you down, you are a good kid and will make it to the end. 

Coming to VMI was one of the best decisions I ever made. 
It has been an awesome ride and I can honestly say I will 
really miss being here. VMI has taught me so much that 
I zvoiddn't have gotten at a normal school. The pressui-e 
of the VMI system has been so imich more tiseful than 
my knotoledge gained in the classroom. Putting up with 
everything VMI throws at you is a great challenge. I lived 
by the verses 'An idle man will suffer himger" (Proverbs 
19:1.5) and "I can do all things through him who strength- 
ens me" (Philippians U:13). Living by these verses helped me 
in so many ways. Keeping faith in the VMI way of life is 
always diffictult and ith amazing how such simple verses 
can help so much. Ebery time I visited a normal college, I 
always thoztght of how much more I have been given from 
my experience at the mother I My BRh made everything 
worthwhile because of their friendship and support. Hope- 
fully, I have helped them as mitch as they have helped me. 

Cell 445 foi-ever! minus Zztber; FTroop, .screw the rest; 
Troop BRs hog-tying me, shaving my eyebrotv and the 
.subsequent rat riot lock-in and szveat party was my birth- 
day present rat year; snoivball fights; Army scholarship 

:Si-d class year; 1st .semester 3rd class year roomjmate she- 
nanigans; trying to keeping grades -up. To my folks: I owe 

feverytfmig to you all. \ou were my motivation for stay- 
ing here and doing my best. I love you all! To my FTroop 
brothers: Ibu are tndy my brothers and I am going to 
miss you all. Ibu always kept it interesting and I'll never 
forget the memories we made. To my rats: keep your head 
on straight and yotcr grades 2cp. Work hard and never do 
anything less than your To VMI thanks far the .suck. 
I wouldn't do it again bttt it I'm sure it was all for the best. 

Civil and Environmental 

S-6 3,2,1; Football i,3. 

Dyke: Jamil Kareem '07 
Rats: Kevin Curran 

Economics and Business 

Honor Court 2,1; Cadre 3;l 
Club Wrestling 1. 

Dyke: Kyle Snider '07 

Rats: Mike Schiffar, 

Joey Zarella 

Ranker 3,2,1; Cadre 2; Range 
Challenge 2; Ring Figure Ba 
Committee 2; Army Bat S-4 

Dyke: Mattheiv Hopchak '07 

Rats: Will Splees, 

Jake Chambers 

<^lm 4 2010 


Dyke: Adam Peters '07 

Rats: Adam Morgan, 

Robert Collins 

■■^'' "... 7 have seen that in any great tcndertaking it is not 

enough for a man to depend simply upon himse^ Mna-la- 
*; wica (Teton Siouoc) 

Through the good times and bad, the sober times and the 
impaired, ith been a trip and an experience. The crazy out- 
ings, days at the cabin, in the garage, and the wild nights. . . 
"Hummer" "Humbob" guys, I'll never forget bm. Those mem,ories will dwindle out 

those long nights of studying and the too many ludicrous 
Biology "have to" events. As I wanted to accomplish, the goals Ihe set 

for myself m,y am,bitions, only two are left. ..both long term 
hotball 4;3; Chub Crozet (Cadet ^^^ ^^ progress, but by winning the Bassmaster Classic 
Waiter) 2,1 ^^n fufill one of them. Lastly, I want to thank all who apply 

for yotvr love and support, you have my gratefxd respect 

Waiter) 2,1 

Dyke: Marc Daniel '07 
Rats: Alan Gharib 


it ^ ^u^lm 

'illiam/Smg, 'Va^nia 

iEejCfti^bn, 'Vkgima 


yes, I hate this place. I hate the 

ger guide sergeants to people lulio should actually knozv 
better; the fact that I lia.d a bedtime, could get grotmded 
'ipat 22, and Itad food that you ivere generally better off not 
f asking about, lliat being said, yes I will admit it. I love 
%Shis place. I love being able to take people at their word 
i;filivays, cold you lu ill not find better- people anywhei-e. For 
^'Siy paiwits thanks for everything, even if yozi were a bit 
ii'overzecdojts with your "don't you want to transfer to JMU 
'fpr Teck?", To my Brother Rats thank yoti and congratula- 
mpions, it's been a hell of a trip. To my Rats, "Time flies with 
f .speed of arrouf.' Ibzi have qtdte a bit of suck left, bttt look- 
iUng back on it I wouldn't swap it for anything. Keep it tvp; 
-" L expect to be back here in 2013 to harass my Gmndrats. 

VMI has taught me much over the years I have been here. 
I've learned about perseverance, friendship, loyalty, integ- 
rity, and a little bit about history as well. Thank you, to all of 
you who made this place bearable and occasionally fun. I 
love my family, thank you for- all the work you've done for 
. me, both before and during this experience. Thanks Byron, 
for doing your best with what you got. Andrew, good luck, 
and don't let the system beat yoti down. To Mcrary, John, 
James, and Ben: we had some good times. Please never 
-grow up guys. Wednesday Night Brothers- I will ahvays 
be praying for God's will in yotvr lives. Aaron: Please 
don't break the Drumline or Roundtable after I'm gone. 

&lohb ^\^mbmann 

My time here was a learning experience to say the least. I 
gretu mtich as a person, and am sure that no other school in 
the nation cordd have better prepared me for what the fiiture 
holds than VMI I have become closer ivith friends than ever 
imagined, and will always have someone to call on for help 
if ever needed. My dedication lies to the RDC. I knotv no 
othe)-.-iij.<stern at VMI bar the Honor Court, that is untouched 
and all owed to operate independently. It was a tremendous 
leariiing experience, and I could not have chosen a better 
set if individual.-^ that before my eyes would transform into 
.^ucli a coliesive unit. To my Rats: Remember the little things 
I told you. and do not lose your sense of humor here. There 
are people that will want to see you fail; be that man that we 
can depend ou to su.cceedabove.e.vpectationsait.d most of all, 
don't lettliem see you su^eat.Tomy Roomates: Herehtobloody 
battlefields and fast provi.otions. I'll see you on the Beach. 

Dyke: Anthony Raffaele '6', 
Rats: John Heller; 

Tim Qrvinn ' 

CWRT U,3,2,l; Theater 3,2,.. 

Frisbee 2; Flag Football 1.. 

Karate U,3; VA Historical So 

Dyke: Byron Faidley '07' 
Rats: Andrew Ne^s^^— 

"Mike", "Hutch" ^ . 

Modern Languages and 

Football 1,3; RDC 2,1. 

Dyke: Dav id Metzler V7 
Rats: Bill Austin. Ryan Die 

; Economics and Business 

IIG 3,2,1; Cadet Waiter 3,2,1. 

lyke: Grant Weatherford '07 

Rats: Kaleb Long, 

Ombri Rivers 

"^Im 4 2010 

^ If yolt know me well, you know that I relate most every- H| 
thing to sports, even when itb either completely inappropri- 
ate or simply non-applicable. Li either case, I'll always look 
back at VMI with a lingering sense of what could have been. 
I regret coming here like Joe Dumars regrets drafting Darko 
, Milicic. T)~ue, the Pistons won the title the next year with 
him on their bench. But when they coxdd have had Carmelo 

'*' Anthony, Dwayne Wade, or Chris Bosh to pair with their 

lineup instead, it kills to wonder how many more champi- 

"' ■ onships they woztld have won. My point here is this: even 
though I did well here, I trxdy believe that if I had attended 
almost any other regtdar school, I cotdd have accomplished 
so mttch more. My ceiling would be much higher, not to men- 
tion Iwoiddhaveactuallyenjoyedacollegesociallife. Instead 
I now have a weak degree that carries little potential. VMI ^ 
- yoiL will always be my Darko Milicic; take that as you will. ,. fi 
To my friends - I love you all and wish you the best. To 
the other 96% of you - well, you can fill in the blank. € 

"The Gorilla", "Trimg" 


Rugby 3,2,1. 

Dyke: Elijah Huston '07 
Rats: John Neatroivr 

When I look back on these fozir years as a VMI Cadet at 
the Virginia Military Iistitute, one thing comes to the 
mind, the story of a rugby player and his determination 
on a trip to Charleston, Soidh Carolina. This brave young 
cadet went with the rest of the rugby squad to take on 
VMIh arch rival- The Citadel. After a great game in which 
VMI clobbered the Bzdldogs, the cadet knew it was time 
to ftdly enjoy the city of Charleston. The players all cele- 
brated by attending Ryanh where they ate their 
hearts ozd. The cadet ivas waited on by a very upstand- 
ing lady, by the name of Angel. The rest, well, is history. 

Death Before Dishonor 

Sfoiani, Otegon 


Riiyby ^,3; Cadet Battery 2,1; 
Ring Figure Committee 3,2; 

Dyke: Casey Grey '07 

Rats: Patrick Pittard, 


One hell of a ride itb been! It seems like only yesterday when 
I mati-iczdated into the Old Corps... when we p7-otodly 
jogged past the sorority houses in our super motivating 
shorty shorts and ivhen we had access to the wondeifid 
panini grills. To my roommates: thank you for everything! 
With,out you guys, I would be lost in the sauce. Jon, seri- 
ously, get a bigger truck. . . the F-350 isn't big enough to com- 
pensate for your lack of motivation. Dave, if it ivasn't for 
your infatuation with Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, I woidd 
think something ivas ivron,g with you. But you)-e all right 
for a laiikee. Dan, the broken bone videos have scarred me 
for life. To all the rest of you kituckle-heads that I don't 
have the space to mention, I am tridy blessed to have good 
fi-iends like yoii.. To Mom, Dad, Robert, Sarah, and all my 
other family, thank you so much for supporting me. I 
wouldn't be here ivithout you guys I love you all! Lastly, to 
the rats: Tyler, ignore those f rat-boy tendencies. Patrick, for 
the love of God, stay out of trouMe. Vwt! Kill! Stab! Death! 

„ W, Schnum 

SMm ^M. ^ohndom li 

abb a' 

&touu, "^n^aid 

What ecu/ I Nay / made the choice to come here; there- 
fore I had to live li'ith the consequences. Learned lots of 
lessotbs about life from my experiences at VMl, what to do 
and what not to do. Miist say I canlt wait to get back to Eng- 
land...... I tu ill miss people though, certain people will 

Hot be mi-i-sed if yow close to me you know who they are. 

"Don't ever let the ivalls that com,e block your sue 
:cess in life stop yo%b from your goals, find a way to 
%reak: through them no matter what" - Carl Josey 

To my family and my friends, 'ibu know who you are. I do not 
need to say names, "ibu are some of the best people I have ever 

'Waet. I applaitd eachofyou and wish you all the best. To every- 
one else, harden up. Life sucks, wear a helmet and have f%m. Do 
what you say and say what you do. Fear the short bzts "Bhery 

■ normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, 
hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats" -H.L. Mencken 

OMahma ^ify, OUahoma 

1 was itgly Aazd awfully small There was hardly any of me 
at all Undulating, without a sound Along the ground God 
had to smile When he looked at me And saw such asym- 
inetry So, he took sotne air, and earth, and things and fash- 
io.ned a pair of gossamer- wings Then colored them with 
M'ondrous hue so everyone coidd enjoy the view He smiled 
agcmi, and. heaven heaved a sigh And I became a butterfly 

::iAiidnow I sliareWith that special few Who wear the wings* 

Ptvy blue That magic gift to rise and flee The mystic bonds 
gravity And race into the azure sky The gift to fly, to fly, 
to fly! Grandpa Keilty Jack, 5 years ago you di-eamed 
of attending VMI and com7)iissioning. Through hard work, 
ix'rne re ranee, cojnmitment and passion yoic m.ade this 
dream come true, lour VMI ride was remarkable and after 

2 years of fiiotball, two knee surgeries, a tour in the rat line, 
an a .s-s ignm ent in cadre, summer school at Rose and Mexico, 
and (( poKition on 2nd battalion staff, yoti, have made us 
nil very proud. Keep the faith. Stay the course! Congrat- 
n la t ions FLY NAVY! Love, Mom, Dad, Kate, and Kelly 


NCAA Basketball J^,S,2,1^ 

Dyke: Jack Castleberry 'O; 
Rats: Joe Carr 

"Peanut Pete", "H" 

Btternational Studies 

Marine Cor-ps 

Cadre 3,2,1; Rat challenge 2\, 
NCMT 3,2. 

Dyke: Tyler Fr-eeman '07 
Rats: Ben Cross, 
Frank Over-street 

Dyke: Jordan Combs '07 
Rats: Michael Andriani 

International Studies 

NCAA Lacrosse ^ 3, 2 1; 
RDC 1 ; Cadet Server 1; 

Rats: James VariWie 

-Ttr, ''Tyler" 

Electrical a:ii.d Computer 

Club Soccer Ji.,3,2,1; Cadre 1; 
IEEE i.,3,2,1; The Cadet 2,1. 

Rats: John. Ruhl, 
Kirk Lambert 

Marine Corps 

Rats: Robert Dilley. 
Matthew, Seinfold 

To the Lacrosse team: It was a hell of a ride Fellas; first 
team to ever m-ake it to the MACC championship; thath 
whath tup. Coach Shirk, Thanks for everything you did for 
me and the team. Never wotddhe gotten ther^e without you. 
To my Rat James, I bet if yozi ever actually read this 
yotCll laugh, btot just keep the grades iip and keep ball- 
ing with lax; you'll be otit of this place in no time. 
Never forget the stuff I told yoiL and taright you. 
Listen to coach Shirk, the guy knows what the deal is. 
To the rest of the corps, I really don't think too highly of 
many of you, and am looking for-ward to not having 
to see most of you on a regular basis ever again. 
And Finally to the Wise Guys, 'what can I say? Never 
expected to find a grottp of friends like you gtvys 
at this dump, but whatd know. Guess I kicked o'ut. 

This long and sometimes overwhelmingly fun stay here in 
barracks has been made possible by my friends and family. I 
can't begin to imagine trudgirbg through the Ratline without 
the constant support and motivation from my family, not 
to mention their seemingly constant visits here taking me to 
WalrMart, to eat, to the movies etc. For that and everything I 
am more thankful than words can describe. Mom and Dad, 
Kelsey and Kylie, hereh to yott. And hereh to my friends, my 
brother rats and otherwise. Without those third class trips to 
JMU and Tech I might have lost my 'mind. Chris, Clint, Pat, 
Danh, Dre'w, Nick, thank -you for e'oery movie, e'uery episode 
of J'Yall the game nights -where 'we just blew it off To 'my EE 
classmates, thank yo'u for all your help, because I k'now I 
couldn't have passed without it. To my rats John and Kirk, 
keep at it, do the right thing, arid work hard, and I'll see you 
graduate in three short years. Most importantly, take some 
7~isks and make so'me memories; this place is as much fun 
as you make it. And to Lazvren, thank you for an amazing 
two years. Thank you. I love 'ijo'u all Tyler 

I do not have the words to explain my feelings towards the 
Institute. I had trouble comin.g up with what to say. I guess 
I cam .'say that rn'y experience has been like a roller coaster. . . 
hawing good tiines and bad. To all those who I was close to, we 
had .some great times together. ..and more to come. To those 
wholdidnotknowsowell. ... sorry weneverhadthe pleasure. 

moJ 9a>k, G/l/m y^h 

Mmoke, 'Viiginia 


tMiUolluan, 'Vuginia 


I started out as n CE Major bat after encountering mom 
letters tlian ii/niibers. retaking calc I and H so many times 
tliat inij liead linrt.and tlie siglit of nty GIA approaching an 
all time Ion: . . I had to "exit stage rigid" Contrary to what 
thecngineers wonhltell gon, ECBU did not exactly welcome 
me n-itli open arms. After liaving my Ac advisor chase me 
donm SSH n'ith a n^ooden stick screavring,"Debits left,Ci-ed- 
its rigid.'" I knen' not to ))ie.'<s witli the dirty. Now that I have 
over 150 credits under my belt {3U from summer school). I 
tliinkofniysett asa "real" disti)igiiished graduate. I learned 
tiie management like a pro, balancing sports n'ith train- 
^{/ rats, and keeping my grades above Ac pro. To my room- 
^Aates.Jon, Sam. a)idWn Jt31, SSI. 2S1. S-IOS, we will be lifelong 
:fi-ieiids. Mom and Dad. I conldn'tliave done it witliont yon. 
'■' Those calls liome a^v wliatkept megoing. Li theendhowevei; 
\M I owe it all to Jesus. Heled me to come toVMl and He helped 
Die get off the back row.' "Tliere is no ivisdom. no insight, 
^ no plan that can succeed the Lord" - Proverbs 21 

Hard to believe I have made it through this place. It has been 

a struggle at times and it has been great at times. The one 

:thi»g I will nri.'ss the mo.^f is the friendships I have )nade 

!^^e)v,e,>tpecially my roommates. From Davescon.<!fant com- 

^^plaining, Cliad's lady problem,^, Fletcher's outbursts of rage 

^bivaixls inanimate objects, and Wills hnniot: but not his 

mellfseiion.-ilylook i)itothat mail). IVietiine has come )iow 

f nush the bc--<t of Inck to my rootmnate.'i. the guys 
^ugby team, and the Class of 2010 in all their futuiv 
■j'l-s. Ih the Rats of 141. just keep chugging along 
ur tin/e here will end soitner than you can believe. 
' '^to all S of you. tind none of you better quite. 

"RayK 4T", 'Vmpa Lumpa' 
El-ononrics and Business- 
Cadre S,2,l; Powerlifting S.. 

Dyke: Brad Wilson '07 
Rats: Tom Battiata 

Mech anical Engin eeriug 

Rugby J,,S.J,1: CE\ 1. 

Dyke: Ryan McLean '07 

Rats: Jeff Le.i-a. 

Criag Lang 

iModern Laoigii.ages 

mid CiUttcres 

"^Im 42010 

Hervh to the best four- years of ')ny life. Ith weird to think 
that only a short time ago, I was looking 071 this place as 
an outsider praying that I coidd get in, and now I look at 
this place from the eyes of a cadet and hope to God I can 
make it out. The people who've got me throtcgh have been 
my parents, my ivonderfid fiancee Jenn, and my friends, 
especially Will, Clint, Jon, and Rory. Hereh to the best room- 
' mates anyone could ask for Now my rats, that's a different 
story. Ted and Will, you two have a great start at making it 
to graduation because you have a great dyke like me, don't 
forget that. I leave on this thought; this school has given ■yne 
so much that I can never repay it. It gave me my fiancee, a 
great group of friends, and ties that will never be broken. 

Dyke: Wayne Huggins '07 

Rat.^: Will AJ.ewi-ne, 

Ted Harrison 

Marine Corps 

Dyke: Mike Golike W 

Rat.s: Cole Knapp, 


Cadet Waiter 3,2,1. 

Dyke: Josh Prible '07 

To my Rats: My deepest hope is that I was able to be not only 
a good dyke who gave you all the tools needed to szi,cceed here, 
b2(.t also a friend that you will keep in touch with despite 
the crazy twists and turns this life throws at us. Jbii are stron- 
ger and better- men for- dealing with yoiir uncle dykes and 
myself of this I am store. To all those I consider friends: The 
e.vpectations are the same for you to keep in contact after 
we have moved on from this place. Those of you that I had 
the honor of calling a friend that are not in the great class 
of 2010, 1 ask yo'u follow my example and take the time to get 
to know underclassmen as I did. There is a wealth of kno-wl- 
edge and experience to be gained from them, a,nd to those of 
you commissioning, toe will be serving side by side despite 
when we graduated. Roommates: Well, 'what can be said? 
Nothing that wotdd make sense to anyone who may read 
this in years to come that is for certain. So lets fust skip it. . . 

-To Bloody Battlefields and Fast Promotions- 

I believe in, and one could even say admire, the IDEA of 
the Virginia Military Institute. As a naive Rat, I learned 
som-e extremely valuable le.9sons: life isn't fait; deal with 
it; things aren't always going to go yottr way, deal with it. 
However, as m;y Cadetship pi-ogressed, I becojne more and 
■more aware of the corruption and injztstice inheivnt in 
the VMI system, and I slowly became jaded to the VMI I 
attended. I became aware of the crucial diffisrence between 
fact and triUh. Fact: Cadets do not lie, cheat, steal, nor tol- 
erate those who do. Truth: The existence of the Honor Court 
proves otherwise. Fact: All cadets receive equal punish- 
ment for equal iiifractions. Truth: Rank, athletic status, 
parents, and other external factors dramatically influence ^ 
the severity of the ptinishment you, i-eceive. I held no seri- ijj 
ous rank, nor did I play any sport; I am the first of my '^ 
family to go here. Despite all these "negative" aspects of J 
my cadetship, I stuck through it till the Listitiite decided I 
conld. go. Some may say it wasn't worth it. Fact: Things tuill 
change upon graduation. Truth: Life isn't fair, deal tvith it. 

lytamlin, eMm ymk 

S)iwtf)iei,, l^iigi/iia 

M a' 

o^ichaa ^. \ymmm 

film, G/llm ^OMf 

l^ii^ima S&mdi, ^iigink 

Ditr ■vcl/ool is fill- fro»i perfect and to many people fin- that 
very )-eason t/ieij hate it. The reality is our school no matter 
:^uit we do tvill never lire tip to the expectations which have 
'been set. Ho we i>e i; it is fi -oni tliese imperfections that %oe gain 
the opportanities to grow aii,d learn. No matter xuhom yon 
'dre or wliaf tjoii do atVMI yon. will be faced with opportuni- 
Mes to g)-ow as a person and help improve onr school. Take 
ihem and use them, do not waste four years here moaning 
about VML Use tjte time to better yotirsef or the Institute, but 
at the very least make your closest friends. M the end that 
is what this place really boils down to "The people". What 
makes VMI are our Friends and all the things we go through 
togetherThe bonds we make over oitr time here at this school 
are why this Institute shall never die. To my friends thank 
you for everything and I look foriuard to the times ahead. 
To my rats I am proud of you and I expect nothing, but 
yotvr best. This place is xvhat yott make it. Make the best of it. 



It has been a long yet rewarding jotcrney. One that has 
taken me from a high school goof off to an educated adidt. I 
can remeinber the tough debate on tvhether I shoidd attend 
a party .school, or make the tough deci.sion and do what is 
-best, Matriculating August 19th was honestly the best deci- 
sion of my Uf<3 tints far To my brother rats in Alpha and Air 
Fo ) ■<■(■, i/uii are tridy one of a kind and are the ones who I owe 
jwij gratitude too. From houses in Nags Head to Mud Bogs to 
'%g:n Antonio, ivithout you this experience would have been 
fMgnificantly woi-se. To my roommates: Bob, Cody, Shirkey, 
a:iid ZacJi -or- Bobby OJen, Cpl. C, Shij-kle^erk, and Zacha- 
fills yon are irreplaceable. Ibu have been there for the good 
III had times and have kept each other laughing no matter- 
uij the situation. I wish you all the best of hick in your- 
>^'^iideiu>o]-s. To my family, I can't thank yon enough 

••>itaiit support and words of wisdom. Ibu have 

ding Liglit th.e past U years. To my Rats Ryan 
te^aj/ classy I expect great things from you. 

Applied Mathematics 

S-1 3,2,1; Rat Challenge 3,. 

Dyke: Chris ChangLo W 

Rats: Joey Pan arese, 

Charlie Shutt 

Dyke: Adam Reel '07 
Rats: James Conlon 

Mechanical Ehigineering 

Cadre 3,2,1; Rat Cliallenge 3,\ 
NCMT 3; New Market March 
AF FTP 3,2,1; ASME i,l 

Dyke: Jonathan Fredricks '0 

Rats: Ryan Eldredge, 

Marcus Sutter 

"^Im 4 2010 

I that you see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. : 

I They who dream, by day are cognizant of many things which '■ 
escape those ivho dream only by night. -JEUgar Allan Poe 


Track and Field ^,3,2,1. 

Dyke: Brittani Mack '07 
Rats: Katherine Collins 

International Studies 

Marine Corps 

Cadre S; RDC 1. 

Dyke: Jeff Choma, '07 
Rats: Blake Bryant 

Pipe Band I, 3, 2, 1; Color 

Guard 3; Rat Challenge 3; 

Tlieatre 2, 1; Sounding Brass 

2, 1; Timnions Gentry Music 

Dtjke: Jonathan Woloshuk '07 

Rats: Beau Ryan, 

Matt Seivell 

2 Timothy i:6-7 "For I am being poured out as an offering to 
God, and the time for my departttre is close. I have fotight 
the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have kept the 
faith'.' Although I have stumbled and fallen many times 
along this race of my cadetship, and at times hated it, I 
have developed some of the strongest and most meaningfid 
friendships I cotdd ever imagine. Throtighout my time hei-e, 
I have seen God zvatching over and protecting me even when 
I chose to ignore Him. To all my roommates over the years: 
I ivish I had more space to talk about each of you, but just 
know every one of you have had a significant impact on 
me, all for good. To my parents and grandparents: I cannot 
express enough thanks to you for your constant prayers 
and stupport for me. I don't knoiv zvhat I luoidd have done 
'without your Christ-like love and forgiveness towards me. 
To my posse of rats: Don't forget tvhy you came here, and 
strive every day to make this place like luhat you dreamed 
it wo%dd be and don't EVER back down on yotur faith. 

I now tmdertake the hopeless task of summing tip a cadet- 
ship in two himdr-ed %vords. I am tempted to call out all 
those silly souls ivho make VMI as ironically exasperating 
as it is, but in the end, what would that do? I have seen 
more here than I thought possible; love, hate, madness, 
futility, actualization, hope, and calm assurance of faith in 
the present I have acquii-ed a healthy hatred for, 
classism, ignorance, and small-mindedness, while gaining 
the idmost appreciation for the ancient vcdties of benevo- 
lence, veracity, and the art of silence. I have seen the power 
of sold, the titanic rage of metal; and the becuuty of funk. 
I shall never forget Pipe Band shenanigans, falling over 
tables and through railings in theatre, and the inmmierable 
good times to be had in the coolest room in barracks. I have 
seen the madness of men paraded in the streets of a dozen 
cities, and the firmest and best bonds that anyone cozdd 
aspire to on this side of eternity. I have no room in me for 
regret or misgiving. Eueryone, .stay funky and keep rock- 
ing. To my family, both of blood and of bond, I thank you. 

3{di J^ QEamneck 

Smd *^. OEcmm 

m 0^ 

Pat, i/oii ant! i)ir luive hcc-ii. Hiroiu/h thick and thin together: 

I kvoiv i/oH (ihrai/x'I'cre "ii/ hack and you shoidd knoiv I 

,vi/l a l,v(ujsli(u'<j I/O 1 1 1 -.s. Wa d<'\ we Itave been friends forevev 

jA-st not loKc lltdt.Mott, I ]iaven't known yon for too long 

l,„t iioiivc a cool cat. keep in touch. Bopp, you rock man, 

-.don't go getting Fine-Star on- me and forget to take me golf- 

WhajH James and PJid, yon. guy.'i may not notice it but you 

■^hotli. hare groivn a tot since I fnst met yo'u, I am glad I 

%ixis a-t)le to lielp }nold yoziinto men. Carry on my legacy 

^td wiiut I tanghtyonand all of your dreams -will be lying 

atyonr fcet. Keep in touch and come visit. To my fhther, I 

know you're proud, yon. don't have to .say it; I just hope I 

■ can someday be the man that you are. "The true of a 

man is uotw/i,ere he stands hi times of comfort, but iv/iere he 

Hands in times of adversity and controversy'.' Pi-overbs 2U:10 

"^{li-ereto begin. Tliank you Mom and Dad, I knew these four 

:ryyears of "college" experience were going to be tough from, the 

Hymome'nt you, guys kicked me out of the car and left m.e here 

'■^Jior dead on matriculaMon day. Drew, sorry I lielped Mom 

■and Dad trick you into coming here. Hi Catherine. And 

to the room, .sorry Fm not sorry, but I can tntthfuUy say I 

: have no idea, why we continued to room, together for as long 

as we did - it sure was mi.serable. At least we learned some- 

• -thing vahcable for our future endea,vors; life's not Bench 

and co-dykes, good hick, even though I doubt you'll make 

it through this place without me. Haha, I'm kidding. Just 

play the game, it is siipposedly worth it once you graduate. 

[i-LaX- Co, keep up the hard work, so many good memories. 

"Leachonidus" \ 

Mechcvi tica.l Ei ig i.i leei ■ Ing . 

NCAA Football 4,3,2.1; Enu' 

neering Club 3,2,1; ASMF 

President 1; 

Dyke: Pete Relyea '07 

Rats: Phillip Pickens; 

James Snyder 

Ekonomics and Bu-sinef 

Lacrosse J,.,3.'2,l. 

Dyke: Ale.r Litz "07 
Rats: Karsten. Bench 

lomfid, ^aima/i 

I reiue/nd)er ra.t yean- my cadre used to tell us we will 
'never make it out of here without the help of each othei;a:nd 
':fh_at statement still stands tru,e to thisday. During hell week 
fvlrile the entire mt mass was .swimming across the Maury 
^ii'er I was paddling in. circles and slowly drowning with 
Kt.lrngecliaiiie horse in. botli. of my legs, and suddenly two of 
teB,// BRs readied out and grabbed me. I held on to tlieir legs 
m'hile Iheij sn<ani the river tvith me in the back still 
fining to si(uj afloat. I would, not .still be here -with all of >ny 
fl-/c»(-IU help on everyday stuff or academics. I wish all of 
-nnj fi-ienils and my }-iit the best, and that they will a-chieve 
. great acvom plishments in their lives after graduation. 


Mecli auical En gin eering 

Dylie: Jack Lin '07 
Rats: Kennetli Witzman 

Eji-onomics and Business 

1 NCAA Lacrosse Jp.S,2,l. 

.Dyke: Andre-w Milf'ord V7 
^Rats: Vincent Ferdincundl 

"^Im 4 20i0 

■ Tills place is not about all the things that separate us |S| 
^-i from other colleges: 'meal formations, uniforms, parades, •« 

■ or barracks traditions. Rather, this place is about the ^™ 
bonds formed xvhile enduring whatever VMI throius 
at you. The true sense of VMI lies ivithin roommates, 
friends, and teammates. £hch has played an essential 
role in this experience, and all I have to say is: thank-you. 

MUm ^^1^^ 

i "Land-it". ''P'' 

Computer Science 

\)d Application Development 
Club 1: Computer Programr- 
niing Club 3.r2J; Rat Book S; 

Dijke: Maury Denton V7 
Rat.%- Mike Spickard 

Inteynational Studies 

• Marine Corps 

■sfli)ig 4; Bo.ving S; Cadre 2,1. 

Dyke: Jason Brown '07 
Rats: Ryhne Seward 

I can't believe ith over: for as long as the individual days 
seemed to last the last four years flew by. A feiv years ago 
I never would have thought that it would but even with all 
the 7am Saturday morning BRCs, the weekly haircut avoid- 
ance ritual, and all those practice par-ades its all ove7: To 
my parents, thanks for all the support over the years and 
all the long trips down to Virginia, oh and for agreeing to 
that aiuesome semester in Australia. To my uncle Tony and 
my cousin Jeff Thanks for making the trip down ivith my 
parents for all the parents tveekends. They were all awe- 
some and a great tiling to look forward to. To Maury and 
my wide dykes. Thanks for showing me how this place 
works. I couldn't have made it ivithout you. To Mike and 
the rats of 119, stay strong it will be over before you know it. 

Thanks: To my mother and father who without I could've 
never accomplished as much as I have. To my roommates 
Rob and Matt for putting up with everything and making 
VMI a little more tolerable. Matt, on our twenty year re-union 
I'll still do the airplane. Rob, on our twenty year reunion 
you'll be like 70 so I -won't want to -risk it. To the Rats of room 
171. it's been a pleasure and, I'll be thinking of you from time 
to time. To Seward, I couldn't have asked for a better rat. 

&Um Si ^/a% 

d'Mmn, 9'emsjivam, 

m 0^ 


--__'VML..tlie epiforiie of a iove hate relationship. The last 
'[-fata- ijeara hane been like i/,othifi/,g I could have expected, 
mid leaoijKj thin place t.s not going to be as easy as I always 
thought. I liai'e made ff lends I will keep in touch with long 
'after our time li.ei-e at VMl in short "IVie Corner" and those 
■wlio have //.ad a, feel the last fiiiir years, yoxi know who yott 
are...! have to tluifiik iraj parents, my little brother Dylan, 
^Alexi, an.d my roommates (323,'2i.8,3-12Jj because I don't 
tkno-w wliat I 'would have done without all of your sttpport 
fdver the last foicr years; yoti, all helped more than you may 
'.:ever know, each in yo'ttr own i7idividual ways and I'm firr- 
,.ever indebted to you for that... to my rat, Forrest yo'a did 
'{'great this year man. This place can get totigh and i-eally get 
_you down at times btit keep yozur head icp, take everything 
in .stride and one day at a time, and you will get through 
this place without a problem,. ..No r-egrets it was all worth it 

NCAA Wi'-estUng U,S,2; S-2 ;:'. 

Character Co'unts 2; ■ 

Chub Wrestling 1; CEA I ■ 

Dyke: Mike Tudor '07 
Rats: Fbi -rest Mo'ul • 

Aaron & TJ: I have .^pent what I consider the tottghest U years 
. I've had to enditre in this life with you guys. \bu both have 
no idea the amount of influence yotOue had on my everyday 
life. Sometimes, you guys were the reason I actually got itp 
and went to formation every morning. Every tim,e I had the 
thought of qtvitting something, you were there as gtddes to 
keep me pushing through. TJ, yott were there to ba.sically bail 
and keep my behind out of trottble, while Aaron, you were 
~ right there getting into trotMe with me. I cannot imagine 
having to wake wp at VMI with different roommates than 
you. I have wanted to quit this journey so m,any time.% 
an.d wake up back hom.e, and I can honestly say, sometimes 
-the only thing holding me back, was the loyalty and love I 
had for my two roonvmates. I will miss you both dearly 
and you will forever hold a place with in my heart. Kyle: 
Keep your head high! This is only the beginning to a life 
changing experience. I promise yotvr experience at th,e 
Institute will pay off. I have faith that you will sttcceed! 

"Long", "Mike" 

Economics and Business 

Private Ji.,3,2,1; Wrestling J,.,- 
Power Lifting 3; A-1 Club 2. 

Dyke: Jay Tomysck '07 
Rats: Kyle Ceres 

^dam ^. QEomn 

Economics and Bu-'iinessl 

NCAA Basketball 4,3,2,1 

Dyke: Fred Robinson '07 
Rats: Stanley Okoye 

"l^lm 4 2010 

Ekononxics and Business 

Marine Corps 

Dyke: Chad Rice '07 

Rats: Michael Bxomett, 

Taylor Feuerstein 



Civil and S^^^^^^^tal 

Football U,3,2,l; ASCE 2,1- 

Dyke: Rob Payne '07 

Rats: Rob Dickinson, 

Chris Harper 

"Corporal", "Poster Boy" 

Mechanical Ehtgineering 


Dyke: Cody Garrett '06 

VMl itb been qzdte a roller coaster Withozot the Mid-Winter 
formal. Room 285 parties and weekends, Ring Figure, 
Friday and Saturday nights at varioiis campiises, I wouldn't 
have such fond memories. Actually, I don't really remem- 
ber the details of these events in any way, but I know two 
things are for sttre. Oize is that I did indeed attend these 
events and had a great time, and two is that there were ample 
amotmts of bad mistakes taken- Moderation has been a goal 
for VMI cadets, and I was able to meet this requirement. 
I only moderately made a fool of myseff' contimially. The 
futiire holds many great things, bttt remember that I am a 
nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I am perfect. 

First and foremost; FTroop yott guys have been like 
family to me. When I'm gone and when Pm here, you have 
always been there for me. Thank yoii. Jack Keilty- Ibzo're 
a true friend. I6?,t are going to be an otttstanding Navy 
Cfficer. Bess Dobbins- Not much in stature but you have 
the biggest heart. My best of hick to you in the Marines. 
John Price- lour going to be my lawyer one day. ibu're the 
only person I know %vho can argue 'with a fence post and 
win. Good Luck in the Navy. Dave Padgett- 1 don't care how 
scary you want to be I know you sang my heart away every- 
day second class year. Ooh-Raa know I love 
you big gity. leaaaa you right To everyone in FTroop the best 
of luck in where ever life can take yozi. . . Fll be here for just a 
fetv more years. . . My Family: I know Foe been a pain, but I 
cotddn't have gone this far in life without you. Thank you for 
everything. "There is no other man like him. Whether you love 
him or hate him both is a privilege. He could be your worst 
nightm are or your sweetest dream. A United States Marine" 

l^iigima ^eaeh, O^ugink 




(die tM, tMaJww^ 

tanyiM '^oudy, '-Sdifowia 

Ra t yea > ■ ireiit fa st Th uxl class year went faster, and Second 
class even fastev First class year is flying so fax It is unreal 
ho IV fast t/ie tune here goes by. As vxuch as the day to day 
rigrjvs hare drained me, t look back and I am satisfied for 
ithechoiceL made to come here. Looking back VMI is a great 
rplace. It is incredible hoiv fast we all have grown up since 
'fipming iiere. VMI is a place that you can't get throtigh on 
|/p7tr oion; you have to rely on others to make it. This cama- 
mderie between brothers is part of what VMI so great. For 
me I: have learned many things from many people. My 
d^oolnmates have been great, thanks gttfys, you all have been 
%iOoy to live zvith. The adventure crew has been a great tvay 
to see and do things I never would have dreamed of, SCUTH- 
BOUND! Rats, y'all have been great, don't forget what we 
havetaitght you, help each other throitgh the next 3 years at 
VMI, I promise the time will fly! " All our dreams can come 
true - if we have the courage to purstte them'.' Walt Disney 

During this adventxtre known as a cadetship I have endured | 
many hardships, here, and elsewhei-e in my life, and had 
many joyous times as well. As much as we all complain 
about being cadets and how it was the biggest mistake of 
our lives I can't help but feel a sense of apprehension when 
I say I shotdd have gone to a "normal" school. What is 
normal? For us these small, cramped, prison furniticre 
filled rooms are normal. We came here in '06 not "i-eally" 
■knowing what to expect btot are leaving confident, compe- 
tent individuals ready to take on the "real" world. To my 
^boy Matt, "%ve have made it from 3rd grade all the way 
'yihrough VMI, who wozdd have ever thoitght we woidd sta- 
:vive.the lunacy of the four years, especially tvhen 
• J«e barely made it through the wildness of high school!?" 
'Fromfhe parties at JMU and Tech where we woke ttp not 
remembering all the idiocy ive performed, to the coffee 
and energy drink driven late nights of stttdying, this place 
has been one hell of an experience. To my Rats, "Cooper- 
ate, Graduate, and have as much fun as possible!" —JDM 

Well, it certainly has been a long 4- years and yet looking back, 
it all -went by so fast. Althotcgh VMI is not the most fun 
place to be, all my brother rats made tne grateful for every 
m hinte Pre spent here. Bess, you, were my rock througli every 
liardship. Andj, you, always made me want to be bettei; not 
.^Just as a stiuleiit or cadet but as a person, and Teala, I will 
ml/rays admire your ability to just be yourself To cdl of my 
R//<^r Blih. yon gnys ai-e awe.'iome and I ivill forever cherish 
J<e. /■«)/ /ime.\ we liad together There is not enough room 
^J IJiis liltle space for me to mention all of the people who 
'made/hi.^ /j/ace n'oii/i coming back to,but you all know who 
ijoH are and I am. already looking forward to those reunion 
nvcL-end^ where we can all get drunk and reflect on lioiv it 
wa^^hack in llie old-eorp.'i.' This is one of tlie few places you, 
•can .-</>en(l ', years Iryiny to get away and once ith ovei;taking 
Revert/ (>ppi)i-l n)ii1 y to come hack; hut I guess by now xue've 
'(-•'learned to nU>/i (incslioniny why this place works the way it 
does, i n'isli ereryonc in IheClassqf 2010thebestoflu,c.kand. 
look Jiirward la seeiny yival things from, you in the futttre! 

Mechanical Engineering, 

OGA 1; Triathlon i,3; 
Navigators 4,3,2,1. 

Dyke: Wesley Thomas '07 
Rats: Mah, 
Xavier Scott 

Marine Corps \ 

Reg. Staff 3,2; Rat Challenge 

NCMT 3,2,1 Fhidurance Tean 

Discipleship Breakfast W, Cd\ 

4,3,2; Cadet Waiter 2,1; RD6 

Dyke: Patrick Magno '07, 
Rats: Greg Olson, 
Theodore LinvilLe 


International St,u,dies 

Marine Corps 

Dyke: Ei-i Ka.mura '07 

Rats: Annie-Marie Ngotlu 

Laura. Winn 


International Studies 

Club Lacrosse U, 3; 
Glee Club U, 3 

Dyke: Deuntay Diggs '07 

•Rats: Frederick Dawson, 

Jxin McPherson 


Dyke: JohnW/KHK^'OY 
Rats: K^-mffHw, 
Joshua Riossell 

"^Im 4 2DiO 

Finally I'ue gradttated after months of confinement and 
too many PTs. But I've had some good times: rat riots, fall- 
oiits, 4-76 "the Q", DranoBombs, Atossies. . . the list goes on. I 
want to thank my dad who said, "If you ever have thottghts 
of leaving, you haven't gone crazy yet" and my mom who 
said, "Stay the first year at least, I've already paid for it" 
Elrik, you may not remember, bitt yoti were the first person 
I tttrned to as a rat about leaving and you assured me I 
wasn't alone. My dyke Deuntay, you¥e someone I will 
always idealize. Mitch, I can't even count all of our dank 
venting sessions, conquer away. Matt, I knoxv you aren't 
mad! Thanks for endtvring our shenanigans. Sarah, you 
have always been then~e for me and I am forever gratefid! 
Thanks grandpa and gramma for your support. Bush and 
Perry, thanks for tiorning a blind eye. I gotta thank Dave, 
Jacob, Laird, and Racheal for all the lattghs. Brodie, you're 
the best band director EVER. To my rats - don't ever forget 
to have fim and when this place gets you down, your BRs 
will always be there, and I am just a phone call away. 

..-.-^ I 

Civil and Eivironniental 

Rat Challenge 3,2,1; 
Jazz Band ^,3,3,1. 

Dyke: Mattheiv Saccone '00 

Rats: Josh Clements, 

Patrick Coor 

As I reflect on my last foivr years at the izstitute, I wonder 
tuhere the time has gone. The transition from being a Rat to 
becoming a Dyke came much sooner than I thoitght zvoidd 
be possible. I feel privileged to have endured four years of 
rigor at the Bistitute and I am honored to be among such a 
fine class of graduates. I am thankful fon- the many friend- 
ships that I have had as these people have helped make life at 
VMI more bearable and sometimes even a little fun. Words 
cannot express the appreciation I have for- my friends. My 
family and parents have supported me in all my endeav- 
ors and I o'we them a lot of credit. I could not ask for a 
stronger, more loving family. VMI has truly been a once 
in a lifetime e.vperience. I have no regrets of my decision 
to attend and I wouldn't trade the lessons I have learned 
fijr anything. I wish everyone the best in what they pursue 
and look fo7~ivard to when our paths may cross again. 

&ohn @^ iy^nmict 

&afiddlm, 'yiizinia 

m 0^ 

FivHt off 1 ward to thank god for- giving me this oppo7- 

tint it)/ to be alive. I loant to thank all my friends and 

faniihj for support throughoitt these past U years. I'm 

-giving a special thanks to my mom for being there 

"^■pr me Shout out to VMI Football, LETS ROCK! 

.^iidimond/ l^itginia 

"Mother I" ah yes, my relationship with you is one marked 
by dysfunction. M times I love you. At other times frustra- 
tion, angen-; and utter amazement are all that come to mind. 
let, I do appreciate ivhat you've done for me. Fir.Ht, I have 
)-eali3ed how important m.y faith and ti-ust in Christ is... 
It is not nujselfibut through Him who allows me to be tvhat- 
I'vi'i- I t-esolve to be. To Bloom, Hooser, The Hendee, D-dub, 
ami i; ijoit have been nnreaU I am in debt for all yoube 
(lone for me. I thank ijon most for the ACBs, DTRs, TUPs, 
riding the waves, bad cats, ajul the times we laitghed so hard 

Vin stand <> 
one.(f file (/I 

'.(I his inhaler.' As iron, sharpens iron, so one 
s another To Evan, keep fighting the good fight. 
<e biltei-ness. and. complacency of other Cadets 
'ietale who ijon are. Push yourself always and 
d logel in the trendies with those who struggle. 
the shoulders of giaint.^. To my class, I offer 
a test (jii.otes of all time by Kevin McCallister. ... 
ive lip ijel'^ Or are you tlmsty for more?" 

^ • : 


Football U,3,2,l. 

Dyke: Keashawn D. Artis ' 
Rats: Shaivn Chapman, 
Michael Johnosn 

20 IC 

Civil and Environmental 

Dyke: Justin Trowbridge '( 
Rats: Nathan Meade, 
Matthew Rogan 

"McHoosei ■" "Shalex" 

NCAA U,S,2,1; Ri:n 

Figure Com:mittee 3,2; Jacks 

Prayer Brigade 3,2,1; S-6 

Dyke: Chuck '07 
Rats: Eixai. FranJcovits 

Dyke: Taylor Zahm '07 
Rats: Pcttrick Byrne 

^Im 4 2010 

TJ and Mike, you gtiys are the best ttvo roommates I could 
have hoped for Mike your aversion to every established rule, 
and TJ your attachment to them m,ade for an interesting 3 
years rooming together, and sotne entertaining arguments 
too. I hope yozi, guys know yoxOre the biggest reason I did my 
final semester here (yoiL know I wotild have gone to JMU or 
Tech if it was anyone else), you definitely made it worth it. 
Pat, you're the other reason I came back, and I'm proud of 
you already; I don't think I coidd've picked a better rat (Will 
and Kyle this goes for yo%t too). Keep up a good attitxide, all 
of you, and stick together. After we're gone you three are all 
'■■ you'll have, and you'll need each other Mom. and Dad, I know 

if yott giiys could have been ou-t here every weekend you 
xvould have, I always knew I had your support, and when 
I was feeling worst sor)%etimes it zvas that knowledge that 
got me through it. Thanks for always sitpporting me at VMI 

"JMac", "McP" 

Mechanical Ehigineering 
Baseball U;3,2; OGA 1. 

The Virginia Military Listitute wasn't exactly what I 
expected, but it was a challenge. I coidd not have made 
it academically if not for the help of my brother rats. I 
know the Class of 2010 has left VMI a better place than when 
we matricidated. The following people have defined the 
last four years of my life. Thank you for all yoior love, sup- 
port, and camaraderie. I can't say that I'll miss the I but I 
will miss all of you. Keep in to%ich and stay safe. My dykes 
Justin, Dave, Neal and Matt; my U65 roommates Ericsson 
and Dominik; my first class roommates Dave and Matt; the 
Golf Company Cadre; and my family Patda, George, Diana, 
Barbara and Robert. A special thanks to the beautifid Eri 
Kamura who was ahvays there for me and only mad at me 
haf the time. To the Rats of room 171, Schmeelk, Seward, 
and Ibrk, hang in there and I'll see you on the other side. 
Semper Fidelis. 

As I look back on the past U years here, so many things coxdd 
be said. However, really this place cannot be pzit into words; 
ivhat I have learned, or hoiv it has changed me. What really 
stands out is whom I have met, and how they have changed 
me. No matter what this place taught me in discipline, or 
academics it will never stand up to how rmtch it has taicght 
m-e about friendship. Tyler, Sloan, Jordan and Paid, you an-e 
more than jicst friends you have become brothers and I love 
you guys. To Base Co, three years down at the Patch were the 
best three here, and I ivish it had been fozur. kin and Jordan, 
you two ar-e my legacy, learn and stride for everything you 
ever wanted, I knoto you will do great things. Last but not 
least. Mom, Dad, and Mison, I cannot tell you how much your 
sitpport since I have been here has meant, toithout you all 
I would have never made it. To everyone, else its been good. 


"Sa^e Slock, 'Vk^ma 



y - 



'"■"' ■■:';■. '"^^^^il 











ycfMmm, 'yitgii 


m a' 

ft ^jom,<.Mmmi 

7 icci (rs if I (ini.xc(ircliii/(/ for some prqfmmd idea to pet 
Icclhl .^Kiii /!/> 11/1/ lime (it VJ\4L Iii.»tead, my mind cries ouzi 
ahoiil lioir 1 Inilr Tlic lio}iil> for taking -up my Pi-iday ncvp 
liii/c ifilh Ihix .-><'!/ ior.s i/o/a- typical. VMI attitude. I cam,e 
lu\'Ml lo pivptn-c niijxt'lf Jo)- coirinnissioning, I leaue fully 
iiii<l('i-x/ai/(/ii/(//ioii' iiu i.cli 1 have g fown and how m/uch more 
I need lo. I hclii-ri- in VMI sys^tem, the code, and the hroth- 
A'liiood alldiiicil iliroitgh our shared misery. Hutch, Jack, 
mid:. John I .^-di/ I riit/if/Uly /J/at I love you, will certainly miss 
yoii. (Old irill (dit;aij>i reniein.her that we slept on the flooi- 
Iciit. d.rii.v.ken, rabbit and ferret buying, party lamp making, 
disgitstingUj messy, pink eyed sink, stained floor paradise 
Qvving with you.To answer the infa/motLS question YMI@VMI, 
'. I reply that I ivas here to shoulder my weight of th,e burden 
carried by the classes before ine and those that come cuftet: I 
would not change one thing about my VMI experience. To 
my Rats I say with the utmost conviction: I am the Ratline. 
I an I, the RDC Pet, Dave I hope you. enjoy it as much as I did. 

"Crooks", "Smeltoii" 

Mteri iMtional Studit 

Rifle Team U,-%'2,l;Ranker . 
NCMT 2,1; RDC 1. 

Dyke: Tom Goehring '01 

Rats: Peter- Van Steyn, 

David Wang 

vuloum 9enmiJ.vama 

MecJianical Eiigineerin. 

Rats: Ronald Hil.ley 

't owe ever i/thirig that I have accomplished here to my dyhk 

%-jhiinly,aiid friends. Within these people I found the dii-ee 

ypioi/., propose, and motivation I needed to succeed. Words 

;eani/ot e.vplaiii tvliat yoii. have done for me Addy, thank rjou. 

My fat/iei- a.iid mother tvei-<: cdways a means of reminding 

: me why 1 iva.s liere and what it took to be si.tccessftd, and I 

;will always be indebted, to their undying Love and support. 

.Also, to ilie re.^t of my family. tlta:nk you for your siipport 

a.nd love. lean .myt/ial thebest thing in my lifis over the years 

cd VMI have been my friends. TJtank you. for your friend- 

sliip and nndei-.^tanxiing througli Itard times: Thmik you, 

Dylan, Diiggij,Ried,Vinny.Ju..<;ti:n,Joe,JT, Beans. Scot.t.,Gross, 

Ihunei; Rl. Gram. Chip. Joe B., Bobby, Lance,, 

•^uarles. Ong. Rats, it is importcud to remember that life is 

\abaid wliat you want; whileahua.ijs doing wha.tisright. If you 

^ivant to make it througli VMI you can, and I know you can. 

Rats: Kevin. Kyle, 
Justin Wasno 

'Irni Lcuigiiaqes iS:Cidtit:re; 

lb Wivatlhig :2. l;Jazz Bond 
J, /; TheCadetJ,.,S,2, 1; 
Rat Challenge 3,2.1. 

"^Im af 2D 10 


Ith hard to believe that ith done and over with, but I gotta 

say that I'm really going to mis.'s this place. Ebsily some 
of the best four years of tm,/ life, even with a- dital member- 
ship to the #1 club. Mom and Dad: Ibu guys have been my 
iuspiration and have given me something to emulate. I am. 
ever so grateful to be able to call you my paivnts. Room/ies: 
I couldn't have done it without yon, guys. Thanks for your 
continual support and aiding and encouraging in oiir 
many "mi-ichievous" activities. I thoroughly enjoyed all 
tlie times -when just I got boned. . . Col. B: Thanks for your 

,ures continued, support, couldn't Jiave stvrvived this year without 
you. Cliris: \bu're my Poo-beai; always and forever Ibu've 
been o. shoulder to cry on. when times got i-ough, thanks 
for always being there for me. Efik: O Lord did we get into 

and gQiyixf trouble! Won't ever forget Operati,on Light Saber or ; 
White Castles. Helluva co-dyke and I wouldn't change o'ur '■ 
tim.e togethei- for anything.Matt: I'll never forget your 
outfits. Jbu are the epitome of the soiithern gentleman. ^ 

'' Well, icp to 200 xvords already. . . Josh: Conqiter the world! 

Mecli auicai Ei ig iiiee) ing 

Marine Corps 


Dyke: Hunter Phillips '06 
Rats: Blalce Harrah 


Many times throughout my cadetsldp I have been as/ced why 
I chose to come to VMI, and to be honest, I am not ')-eal sure, 
I do know that this place has taught me many things, and 
given me some of the greatest friends I could ask for From i 
my roommates, to Bravo, to all the rugby team, and all the p.. 
mechanical engineer's I spent endless nights in tlte lab zvith, 
everyone has touched me or changed me in some way, and 
there is no way I would be where I am today without the siup- 
port of my parents and my host family. They a.ll supported 
me through, the months of confinement and, many PTk I 
liave had some of the greatest times of my life while liere, 
and also some of tlie lowest lows, you just have to learn to 
get up a:nd. get on witli life, and as much as we all like to comr 
plain about this place, I love it and will miss it. To Thomas, 
hn a.)id all the rats of HI, stay the stra.iglit path, and try 
to enjoy every minute wliile you're here. Wor/c Itard, don't | 
sweat the sinall sttiff and don't let The Man get you down. 

It lias been a. long ride, but one I ivill never forget. I want 
to tliank all of my friends and especially my roommates 
Miles, Randy, and Brian for Iianging in there with me 
the last U years. Looking baclt it lias been a rollercoaster 
ride, but a quick one. It feels like just yesterday we were 
straining like idiots everytvliere we -went. Although most of 
us can classify the past four' years as tlie four- best years 
of our lives that we all missed out on, I truly believe noth- 
ing comes ivithout a little sacrifice. The past U years were 
that sacrifice, and now the true best years of our lives rvill 
begin. I hope you all do big things and become successful 
in everything you do. Take care of yourselves my friends. 
Lastly, I would like to thank my family. Mom, Dad, Craig, 
and Reesie thank yoii for supporting me the last i years. 
Thank you for never alloxving me to leave this place when 
times got rough, and thank you for not getting rid of my 
room, at home. To Nana and Mamazv, thank you for every- 
thing you all have done. Ihi gonna make yoti all proud! 

%yCamlilm, O^iigiriia 

m 0^ 

SMmy W, JMlei 

The lasijoiu- ijertrs liave gone by in a flash. I xvouldn't ever 
/naiif to go tliroiigh this again, but at the very same time I 
/ronlchrt trade the e.vperience that is the Mother I for any- 
tlrhuj in t/ie world. I can honestly say that I have made 
so)ne of the beM friends I've ever had here at VML To my 
BRs, T'lti going to miss you terribly; best of luck in life. To 
Don.te. -James, Nick, and Scott, you all made this place bear^ 
\ able and I h,on,estly doriX know what I %voidd have done 
%ipjtIi.ovt y'all. Pin. going to miss having the ability to .limply 
'rwalkafeiv doors doivn and have a conversation. Thank you 
from the bottom of my heart for helping me get through it 
all. To Jason and Jacob, my Rats: I coiddn't have asked for 
better Rats. I implore you to take advantage of everything 
the Listitute has to offer you,. Make the most of your Cadet- 
ship and let the Institute mold you into the caliber of men 
that I know you are capable of being. Ith an honor to be your 
dyke, and if you ever need anything don't be afraid to call. 

A senseless world of dykes and ducks, and lack of belt loops 
■are what awaited me on that fateful August morning. As I 
■Star-ed wide-eyed at the cadre corporals, I knetu for certain 
my life was about to end. Three years later; the thirds don't 
look so big, my ducks haven't fallen off due to lack of belt 
loops and by some miracle the finish line is finally in sight. 
As the most interesting U years of my life come to a close, I 

narily high tolerance for trivialities, the ability to manage 
time -wisely and friends who I wouldn't trade for the world 
(or even chance to transfer to JMU). Id like to list everyone 
who has made the last U years memorable, but itU, take more 
i'space than I'm allotted. Above all I oive you, grandma, for 
'your continued love and support and to my Grandfather, 
who although never lived to see me in a uniform, planted the 
spark that helped put me on the path I am today and to Suzie 
Helyenek, for taking me in as one of your orvn. Rats: stay 
strong, and accomplish everything I knoiv you are capable of. 

Man. .. as I look back and think aboiit it, time flew by. It 
seems like just yesterday my dyke ivas coming up to the 
fourth stoop to introduce himse^and Hell Week was wind- 
ing doivn. Then there ivas the end of third class year and 
looking forward to Ring Figure. Notv here tue are going on 
a veiv adve-iitnre. even more intimidating than VMI This 
place mas not easy and although some looidd say it sucked, 
I a))i one of those than can say I had a good time. I made 
soDie of my best f-ieiids ever here. Thanks to Mom and Dad 
tor pnshing me1//rongIt lie re. Thanks BR's fir allthe support 

"Fudge- Ems", "Miller Timi ft 
MechaniccU E)igineerin(j 

Color Giuvrd 2; Martial Ai^ 

3,2,1; Cadet Battery 3; Footb 

U,3; NCMT Cadre 1; RFP I 

Dyke: Marcin Zola W 

Rats: Jacob Gibson, 

Jason Nave 

"Killagram" "Milldaveag) -a ; 


International Studies . 

Marine Corps i 

Paintball U, 3; Cadet Batter i 
2, l.;Little John CIC l;Sempi 
Fi Society ^, 3. 

Dyke: Ben Carlson '07 
Rats: Eric Lentini, 
'■!_ Mason Candy 

"J-Mintz" "Minna 

International Studies 

hid fun ti-ines we had. Go 

[fe boys and give bm hell! 

Sumn &, ^ 

9'dnce 'Semge, 'Vaginia 

Private i,3.2,l; NCMT 3,2; C( 
lege Republicans i,3; Acaden 
Mentor 2,1; Cadet Waiter 2,1 
Rat Challenge 3.2.1 

Dyke: C.J.Williamson. '07 
Rats: Thomas Shumar 

"^Im 4 2D 10 


Twil and Env iron-mental 

Rat Challenge 3,2,1; 
Club Lacrosse Jt,S. 

Dyke: Ryan Marsh. '07 
Rats: Konan Goley 

Et-mioinics and Business 

"idre 1; Rat Challenge 2; CIG 
!, 1; Phi Eta Sigma U. 3, 2, 1; 
■ Sigma Beta Delta 2, 1; 
Om.icron Delta Epsilon 2, 1 

Dyke: Pat Jo/insen '07 
Rats: David Turner 

I mternational Studies 

Lacrusee U,-i,2.1. 

Dyke: Rob Didoiii.eii.ico '07 

Ruts: Ryan Niiigrad. 

Be I -iiai -d Mo ivbray 

First, I would like to thank God, my family, my roommates 
and everyone that has swpported me. I know I still have 
some growing up to do, but leaving this school with this 
new mentality will help me in my life. I don't regret any- 
thing, it all happened for a 7-eason, but now ith time for a 
new chapter To my family: \mo have always supported me. 
After all that I have done, -whether it was right or wrong, 
you never gave up on -me. I can honestly say that you -made 
me the person I a-m today. Thinking of you gaided me 
throitgh the tough ti-m,es. I love you all. To my roo-m-niates: 
I -iievei- wo'idd have tho-ught that I could have learned so 
mttch fro-m, anyone. \mi helped me realize my strengths 
and iveaknesses. Fro->n o-tcr hysterical nights, to our -more 
ser-io'its talks, Pve taken it all to heart. To -my rat: Boris, 
yoti crazy little man. I couldn't have asked for a better rat. 
Keep yo'ur head 'tip, remember- whe-re yo'u came fro-m and 
even if you don't know wher-e -youYe headed just know yoit'll 
never be alone. Thke every situation and learn fro-m, it. 

Haoing time to reflect o-ii my experience here at VMI, I am 
i-e-minded of -why I ca-me he-re a-nd what I -will take away 
from this In.stitiUe. First, I ca-me here because I -wanted to 
hold -myself accountable to a highe-r .standard than most 
regular college students. In addition, I wanted the pride 
and reputation that ail alu-mni a.s.swred me they had 
received. Ih% proud to say that both of these liave come 
true for me as -well. As for what I -will take away, there 
aren't enough vjords to describe it. Respect, .self-discipline, 
pe-rse-verance, determination, and lasting frie-ndshi-ps 
are a few of the -irian-y. And to be -in accordance -with 
others, I would like to thank -my family and friends for 
their support throughout this experience. Without them, 
I never would liaue made it through the trials amd trou- 
bles. And to those .still at the Institute, just -mm-embei- that 
yo'u hate it while yo-u-re the-re and love it when -yo-u'r-e gone. 

St. Mom and St. Dad, th.unk you for all your hard work and 
sacrifices. It's been a long road and both of you haue always 
been there for me. Thank -you, I lo-ve -yo-u so -much. My broth- 
ers and sisters, thank -yo-u for being the bright spot of -maivy 
days here, I love you all. Coach- Shirk, we did -it -right, and 
I have no regrets, thank you for .sincerely caring. My rats 
keep it up. have fwn, I'm -proud of you. Thoinas stick with -it 
and you ivill do great tilings. To -my lax boys hahaaaaaaa 
we did -it. I found what I was looking for Ib-u are my 
fri,e-iids and my brothers and I know everyo-ne of you will 
be happy and successful. Hayden,, we .started it, leth end it. 
I don't see myse^' doing it -with an-ybod-y else. We are meant 
to do great thmgs. Love ya brotha. Sorry for the s-mells 
Wisegimjs ha.. "Material things can't make the soid whole. 
Only the love, trust, and loyalty of friends can do that'.' 

SBmn ^, tMdina 

Mxmke, O^itgima 

abb 0^ 

Wlicii i-cjlcflhii) nir nil/ WW iwiicrieiice, itU ensjj to say I 
iPdstciLJhin-jji'drMaf iinililr. liiiiiiiiiijhotli endaoftliecandl.e, 
(joiiKjfo foriiiiilii>iix,aii(lh-i'('/}ii/(/ up i/otonkj with strenuous 
ar.ddeiiiic.s lull I lie iiiilildrji siilc can teiwe one jeeling bitter 
'lhsi_njtlii.:<IIiiiii(ili iriinldbe iiiilrne.VMIItasbeenthecataUjst 
uf (I IcrrI (tf niutnrilij llidt I lie re)- ivoidd have reached if I'd 
been atdinj ol/ier >:c.lin(>l. VMI is an institution with nosym- 
pdtliij fijr iynorance, or llie ineiifcdly weak. It is a lifestyle 
Nial ir-i/iiire.s linnoK integrity and cmt lumvavering atteidio)i 
lo detail. We are lie.ld to a luglier standard, a standard that 
sociely will never nnderstcvnd. So call it a fraternity, call it 
a bmtlierhood but it's more thmt that. Fraternities a}-e u-eak. 
and brotherlioods disloyal. We .share a conmiait bond thcd 
will last infinitely. Like us it will never bend nor break. So 
call us ignorant, brutish, or whatever yo uU- like but it is wh at 

my roommates: I loi'e you guys more than I could eoer put 
into words. Without you I ivould, not be who I a>)i today. 

I w ill say thcd the time I h ave spent here has been generally 
good. I have made great friends and have shared in some of 
the most memorable times of my life. I will miss seeing these 
guys every day and will reminisce about these memories 
far the rest of my life. I entered VMI with the same inten- 
tions a:nd dreams that everyone shares when they consider 
VMI as their college choice and- I see those dreams coming 
true in the lives of my brotlier rats and myself I wish every- 
one in the Cla.'is of 2010 the best of luck in, their future as 
we depart and I hope our rats will enjoy their time heiv., 
recognizing how fast it pa.'^ses, while enjoying the company 
of some of the finest people on God's green earth, and I hope 
they take from this place all good tinngs and employ coid 
(emulate them as they become tlie leading class in barracks. 
I would like to give special thanks to God far seeing me 
through this place, my mom and the rest of my family, and 
finally to the greatest roommates of all time, especicdly Paul. 

Cadre S; Bo.ving 4,0'; Dirii 
Team 3, :2: Englisli Society ■ 
History Club .J,:^,l: 
MMAJGrappling Team , 

Dyke: Ryan Smith V," 

Rifie Team: 4,A~.X" ^ Irgiiii' 
Historical Society: J. 1; 
Regin/ent(d Staff S.:2,i. 

Dyke: Jonathan Wolosliuk '1 

Ra t.-<: Mich ael Sm itli . 
Shawn Riley 


t^^/dloaUtitm, O^iigifiia 

Dyke: Benjamin Carlson '01 
Rats: William Potte): ' 
Patrick Roberts 

MMT'' ^: 


^Im 4 2010 

I traded four years of my life for a lifetime. At times I hate WtT 
this place, b^bt I know why I am here. I wouldn't go so far ^M 
as to say that I ever love tills place- ivho does? I was told ^* 
before I got here that it's all a game, but it all a, prn^ 
pose. Well, I believe the purpose is served for the better To 
my roomies and friends- one love. Bobby Mo, over and out. 

"BMO" -'Bobby Mo" 


NCAA Lacrosse U; 
Cli I, h Lao osse :i. 

Dyke: Ei.kui. Hanks '07 
Rats: Sum Qua.te.rmaii 


International Studies 

Dyke: Brian Hunt '06 
Ruts: Hunter Holthaus 

Dijke: Brad Wilson, '07 

Rats: Eric Sn.nuiiers, 

■Joe Statoii 


■■■ ■ '"'^i 

^ ' 


First I would. Like to th.atik mom. and dad for all of their 
love and financial support. Alex, Pat, Chris, Jason., and 
Room. 118, you guys are awesome I will always remember 
the memories we made. I con.ld have never made it with- 
out yo'tt g-wgs. Jason all I have to say is "boots of imperial- 
ism" Alex yonh-e the best codyke ever Pat we spent way too m,oney at Macados, gotta love FCRTo all of my BRs in, 
Golf Co. we strained, pushed, and ran the stoops togethet; I 
■would li.ave never .'survived without you guys. To the rats of 
Room. 1.%, strain hard, and remem-ber the tldng abon:t 
VMI is the memories d'ii.ring your firnr years here. 


\j^: ^:r^' 


QEfknon, O^iigifda 

m 0^ 

Sioom •Mill, l^ixginia 

Whan, rfijiectviig OH my ijearn at VMl one thought certainly 
Climes to llie fbivJ'roii.t...damn J.M.U was fan! However; 
besides frequeiiling "ii.ormaL" colleges and their m'ulti- 
tiixU's o/ ivanieii IJiat made coming back to Lexington a 
sill, I iiuiii aged, to make it through this place and somehow 
eeeri eiijuii aspects of th,e "I", let, confinem,ent at times pre- 
vented me from capitalizing on these endeavors (the con- 
Jiiiemeiil: due to an imfortanate 3rd Class-year Al penalty 
th.utdffected a bevy of some of the finer gentlemen I haue 
/been priuUeged to know, and a certain Sttnday afternoon 
'i^0capade I tmdertook 3rd Class-year to unselfishly liehp 
f]}oost corps morale). It has been an absolute honor- to have 
-'^Jbefriended all of the good people in my class and in others 
iSjihat have helped get me through this step in my life. In pai- 
'■ticular; to all my roommates. . .good times fellas. Lastly, I 
cannot go without thanking the tvjo people who have been 
there from start to, my jjarents. There have been, 
some highs and a few lows here and y'all were there to help 
gidde me every step of the way. Love ya mom and dad. 

Eberybody let's go.' 

International Studies 

Baseball Ji.,3; Rugby 3,.i,l 
Pre-Law 2,1; PTs Coinma.nd 

Dyke: Jb.n. Ca.sher '07 
Rats: Stiuirt Hickey 

i.ati.onal Stii.die..' 

Aviation. Club 3,2,1; 
Big Bro/Sis 2; Rugby 1. 

Dyke: Ca.triii.a Hel.sel '0? 

Ru:ts: Ki.mberly Grigg, 

Pamela Chen 

Sem ^ Q/i/eurnion 

SBdlimote, tMmylafd 

Clv.b Soccer ^,S,2,1. 

Dyke: Mbuj \e Tsai '07 

RafK- Jonathan Jackson, 

Nam Ngttyen 


"^Im 4 2010 

I would like to thanks my dykes and my roomm-ates for 

making the four years at VMI very enjoyable. Alphabet and 

J'aai, you gays wei-e there to support me. Theinis no word to 

! express my appreciation. Chris, I thank you for welcoming 

J me to be a part of your fam/ily. It was more than everything 

i I could ever ask for Tylei; ivithotct you, I would not know the 

■wonderful -world of soccer Ibu taught m.e everything there 

^'*' is to know. Clint and Pat, thank you for being so carefree of 

this place (I blamed this on the "imaginary stttdy" majjor). I 

promise I will try m,y best to .smile more and be more like 

you. guys. Despite all the fights we have in the room,, you 

gtvys are the best. If I have to do this all over again I wotdd 

not cliMuge a. thing... well, maybe I should have stttdy IS or 

Psych to begin with. Rats, I really enjoyed having you guys 

but I know you guys will make it through. I still don't know 
■why I go to VMI but it definitely worth every single minute. 


"Kyle" "Nicky 

Dilkc: Victor R< 
lldis: Aiiili.oriy A 

I want tojfrst bhmi.k ■n/.y familij for being t/i.ere fin- ■me e/uery 
tim.e I co-mplained to the^m about being in this prison of a 
scli.ool. Without y'all, my time here %voii,ld have beefi. ■m/ach 
more stressful. To My Room.mates: These past two years 
[ liave been a li,ell of a time living with -yhll. Brian, we all had 
fun making jim, of you for being in your own. world. Busta, 
■we all cracked, on you for being Me.vican and ■your inabil- 

'''^y" it.y to speak English and for your HORRIBLE STORIES. 

Zuch, we always joked o-n you for sleeping so damn much 

/■i.neerrng 'widle we stayed up all ■night studying for all of our Engi- 

■nee/ring work. I 'want to finally ■wish you g'uys tli.e best of 

i,2,:l; RDC 1. i.^^./^ ■uriM wli.ate'ver you may encounter Its been ■real. To My 
Rat: Keep your head ■up as you go tlirough all the ups and 

iosen '07 downs of this school. Vrnr lane here will fly by and, you will /j^, .fitting at yo'ur desk during your 1st class year typing yo^ur 
Senior Narrative j^ust thinking about how fost it has gone, 
by. To VMI: Thanks ftrr teaching ■me discipline. Th,e -rela- 
tinnsliips that I liaoe built with the people he-re are ■iivoalu- 
able. It been the best, worst lime of my life. Take kr easy. 

■Ill ring 

^hmlei SS. (34/ u^ 


cm a 


I came to this place not kvuioing what I tvas doing. This 

J/aNbeeii the biggest iiiistake of niy Life. I have gained noth- 

: iiig-good j)-(iiii tin's school except a mountain of debt. The 

oiilg iraii to ui.g true di.sdain for coming to this 

school iroiild be if could hop in a time machine, I zvo'idd 

travel hack to 'when I h,ad first filled out the application to 

VMl I ivonld grab the application and b'urn it, and then I 

would kick the crap out of myself for even looking at that 

*%fgtpplication. What's tridy ftinny is I mean every word of it, 

\"''mvdl did not laugh or even smile once while I ivas 'writing 

■ this. Thanks for nothing VML Bean-'s and Justin, 'yo-u guys 

are great rooinmates and I mean that. Ibu, 'made the years 

here a lot less painful than they co'uld have bee-ii. Rat I still 

woidd have rather not kno'wn yo'u all than have come here. 

'Ia6 y, oAlowak 

'e A (sMmeda 

\m, Simida 

O^imftk .SSmcli, l^iisuua 

"D-Fresh" "Doiigie Fre.'ih" 

Eco'u.ornics au,d Busi'iu 

Cadet Waiter Jl,!. 

Dyke: Pai-ker Thun-mau \0i' 


Inter') I alio-) I al Studies 

Dyke: Steve'u. K. Sykes '0/ 

Rats: James Leppe-i; 

■James Po'virk 


Economics and. Business 

Dyke: -Jamaal Waltou, '07 

.7r/7 (vid Eur 

I'ckiin/ Civiv 1: SAD S,^.L 

Di/ke: Kevin. Vik '07 

"^Im af 2010 

I could never have survived this place ivithout my family, 
frienda, and most importanthj my Brotlier Rats. Tlie never 
ending support from you has kept me from going hungry, 
kept me always laughing, and kept me sorneivhxit sane. I also 
owe a major debt of gratitude to Major Todd Pegg. Words 
cannot expr-ess mythaukstoyouforbebiga mentoradviso}; 
and friend to me aqid others on post. Without your wisdom, 
and guidance I am sure that I -would have joined Ranger 
Challenge. And finally to my Rats: Remember that high in 
the mountains or deep in the jungle a man is training to 
kill you. He is carrying a 30 pound rucksack. His clothing 
is ripped and torn, his footwear is shredded and his feet 
are covered in blood a)id blisters. He hasn't eaten in. three 
days nor slept in two. When you finally confront him. will 
you overcome a)id conquei: or admit to shcime and dejeaf? 

Mechanical Etigineering 


Di/ke: Greg Scliwaitz '07 
Rats: Andrew Epps 

Applied Ma th em atics 

Club Hockey 1. 

Dyke: Zacliary Crush V? 

Rats: Thomas Irvine. 

Ale.v Kor(( 

Its easy to say that \'MI was not exactly tlie college e.vpe- 
rience I wanted to have. I had no idea wliat I ivas get- 
ting myself into. To be honest, the reason wliy I didn't apply 
to the Ai.)- Force Academy was because I heard they made 
you memorize the dates of football games, and I tliought 
that was dumb and I didn't n^ant to deal with that noii- I decided to apply here instead. After look- 
ing back tliough, through all the misery and despair, I 
k)iow that I made the right decision to come to this place 
I now call home. I know of stories that only VMI alum- 
nus could appreciate a)id I have made friends that I will 
never forget. Tliis brings me to my roommates... Adams 
and Dougie Fresh. \bu guys are the worst roommates that 
anyone could ever ask for If it wasn't for me. people would 
have mistaken our room for a clogged tra.3h shoot. Both of 
you sliould give me massive amounts of money wlien you 
become rich for keeping you guys sti-aigJit. I love you bot/i. 

My four years here at VMI have taught me niany tilings 
about myself as well as others. \bu must be who you are and 
not as ot/iers believe you should he. I would like to thank 
my dykes far teachi)ig me the ropes, loop lioles. and count- 
less other things society would disapprove of To my rats, I 
hope tliat wlien I'm gone you null think of me as I think 
of my own dykes. To all tliat I liave met and caiv about 
here, I hope your lives to conie are great and successful. 
To my family, thank you for pushing me a)id niaki)ig me 
wlio I am. you have done more far me than I could for. 


Siiiuima^t, S4laJm 


"W ilium M Oitdoiff III 

"^lifloii ^'oi^e, l^it^i/iia 


Molliei: (/rdiKlnioihct; <iiiiil.\. iii/c/cs. brothers; love, old soul, 
il/xcij)/iii('. jitilK^r ficiiur; luiitcd. \bii, liuve shaped me into the 
jiiti// I (ini todiMj. null hare (ilir(i:i/H bee/ii there for me and I 
ii'i/lahrai/s lu'cd i/on in inij lifk I strive toil lake y 01 c proud. 
Mij Ka /:■•<. (/owl (/('ci.-<i(}ii>i (ire the key to success. Hotv do you 
iiKilce (jood (leci>^i(iiix? Ijlvpei'ie)ix:e. Ho'w do you gain expe- 
Tteiiec? Bad (Iccisioii-'i. Take your experiences and apply 
iheiii to ijonr pi-ofe.HKiou. Never compromise your iiiteg- 
'yrifi/ because yon iroirt get it back. When talking about VML 
"people (loirl tin der.staiid tliat it's not about me, but it's about 
)iiy Brother Ra.ts. Its about having their back. Regardless 
of ii'hnt legacy we leave behind here, I know what Ihi taking 
witli me, and that's everlasting friendships. Pararno-m; my 
everything, my heart is yo%irs. All of me... Li the end, tvhat 
will matter? Every act of integrity, compassion, courage. 

to evuilate yonr e.rample. Not your competence, but your 
clniraetei: Not your memories, but the memories thcvt live 
in those uho love yon. Choose to live a life that matters. 

Mechaniccd Engineering 

Mccrine Corps 

NCAA A,3,2,l; Cpf 

3; Sgt 2; RDC 2,1; Character 

Counts 1; Bn.gineering Club j 

Dyke: Jason LaCerda, '07 
Rats: Alex Papoojian, 

l^iiginia SBeacli, l^ii^ima 

As "Main Man" McCoy .so eloquently p'ut it, when tasked to 
■describe me: "Life should NOT be a. joitrney to tlie grave 
'(pitli tlie intention of arriving safely in an attractive and 
^'well-preserved body, bu,t mther to ski-d ai- sideways. Chai- 
doimay-in one hand - chocolate in the othei;body thorottghly 
used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOQ What 
}ja Ride!" "Two roads diverged in, a ivood, and I, I took the 
one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference'.' 
Brothel' Rats, It has been my honor to I'uwe bled and s'weat 
'beside you men. We entered, as .self-entitled individuals; 
we leave as a Band of Brothers, who accomplished ivhat 
many have tried and failed to do. Mizpa.h. Rats, remem- 
ber to he Gentlemen, ivhen its society's norm to be other- 
wise. It is a true measure of a man's integrity, of not what 
lie does when people are looking, but Ids actions when no 
oik; /.s around for recognition. Ibu, are our legacy, and we 
are proud.' To my family, I would not be the man I have 
become without your upbringing and mncoiiditional love. 
"If There is a Will, There is a Way" 

Don't lei my good looks fool you, I can a child soldier who every /raking moment training to be a better sol- 
dier Xol only will I fight for my prized country, hut I 
"'ill fight for freedom, cheeseburgeis, optional BRCs 

■diKf eneri/tliing else that repi-esents this fine institution 
llinl I (iccidentally clieeked myself into. I love God above 
idl. yrl n-dl stilt slay the bodies of my Al Qaida counter- 
IKirls once we meet on the field (f battle at New Market, 

-. Xlglniiiistdii or Open Mat. To those ivho have impacted me: 

• _('liri/ilin ['(irl: and oiir brothers/siMers in Christ 

ijnii htire sliown mi' that no matter how dark 
llir hui-nirks. the sword of the spirit will shine 

• ,1/// /"/■ Friends. I Ihi re mdrched witli. you all for 
■!!-< //iiiirs 1,1 my life. .Inst remember to stay in. .step 
"""' nerer t'i'rr Itilce the easy way out. If it burns 
liijhl it and if it grows - shave it off in his sleep. 
Md:e. mii dyhi: you're sliown me that some- 
times II,, II ,.,,,, ,/„ everything at once. 

• /./. Kerrebrnrh diid the rest <f SAO you have taught 
me tu nvrer sderifiee trdining f,r laziness. LT 
I reidly d:0:ilf<fUeve yon eoiitd kill Chuck Norris. 

"C¥' Man Page", "Chop Cho'ii, 
E:(m,om.ics and Business- 
Wrecking Crew 1; Cadet Bai 
tery 2,1; Outdoors Club U,3,2. 
Rock Climbing Club 2,1; Fist 
ing Club 1; Hcmi Radio Clulr 

Dyke: Andrew Timpner '()'/• 
Rats: Mike Joyce, 
Ben Watei'bury 

Meet I a 1 1 ical Eng ineering 

SAD 4.-l.:!,l; Disciple.ship 
Breakfast .!,.,3.1: Navigators , 

Dyke: Michael Ll<ryd. '0'} 

Rats: Micliuel Houman, 

William Laub 

"Peter" "Mama Parker" 

International Studies 

Cpl 3: Sgt 2; Lt 1; 
Rat Challenge 1. 

Dyke: Tom Choering '07 

Rats: Zachary Hann, 


mm 4 2010 

II believe that my foitr years at VMI xvere the worst and most 
enjoyable years of my life to date. I could not have met a more 
rambtmctious and trustiuorthy group of men and ivomen. 

(At no point in my cadetship did I doubt tuhy I came here. Very 
few people can look through their pasts and say they wei-e 
a part of something as rare and unexplainable as the VMI 
experience. I will never forget the crazy nights spent with ^|' ' 
m,y dykes rat year I zvill never forget my time abroad third ^m 
class year There is definitely no tuay I coidd ever forget my n| 
adventiires second class year xvith Fletch, Duffco, Fleenor, H 
Lin, and Paid. Ring figitre... enough said! As for the people, P* 
/ will never forget the crazy crap I did with Robert, Arturo, 
Wade, Brock, Duffco, Lin, Fleenor; Fletcher, Paid Bailey, Lee 
Tom), Mat Wright, Woody, Pace, Beckstrand, Scott MacDon- 
ald, Mikey Hozik, and the list goes on. And some memorable 
''^ experiences... Duffcdk 21st birthday. Ring Figure, hom,e- 

coming hop 1st class yean; study abroad, FCP at Macado's, 
Roanoke, Fairfax with Lee, and the Aristokrats. Delta '10! 

'ub Softball Jp,3; Ranger Chal- 
lenge 3; S-r 3; S-5 2; English 
Society 2; RDC 1. 

Economics and Business 

jyCAA Lacrosse .li.,3,2,l; 
RDC 2,1. 

Dyke: Jonathan Schwerer '07 

Rats: Stephen Fitzpatrick. 

Hank Purvis 

To my parents: Where would I be withoiU you! Thank you 
for your constant support and direction as well as the fre- 
quent care packages. Thank you for providing clarity and 
keeping me levelheaded. Most of all, thank you for the 
unconditional love that has sustained me throughout it 
all. To my roommates and co-dyke: This jjlace would have 
been unbearable without you! To my rat-ties: Tliere will 
always be ups and downs in life, so never question your pur- 
pose here. Never hesitate to engage in crazy antics because 
some of the most ridiculous things you do here will make 
for the best memories. Stay focused and be diligent in your 
studies, putting in the long nights will pay off in the end. 
Above cdl, stay cool and know that I luill always be available 
for you. To Bravo brethren: We will always remain "Ball 
Bustin!" "The g)-eater part of our happiness or misery 
depends on our dispositions, and not on our circumstances'.' 

To my family, I love you more than you. will ever know. My 
success and experience at VMI -was only possible because of 
you. As I inch closer to graduation, I've realized 1 thing. . . this 
is the first year I haven't applied to another school. As for the 
room, well. Sorry I'm Not Sorry. Desch, Brett. Chaz, (B-dave) 
you are the most disgusting and inconsidei-ate individuals 
I have ever met. . . I guess that's wiry ive've lived together every 
year Racks, Doors, Windou^s, Chains, Rifle Racks, even Wall 
Lockers. . . we will never seize to amaze. Special thanks to R.F 
for the endless supply of p izza, been; and "other things'.' I will 
never be able to fbnyet our stories. I'm looking forward to 
raising our children in the same neighborliood so my daugh- 
ters can teach your sons how to fight To my boys, ith not o ven; 
it's the beginning of tlie rest of our lives togethev I don't 
know how we nnanaged, but we did. Schiverev it was a plea- 
sure. Fitzy and Nervous Purvis, I couldn!t ask for nni ore. Do) I't 
ever let anyone get in yonu- way. if they do.. .you know the 

&i QEom, iMmd 

S4m 15. 9(uk 

m 0^ 

'Sloceda d'oid, l^agum 


d'earJi low, 'Sm^ia 

'Ml /-.■< II toiii/li .•<vi,(<ui iijiUki' (unilhnui I liarr crci- e.vpe- 
' ' ■■iL .\l'l>r Itiiir -tn'iir^ ul' U/is phicc 1 am (Icfhdtehj 
?;/() /ctirr (iihI s/iti-f iiiij rUi-fCi; hid I ii'OIk/ci- if I'll 

_ .m>k Ihii'A- iii/i/ cdtl iiui lime al \'MI "liic i/ood old 

ilai/k: 1 liiirc ti Inn-il li-mc imniliiiiiiAi tlxd iioiv. bill they 
(liirai/s stui'ilistiiiicc miil{cs Ilic licdrt i/i-oiv Joiidev We'll see. 
Diiriiic/iiii/.JoKi- i/iuj-s at \ 'Ml I iicn-r hated or even i-eally 
Usiil^-cd (/lis />larc: lu me the elia.ileiuies ivere difficult but 
;(«'/■«/ aiidJ iras almost alii'aijs alile to rationalize ivhat^ 
n-er crazi/ ireir cliaiu/es came dairiithe line. I came to VMI 
f>i- an ediicaliou and. to .'^nrroiiud myself with people /oho 
sl/aivd the same ur similar motieatioiis and desi)-es as 
Die. and as for thai:. VMI met niij expectations. And now 
as ice prepare to go oiir separate wai/s, I ivish the best to 
all my Bi-otl/e}- Rats and I hope tl/e legacy of the C/ of 
2010 continues to ring through barracks for years to come. 

In.te rn at ion a I Studies 

Marine Corps 

Cadre S.2,1; SAD J,;3,J; 
Recycling Club 2; 
Bo.ving Chtb 1: Pipe Band 4.- 

Dyke: Dana Daly VT 
Rats: Chris Wi.<:nou'skL 

Civil and Environmoiti 

NCAAWrestUng . 

j think of VMI. I think of a place that produces "'"^ 

able and educated citzen-solider.s. Which, has been 

instilled in me over the past four years. The memories that 
r: I have made here with my friends and family will never r , 

be replaced. They hold a- special place in my heart, which "- 

is everlasting. I would like to thank my family for always 

being there for me and supporting me in everything that I "' 

do. To my roommates, I couldn't have made it through this Hammer" 

place without you guys. You guys are great and will do great 

things in life. To my rat, James. I would like topasson a piece <^'"'^' "'"^ Environmental 

of advice that worked for me - Study Hard, Stay Strong and Engineering 

Al.ivays Say ibur Prayers - just keep that in mind and you 

luilldo fine. To all my friends, thank you for all the great ^^^ ^- ^^^S^H ji G'o/A' C«'^'' 
[memories and hopefully more to come. Even though we will NCAA Wrestling i. 

-be leaving this place to go our separate ways and do our 

own things, we will always be Brother Rats, Class of 2010. ^V''^^' ^'^^'c''nel Moorman Y 

•i-ing th e 1 1 igh f my Dyke's wei -e doing the same e.vact 
m astounded thcdone place, one institution if you 
'■a use such cm army of emotions. I have loved and 
en liappy and .so-rf., furious and. apathetic, almost 
^h:t-ihis place. But, when I think back at the few 
'"J hare stayed, despite more than enough rea- 
!£cftm.^^.s dx):wu to the peojjle. Dylan, Tanner B, 
fe. //(-■( II h a re been the bi -others I never 
^^1^^ completely different meaning 
ft reason lohy I have stayed 
ve.fbu.nd.a better girl, here or 
&jonfbr all you have taught 
w'W / fbrget how wrong you 
iy rats, Nick and Kaleb stay 
Ms pl.a ce. you can do it, I did. 

Marine Corps 

Dyke: Mark Miller V7 

Rats: Nick Gore, 

Kaleb, Long 

"^Im of 2010 


Computer Science 

NCAA Wrestling U,3,^,l- 

Dyke: Christopher Scott '07 
Rats: Elijah Faison 


Dyke: Joe Cassin '07 

Rats: Michael dories, 

Dustin Desch 


^omffum ^JL d^ojie 

Glee Club ^,3,^2,1; Frisbee 2,1; 
Theatre 2,1; Cadet Battery 2; 
Paintball Jt,3; Drum Major 1. 

Dyke: Deuntay Diggs '07 

Rats: Patrick Sasai, 

Bill Wine 

First, thank yoic to my mother and father who always sup- 
ported my decisions, even if they didn't always agree with 
or understand them. Ibu made me stand by my choices, 
respecting them when I did. \b%t never gave up on me in 
my darkest times. Ibu are truly amazing parents that I will 
always respect and understand the older I grow. To Chris, 
Elric and Euen, my roommates of the tM-ee best and worst 
years of my life (and Chris, well the last one), we will go otir sep- 
arate paths, but I only hope our friendship remains as ever 
green as it has been in our room,. I wish yoxt the best of luck 
in life - even if the distance between us is far we will not be. 
To the rest of my Brother Rats, we shared stoops and classes, 
FTXs and parades. Hell Weeks and a Ratline. Ith only here, 
in time, that I have felt at home in a place I never dreamed 
of calling one. VMI, I will carry yoitr changes and ways, for 
better or for worse, with me throttghotit my life presenting 
them with only the highest pride in calling yozi my school. 

The past four years have been amazing and I wouldn't trade 
these past four years for anything. This trtdy was the road 
less travelled. Upon coming to VMI I had no idea what I was 
getting myse^ into while straining formy Dykes and making 

K strong bonds with my BRs that will last forever. Then we 
to Ring Figure and the great celebrations for all that we 
I accomplished. And finally otvr last year here has come 
I we are almost out of here. To my Rat Roomies: Looking 
back on all the fion we had, I wouldn't have wanted to room 
with anyone else for the first year To my Dyke: Diggs, the 
greatest guy that I could ask to help me through my Ratline. 
I owe you a lot biiddy. To my friends outside VML Thank you 
for being there for me when I needed to rant about things. 
To you I owe a lot of thanks as well To my BRs (Grandpa, 
Do%Me D, and Greg just to name a few): The past fotir years 
have been amazing and I will remember our bonds for- 
ever We had some great times with some big laughs. To my 
Rats: I don't think I could ask for better Rats then the two 
of you. Keep your heads ^vp and stay strong.Tb my Family: 
To you I owe the greatest thanks. Thank yoit and I love you. 



: / canieto Uie Iiislihite to do one thing, get orders to BUD/S, 

:'- (i-iiil 1 (lid it ni ijJie to thavk all the people that helped me 

(tloiig tJw ivaij. Mom your Hiipport has been endless, thank 

I v;o/( )'>!■ listen huj to me rant about VMI inmcmerable times 

! (nHliu^oertelliiujmetoj'ustshuttip. Dad, I cottld never 

\ /tare (jot lei/ orders ivitho-ut you. Thank you for keeping me 

' on course find for constantly motivating me. Samantha 

til a t ride li orne for Christmas break my rat year was intox- 

ic-ati^ig, thanks for being such a great big sister Tom Cat, 

S what can I say? IbumMde it possible for me to spend more 

,..-,..- weekends at Hampden-Sydney then most HSC students. I 

"'- _ love you brother you'll be a damn fine Marine officer and I 

'-■- still ivish I was onore like yoti. Clint, I'll miss the Winfield 

I ), lounge. Will, Its been a good ride and if yoti ever need me 

' 1^ I'll be there. Hunter you'll be the best sottthern lawyer since 

Atticus Finch. Wayne, we'll ahvays have Panama. Rats, just 

// 11 ^^ r^ if rememberthatyoucanbewhateveryoitresolvetobe,soBEIT. 

Sonohm M trm, &u 

SUmod, O^agma 

First and foremost I would like to thank my family. With- 
oittthe support from you I woiddn't have been able to make 
it here a week. ..which at the time sottnded like a pretty good 
deal. Btit in all serioiisness, thank you all for everything, 
I love you, and I promise to make this investment pay off 
Next, I want to thank all of the people who were once strang- 
ers, and became some of my very best friends. Dolbey, 
Lance, and Lott, I know we wanted to rip each otherb heads 
off from time to time, but in the end yoti gicys are some of the 
best friends a guy can ask for I also want to thank everyone 
l:who lived on "The Row" in Third Barracks; xoe definitely had 
[ssom.e good times. Thank you all for everything. Andrew, just 
'Criremember to take care of the little things, and the big things 
iiwUL takecar-e of themselves. LAY CFF THE CUPCAKES 
v7-r--7r-~ AND COOKIES/ This has definitely been one of the best 
__ : experiences that yozt cozddn't pay me enoitgh money to go 

i ^ ^i'/JfiH' through again. There is just about nothing about this place 

. &, tJ^umem ^j^^^ fivHl miss, but I will miss some of the people that I 

■■"ima have had' the privilege of vzeeting over the past foitr years. 

:" These four years go by qzdckly... try to make the most of 

\£: it. I can't believe I am already here. While I am finally 

''^V - finishiug up my studies it feels like a great bun-den has 

fc- bee-n lifted off of my shoulders, but I still thankfid for all 

fifthe- Institute has done for me. I hope that I have taught 

imy rats well, and I thank my family for helping me 

f^ tlirougli these ijears. Never forget where you come from, 

■ and (lUvai)s remember what this place has taztght you. 

Rat Challenge 3,2; 
NCAA Sivim Team 2. 

Dyke: Worth Bugg '07. 

Rats: Steven Domingo, 

Charles Jenkins 

Ebonomics and Businesdi 

NCAA Baseball 4;3,2,1. 

Dyke: John Goode '07 
Rats: Andrew Bannister 

"Piirp", "Lidgi" 


Cadre 3.2,1; 
■ffinia Historical Society 2,1. 

Dyke: Rob Jacaruso V7 

Rats: Chris Zyna, 

Will Coursey 


Cadet Battery 3; S2 2; Lt 1; 
Geniiaii Club 4.3,2; Germa)i 
Tutor 3,2,1; bistitute Honors 
'ro(/rat)i 2.1; Phi Eta Sigma J, 
VMI Theatre 1 

Dyke: Justin. Bishop '07 

Rats: Andrew Shea. 

Charlie Jones 

Thank you to all of you 7vho have helped make my cadetship 
a success. To my roommates: Will: Dude, are you serious? 
Thanks for always proving me ivith some words of luisdom 
and good lattghs. I knoxv you rvill be a great Marine officer 
Rory: Is it the red or blue wirefibzir hard ivo7-k has paid off, 
good luck %oith the ECD. Jonathan: I like to think that all of 
those wrestling matches made you stronger; but you got to 
where you are today because of your resolve and relentless 
effo rt. A. J: Ibu were insp iring on the night of the g> -eat Christ- 
mas tree. Best of luck in the future. To FTroop '10: Had I been 
in a different company, I ivould truly be jealous of the bonds 
ive have formed. Thanks for all the great memories. To my 
Dyke. Rob: ibu tattght me some valuable lessons. Ibu. had a 
hand in who I am today and I can't thank you enough. To 
my family, friends, and E Thanks for sticking ivith me these 
past four years, yoxi all were always there when I needed a 
hand. To my RATS: Take it one day at a time, every year Good 
luck and if you have a question I'm just a phone call away. 

During my time at this Institute, thereh been miich I've 
learned. Abozd half of that was hi the classroom. n>e seen 
examples of officer-ship and gentlemanliness; of camarade- 
rie and .sacrifice, of service and courage. Brother rats hold- 
ing out their hands to each other "Carry on just a little 
longer. Brother Rat'.' At times I've seen a wholeness of char- 
acter rare and invaluable. To those who have inspired me, I 
thank you. Just as frequently have I seen deplorable things. 
Cowardice, incompetence, poverty of civility in cadets and 
officers that reeks with the stench of a pettiness that makes 
our forebears gnash their rotten teeth in their graves. I have 
seen, cadets that squandered the opportunity this Institute 
represents. Some of the most selfish, base, and loathsome 
behavior I have ever witnessed has occurred within otvr 
walls. And so, as I hang up niy cadet -uniform for the la.^t 
time, I am left with this disparity, between the glorious and 
the ignoble. I may uot yet understand the full significance 
of the Institute, but I thank God for my e.cperiences here. 
I wish you the decency and nobility of which you are capable. 

"W ilium ^. Qmle6 

Wincfiak, O^iigifiia 

lo/M, "yiigii 


abb a 

I came I saiv I conquered! 

^Bedeif QL m^k III 

Sttmmariziiig four years of VMI in 200 words is a truly 
daunting task. I made some lifelong friends, acquired 
some kno'wledge, did not party my -way through college and 
learned to fly fish. Id like to say that I have found a love 
of learning while I ivas at the Institute, although there is not 
much time for it. I have come to truly value my friends; 
especially my roommates: Kyle, Charles (Uncle Range) and 
Jaones. Acadeinically I owe a big thanks to Colonel Vargas 
for getting me on track and setting me up for success early 
in 'my cadetship and Major Brooke '9U who is my j-esearch 
mentor and my advisor for my senior thesis. I believe that 
VMI would not have been the experience without my 
totally aivesome host family, Suzie Helyenek and her mom. 
Softie, who could always brighten my day. I -would also like to 
thankmy father; Ee7iey L.Riat.erJv,m,other,Cindy Lee Riste% 
and brothev Joseph Leland Rister Without their love and 
support VMI would not be the smne experience that it was. 

These four years go by quickly... try to make the most of 
it. I can't believe I am already here. While I a,m. finally 
.fini.^hing up m,y studies it feels like a great burden has 
been lifted off of my shoulders, but I'm still thankful 
for all the Li^titute has done for me. I hope that I have 
taught my rats well, and I thank my family for helping me 
tJiroHfjIi f/iese years. Never forget u^here you come from, 
aud always remember what this place has. taught you. 

n 9m, loe^a, 


Band M.,3,2,1. 


Chib Soccer 4; Physics Soci 
U,S,2,1; Cadet Assistcmt 2. 
Cadet Battery S,2,l; S-7 . 
Little John 1. 

Dyke: Sean Hingley V7 
Rats: Ryan Hcu-uei; 
Quentin Sweetser 

'Pu)'p'; 'Lulgi" 

Modern Languages aud' 
Cultures: ; 

F)-isbee 1; Theater 1. 

Dyke: Brando u Price '07 
Rats: Alexander Brackma 
Michael Daniskey 

"^Im 4 2010 

yke: Christopher Nelson '07 

Rats: Matthew Cox, 

David Warriner 

Boxing Club 3; 

•Ace-In-The-Hole Rogeis" 

'<-l J: Ring Figure Conmdttee 
J; i^oinidhig Brass 2,1; S-7 2,1. 

Djikc: Mike Watson '07 

Rdls: Dillon Fraiiseii, 

Cameron Sayer 

It's such a strange feeling to be moving on from a place 
that has characterized my life for fonr years. While I am 
wnmensely happy to be finally free. Id be lying if I said I 
zvasn't sad. Ith the finality of it that gets to me: never again 
'will I wear that white imiform, walk down Letcher on my 
■way to class, or be a cadet at VML Eixdxiring the "I" has been 
7ny biggest accomplishment so far and I don't think I'll be 
able to fidly appreciate what this place has done for me 
for many years. Oil that note, there are so many people I 
have to thank. First, I thank Jestis for guiding and bless- 
ing me throughout my life. Next, a big thanks to my room- 
mates whom I have lived with since this ivhole thing 
began- it's gonna be weird not living with y'all anymore. 
Aiid finally, I thank my friends and family who supported 
me throii,ghout, especially my mom, ivho showed me more 
love and strength than I dreamed existed. To my Rats 
Austin and Dante: find God and build on your relationship 
with him. That is the best advice I can ever give. ADIOS! 

Eric and Ben: What do I say to my two best friends? There 
is nothing I could possibly write in these short lines that 
%ve have not already coimnunicated in rainy, inebriated 
■walks in bathrobes aro'ivnd Eastern Virginia and debauch- 
ery at that studio. \bu two are mostly the mason I came 
back after every ftvriough. Thanks for never letting me 
fool mysef.We always -joked about transferring together — 7 
think that says it all. Anyivay, enough of the sentimentality. 
This is just the beginning. To my Rats: lour experience at 
VMI -is your own. These four years — and I know yon- will 
stay for all four years — will shape you in ways you, will 
not fully ■under-'sta-nd. Keep your heads above the tides of 
cynicism, gossip, and betrayal. VMI is a magnifier of life's 
greatest challenges. As much as you may hate the Listl- 
tute at times, ju.sf remember that its irrational and nftev 
painful flaws (and there are so very many) will make you 
better if you step back and observe others, but most iinpoi^ 
tantly, yourselves. Seek every opportunity to rise above. 
Chris: Ibu're a crazy bastard and I love you for it. It's been a 
good run so far and I can't see it getting anything hut better 

^wdueUmg, "Piigima 

\JMm M Mxliiguez 

m 0^ 

William ^, <9hmaine 

Wat '^heiLj 9'muij^vama 

^ohim &, \%m 

* • 



.. " • . 


William Jl Mmlif 

Tli<'CTrui( fill Dead bi'slminnnarize my time atVMI . . "tvhat 
i( lo)i(i xti-diigetrip itU bee 1 1'.' Looking back it is hard to believe 
f/idf foil]- i/t'cirs luire come and gone, but in the same sense I 
(■(( n't belie re that I niude it to graduation. I ivouldn't trade 
tlie eA-/UTiences I iiave had at VMI for anything, although 
tliere ivei-e definifely some trying times: the rainy fourth 
class FTX. the f-igid Inaugu:)-ation Parade, and the count- 
less form atio us. Hoivevei: there xvere some bright .spots in 
[yfill the darkness, most notably happy hour at Macado's. S'u.r- 
Vviving each week at VMI is a cause for celebration. I owe a 
lotto my friends, family, and especially my boys in room 
3-112 fi)i- helping me make it throtigh. Collin, Jake. Mitch, 
and Ryan I don't know what I tuoitld have done without 
you guys. To everyone else that aided me along the tvay, 
'thank you. To my rat Nick, dont take this place too seri- 
ously, embrace the suck, and, rely on your friends. It will 
be over before you know it. So raise your glasses ivith me 
in a toast to good friends, good times, and graduation. 

Everyone ahvays speaks bad about going back to school, 
but I have ahvays had a different opinion on that .sub- 
ject. I think the two main reasons why I am gonna miss 
this place, iny roommates and the VMI Rugby Team. 
When I came to the Listitute, I was forced to live -with five 
other people. Of those five people, two of them I owe me still 
being here to, Justin Aya-ay and Steve Lindley. Then there 
was my two other roommates that aliuays m.ade me feel like I 
was doing alright, Shawn Wongkachonkitti and Dan Freder- 
ick. I always kneiv that no matter hotv much trouble I got in. 
:Shaavn would get screxved over ■ 3 tin i es more!! That iks Club 35! 

The rugby team My personal opinion, the best group 

pf people at VMI I don't care if we might not have been 
the rule folloivers or the best rmifbrm appearance, what 
matters at this place is the guy standing next to you. I 
would put my bodrj at risk or go on confinement for my 
whole cadet.ship to keep one for everyone on that team. 

:ng into the hype like every other high 
■ a while after I hated the "I" and ivith 
I one Friday afternoon I was convinced 
'The Dark Side" which led to my disco v- 
change this place and, make it wh,at I 
oau, and Padge: ive changed VMI we took 
ey gave 7(,s and made this Ratline, OUR 
[St it's been since xve've been -here. RDC: 

W^M and hack with any of yo-u. RDC 
r high, but couldn't liarve piclced better 
To ))nj roomiuates: thanks for putting 
I'l easy. To those who actually deserve 
Tritiu: i/'s beeu roug/i, and I've learned 

i/oiir ou-u drive, in the pool and in, the 
f hare Ittuglit you everylhing you, need 

you loi) u-iU make your mark on VMI 
III li in g (o I lieab.-<olutehes1 of your ability': 

Cpl 3: Sgt 2; CIO 2,1: 
Rat Challenge 2. 

Dyke: Drew Holf07 
Rats: Niciiolas Azzolini 

Computer Science 

Rugby 4.,3.2,1. 

Dylce: Josh Van Cleef '07 

Rat.'s: Tyler \ates, 

Nathaniel McFadden 

TO-'' ^'^ 

International Studies 

Swimming 4.,3,2,1; 

Dyke: Clay Piersail '07 
Rats: Eluin Suift 

'.f • «r%i;x Ai:-.:.'«s;i:3iS._'tisss3,'iE--i3& .i:^:^ 

"Big Safo" 

Marine Corp. 

Dijke: Marie Falcon. '07 
Ratf<: Edimrd Hobhs 

lute I ■)! alio II al Sficdies 

VCAA Cross Country 1.3,2,1; 
'CAA Track and Field 1,3.2,1. 

Di/ke: Ca.^eij Grey '07 

Rat-v: Jason Thorpe, 

Audrey Dmtriev 

"Fungair, "SAT" 

Dyke: Michael Rice VT 
Rnts: Coiioi-BIa ck 

I must start by thanking my Jamily for their support while 
Fve been at VML Mom, yoivr love and prayers have been a 
constant source of strength. Dad, I know you were watcldng 
over Ben. and I the tohole time and yonH- be proud of us. Sis, 
you. Jay and Whitley continually made coming home some- 
t/iiiig to look forward to and wh.enever you came up here it 
urns always a special treat. Ben, you were without a doubt 
the biggest influence on me while we were here together. . . 
thanks for being there for me and snaking my Rat year 
something to remember Through my Brother Rats, VMI 
has given me t/ie best friends Fll ever have and for that I 
am eternally grateful. The struggles we have gone through 
together and the i-espect we demand are matched by feiv 
but envied by many. To my Rats, keep luorking Iiard and 
remember ivhy you came to this place. Make us proud! 'Alife 
is not important except in the impact it has on other lives'' 

It was a long four years, but yet, it was the fastest four 
years of my life.' To the BRs, there is no class better and. no 
better ladies and gentlemen I would rather be associated 
with. Thank you- for making these times the most memo- 
rable times of my life! To tlie roommates, Fhan and Cliarlie, 
man did you guys make my life liell! "Wait a minute! lea!" 
Ibu made my life hell! But it was for the better and kept 
me sane in tliis "pleasant abode" I called liome for four 
years! To all of tny teammates, you. have been my every- 
thing cvnd backbone tJiat kept me going through these four 
years, the tough times cvnd glorious times, for that I cannot 
tha:nk you enough! All of you are my brothers and sisters 
for whom I would do anything for: and that is from the 
sincerity of my heart! Alivays remember: "Impossible is 
Nothing!" Finally, to the most iinportcmt people in my life, 
my fariiily. Words cannot express Iiow mucli you mean to 
me. Ib'u ivere there for me every time and every minute 
of the day! I love you with all my heart and always will! 

I guess two broken collar bones, a torn ACL. 

countless PTs. and ac pro are a gr-eat way to 

spend four years here. Tliis oneh to 2S5 parties. 

Death Before Dishonor 

^om/fim &, S^afiil 

m (^ 

rMamm &, Wcutle 

'Wilmiti^n, G4/mlli '~&a»olim, 

Tlu'H« jHixt four !jt'(i)-j< (if VMI Ii.avefljown by with each day 

feeling like aii eteriiitjj. I have many fond memories of 

///i.s plaee (iiid Hie peoj^Ie ivlio have meant so much to me 

(iloiHi the iraij. Jovdtlidn., Matt, and Leonard; it's been a 

fiiii ride felid.-i and I coidd not have asked for- better room- 

ii/iile-^. EiiriN, Bill. Trains, Dan, and my other mechanical 

eiit/iiieeriiiij brotJiers; withotvt you guys I coidd not have 

nidde it iliroiigfi ME and I will always remember the late 

iiitjlit lioiiie/i'or/c / goof off sessions. To the residents of 118 

Fruiviitiville; ljoic guys are well on your way to being great 

fifulets, continue to stay motivated and y'all ivill do fine. To 

^he many great harriers I liave rtm with throughout the 

ryears; thanks, yo-a guys have always been there far me and 

?■ J ■will cherisft the times we have sweated and bled together 

'-'on the track. And last but definitely not least. Morn, Dad, 

and Kyle; thank you far your enduri-ng confidence in me. 

■ / will make you all proud. It is time to get my life started 

and in the wise words of Fat Boy Dan, Live to fish, fish to live. 

I have no regrets! Tliank you everyone far getting me 
throtigh here! 

The essence of my pliilosopliy can be depicted, in the fal,- 
Idiviiig proDerb from Viktor Fra^M: "...Ei>eryt/dn,g can be 
taken from a, rruai,e last of humcvrb freedoms — to 
ehoetse on eh attitude in any given .'set of circwmstaitces, to 
eliod.Ke dneU oirii waif.' Tliese c i re i instances, per se, entail 
dlin-d.^f (d'eri/thing I despise about the relentless, unsym- 
pdlhelic iidlnre <f the Mother I. My time witldn He)- walls 

V/(f.s- iidl hern hdrinoiii(>n,s — a clash, of priorities, perhaps 
\jin/'rnsldii(//it far the mind. Regret? Quite the contrary. 
4f;iee<iiixi- il i.s w ill/in f//i.-< stm.ggle — amidst these "circum^ 
s'Idiirej-;" ll/dl I liare hecome cou.'^eidus of tlie uinfi.nislied 
irnif- Jar n-liicli ! (nil responsible. And iiotv, as a- resrdt, I 
/:ndir Hie "irln/" fur mil e.visfejice, and will be able to bear 
dlnidsl mill "Ao/r." I'd inij rat: live by Her ethics; embmce Her tO nnjid-fiiring iidt lire; but do not sli.oui weakness 
in Hie Jiiee tif Her d ii kIii n(/lil. To t/idse ii'ho have carried me 

.jchen I i-diild mi Idiiger (-onlinne, thank you. To my motliei; 

%-^fiiHiri: (did liHIe .s/.s7<); / hire yon. Aid to my prqfe.'i.'iors 

hA.^i.l,.,i,tr',<,fntj.i>^^l„/riidiiceil me U> t lie marketplace (if ideas - 
r i/i-dtefiil. luii- Hiat is wliere I tridii behrnq. 

Meclianical Engineerinn 

NCAA Cross Country J^,3,2.\ 
NCAA Track and Field U,-i,.h 

Dylce: Ant/iony Harris '07 

Rats: Dean Goiisalves, 
Franklin. Van Vallcenbiiru 

"Skat Mzdley 

Cadet Waiter S,2,l. 

Dyke: Wes Tliomas '07 


NCAA Wrestling J,-; NCAA 

Football 3; Pldlosophy Cbii 

^,■2,1; Cadre 2; CEA 2, 1; ThA 

Cadet 2,1; Cadet Assi.-itant u 

Dyke: David Metzler '07 
Reds: Corbit Kellam 

Applied Mathematics 

Marine Corps 

Marine Corps 

NCAA Rifle Team A,3; Scjt 2. 

Uijke: Kenny McWiUiams '07 
Rats: John Taylor PUnniU 

In tixy time at VMl I have come to very rmich appreci- 
ate friendships. Having fox^nd friends in many different 
areas of the i%stit%ite, I know that these relationships are 
%vhat I will take away and remember the most from my 
four years here. All of these friends, too many to address 
individioally, have not just helped me through, but made 
my stay here truly enjoyable. To all my roommates: good 
hick wherever your path takes you,, I know you will sue 
ceed wherever you go. Rich of my rats: Keep the faith 
brothers; when the going gets tough the tough get going. 
Dear Mom, Dad, and Paige: I cannot thank you enough 
for your constant support of me; I love you all so much. 

iliirk the Clerk" "Shirk-a-Lurk" 

hi:t.erii,ution,al Studies 

Mat -i'l i.e Corps 

Cadre ■'S;2,l; Ragby -i; Big 
Brotlier/Sister 3; NCMT 2. 

Duke: Scott P-i.stochini '07 

R<i.ts: Tyler Hennelly, 

Daniel Walker 

To anyone who asks me why I came here I always 
reply, "It seemed like a good idea at the timd' Iti ret- 
rospect, it was. Well, maybe... in some ways it was. 
To my friends and roommates: Thanks for always being 
there, hi the face of complete idiocy, nonsense rides, and 
our sef-righteous masters, you managed to wade through 
it and smile. Jbu made VMI worthwhile for me. Thereh not 
enough money in thewoiid to make me want do this again, 
but I wo'ivld in a heartbeat if I knew I could sit for hours 
at SRC talking with Lizotte, laugh until I nearly cried with 
Greg, talk guns ivith Tristan, act like stupid Rats in U0"2, act 
like stupid Thirds with John and AJ, go on foiled adventia-es 
with Matt and Chris, do as little work as possible in DC for 
5 weeks. . . I skipped a lot of people, but you know who you 
are. I woiddn't trade our good times for anythin,g. To ng^^ 
Rats: Good job so for Don't get caught up in the system ^jp 
become a tool. Ladies a-nd Gents, ith been good. Job well dom 

Well I was going to use this space to complain and pick 
out everything wrortg with the Institate but I don't think 
it's really worth it. Ihi. not really sm-e whei-e to start so I'll 
begin with the thanks. Thank you to my family: Mom, Dad, 
and Kristen. Thanks for all the e-mails and care packages 
during the ratline and the continual support throtughowt 
my time here. I couldnX have done it without you. Thank 
you to my roommates from all four years. Prom company 
room to the gtvys in '09 to room 161: thank you for making 
this place bearable and that much 7nore fim. Without our 
late night antics (including a trip toStonewall Hospital) and 
contimoal harassment of each other I don^t think I wotdd 
have stayed sane. A huge thanks goes out to everyone in 
Alpha Company as well. Alpha is really the best company 
on the hill and I am thankful / was allowed the opportunity 
to lead such a great group of people. In the end, 'whether 
good or bad, this place has definitely chan.ged me and I 
will never forget this place or the people that Foe here. 

William M, ^haiirnn 

^John Si &hdim 

Wed omie^ 9'eimi/lvami 

Sonalhm S. &ima^ 

m 0^ 


^Mamm So, &iiw£z 

//.s Iniidhi cDtiir tn uii cud. Tlie rollercoaster ride qfVMI is 
ori'i-'for nil' (iiid }i(>f irif/ioiif its peaks and valleys. Look- 
hifi hack I'm ijUid to kiioir that almost all of my memories 
iirr of till' ijooil thiiex niaiiij because of my friends and 
iiuiiilii. I'll like to thank my roommates for all the good 
times icc'fc liad togetliet: Justin, Chang and 'Will, it's been 
i/rcal-. I'll ncve)\forget all the dumb stuff toe did in order to 
stay sane at a place like this. To my family: I 'wouldn't have 
sheen able to make it th)-ough here ivithout your sttpport too. 
'^From visiting during the Ratline, to supporting tlie deci- 
" Sions I made, even when you guys -weren't too thrilled about 
til em. Tliank you! To my Hotel BRs, we've been throu.gli 
.10 nruch together and I'm glad that we grew as tight as we 
liave. And to the Rats of 128. embrace the system. It's a bit 
cliche, but it woi'k.s. Trust your BRs, and take all the lead- 
ership av,d life lessons you can from others. I know you 
can succeed here, I did, a7id I have confidence you ivill too. 

J zpouldliketo thank my parents for their support, nry i-oom- 
mates, Dave and Rob, who always kept me entertained, and 
my girlfrieiid Beth wlio rescued me from, this place on. the 
tveekends. 'Without them., I would not have made it through 
the past four years. I would also like to thank the rats of 
the room. Ibrk, you have been a great rat aud I e.vpect great 
things from. you. Hang in there, the -years will fly by before 
■you know 'it. 

it di-eam begins with, a dreamer Always ren-iembei: 
r tlie -s-^ors to change the world'.' -Harriet Tubman 
I ■ se 1 1 tei ices can fi 1 II y describe th e relentless battle 
■ year cadet.s/tip entail.% from the months of con- 
' o til eendle>i.^ Pen ally To u:r.s,totlie countless-nights 
eep. I definitely hare my scar,s, but the lessons 
om tlie [laiii I've endured are raiv arid irreplace- 
nrl/i. I (im convinced that woirls do not e.vist that 
of c.y/iressiiig my gratitude or the love I ha ve for 
We'reheen lliroiigh alotdn)-ing my cadet.'ihip. Pei- 
me iviiys ive are quite the luiconventi.onal bunch, 
erei- eiidiiii/ .•<n/>port lu'lped me more than you'll 
I ran honestly tMiij that ivithout you, I ivould have 
Ir il. To iiiij roommates: Chris, Mike, and Josh- 
inos jwdrlieally iinhearablebefore Tmetyouguys. 
ui lodiiy xl rugijlex don't even faze me. Ybitre truly 
'lie .s/K'iir". I've got mud love for allqf you-. To my 
iln-rliclu-.hiii in /he ivoi-ils of StonewallJackson, 
'tr it-halerer ijoii resolve to he". Only you can define 
ktvit.Witi-mU-t.1) iKinr true boys. Tills is my legacy. 


•'Slow Joe", "Turbo" j 

Civil and E)i:vironmentui 

Marine Corps 

Rat Challenge S: Cadre ,J,..'. 
MMA 1. 

Dyke: Dan Brock -07 

Rats: Jeremy Metlrven. 

Taylo r Sch. alh ofe 1 ■ 

Liternational studies, . 
Arcdric j 

Rat Challenge ^i,£: 
Model Arab League 2: OCA 

Dyke: Josh. Christian '07 
Rats: James Ibrk 


D'oiiomics and Biisin 

NCAA Soccer i; Boxing 3, 
Omicron Delta Epsilon 1. 

Dyke: ^^brth Bngg ■07 
Rats: Ai 1 d.i -e 1 1 ■ Mo 1 1 fag ue 


Mar/lie Corps 

II ill Grey S,2.1: Boy Scoiits 
1: Jazz Band .12,1; Phi Eta 
II a 4,2.1: Pli.i Kappa Phi 2.1; 

Duke: Eoaii. Haii.ks '07 

RatK- Carlos Chaves, 

Jo-vh Laivreiice 

Psych olofjij 

Marine Cor /is 

- ■ XO 1; Sgt 2; Cpl J; 
P-iilldog Jf. S. 2: Theater J,., £ 
liody Pidldiiif/ :J. 2; Rugby . 

Dyke: Blake Faller V6 

Rats: Robert Main. 

Micliael Sliafor 

Tliese have been some of the best and ivorst four years of 
rny lifi. I cannot deny that I have learned, vmcli. Tliat you., 
21ie Motlier I, have pushed me in many iva.ys and I li.ave 
l)ecoine a better man for it. I hope that I liave left yon. in 
better shape than -when I ari-ived. If I learned one thing 
here it was that people make VMI loluit it /s. Brother Rats, 
and especially my i-ooiiima.te.\ I love you all. Ibu were 
always there for iii.e and. I know you will continue to be. 
To all the rats of S-216, and the rest of 2013, never let anyone 
or anything get yoti, doivrt. low, will never be freer or /tap- 
pier than when you come to the realization that you are the 
master of yoiur thoughts and feeling.'^. Stick to your prin- what you know to be right, and, always ptit forth 
your best effort. I you, promise the rest will fall into place. 

First and foremost, I will have to thank my dad. With,- 
out Iiim, I wouldn't be near where I am today. He is by 
far the strongest influence in my life, and has always 
Stood by my -iide against every battle I luive fought. 
It has been qi.tite a fight to finish, t/i at's fiyr sure. But I made 
it. I learn ed a lot through my e.\-periencesliere,a:ud I tvould 
like to thank all my true friends for stcmding by me no 
matter wliat. I couldn't have done it witliout yall. My room- 
mates this yeai; Dana, Mike, Wick, -Jeremy (honorcd)l.e) yall 
ha-vebeen great. To my Bravo riils(Jrd.s).stayt,ri<eto yourself^ 
don't get manipulated by tids place and forget ivli.o yon are. 
That happens ivay too often to people here. To the Bravo 
2n.ds, y'all are true leaders. Keep your heads on siraighl. 
Main, you have a. good heart and a great scii.'<e (f humor 
Don't ever change that, that will get yon. further in l/ic real 
world that yoii, know. Sliaf'i: yonre a smart kid. sometimes 
too.'imart for your own good.haha. Suck if'll bcdone 
before yon know it. Jon both have already made me more 
proudthan yon know. I came. I saw. / CCXQL HV<ED. Peace! 

mmid S, &lad. II 

\ f? 

(m (p 

mist fill/ I iicrar mill f to have again" represents my 
ii/sds [ ivfle<;fiy:ii niij time at VML Would I come here 
•' Xeivi.-Aiii T glad. I went through it? AbsohUehj. What 
■coiiie ill realize is that VMI is simply a microcosm of 
it iriiiid - nidi/ niagnified. The irony of it all is that all 
•e eiiiii plain (ihoiit- the pointless rides, the unfairness, 
ic ddidile sfaiidards - is exactly that which has pre- 
II s fnr dealing with real life. To room 333 and others: 
I /nice lieeii the source of laughter; frustration, inspi- 
I. ediiviefion, annoyance, and true friendship over 
st /Jiree ijeurs. I have changed as a restdt of each one 
I - so I lie ways good, others way bad. I -will miss yott 
h iinj Family: I owe you all for your countless trips 
here, prayers, guidance and unconditional love. Leah, 
sndless sicpply of food has sustained me. lour sup- 

^(mi "S. Wladn 

invaluable. I haven't deserved it. To my rats and Jordan: 
Abu have a long tvay ahead of you. Do7i't forget to have 
fun or you will be miserable. Take advantage of tvhat this 
place can teach yo%t. Don't let the past dictate your future. 

ing this. VMI has taught me a great deed. Apart from, this 
being a great school, I really think that it's the people that go 
herethat make all the difference in the world. It is also pretty 
tough to explain to other people xvhat this place is like and 
-why the friendship and camaraderie we have is so strong. 
I tvotdd j-ust like to thank my family for their constant 

-love and sxcpport beca-use, witJio-ut them, this place would 

'Save been a hell of a lot tougher To my rats. ..This past year 
Kds been great. .Mst remember 'what I taught you,. Study 
hard, stay true to your family and friends, and have fun. 

yl wish yo'u the best of htck these next few years. "The bond 
ithat makes us brothers tvill never die, for thro'ugho'ut life we 

'■will go through hardships and find our- brothers at our side'.' 

irtjooking hack at the qjast four yews, I can sctfely say the only 
thing that's kept me scune is my roommates. Silas, Josh, Steve, 
(ieoiye, Keniry, Mike, Cheese, and Logan; thanks for the good 
limes and tet's keep them rolling. I also have to thamk my . 
/larenls for slaiiin.g, same -with, me over the past four years I 



Cadre 3,2,1. IEEE A,3.2,l. 

Dyke: Tyler Freemam "07 

Rats: Stephen Hartnett, 

Brian. GrcUiam 

Civil and Environmental 

Club BasketlKdl 1,3,2,1. 

Dyke: Brandon Price '07 

Rats: Spencer Plante, 

Robert Pospisil 

all invested. Long live the Troop. 

"BGR", 'Ray-WHYY" 

Electrical and Com{ 
En.g ineerin.g 

Private M,3,.i,l; 
CCS 2. 

Dyke: Victor Karpov '07 
Rats: Josh Gdlilun.d 

"^Im 4 2Di 

"Red" "Satan" 

CAA Women's Soccer 4,3,:2,1. 

li/ke: Katlil.een Resetar '07 

Rata: Taylor Ai-msti-ong, 

Leigha Bocanegra 

"Reid" "Gayl 

'le Cadet. S,2; English Society 

J,..i,2,; Music Society Ji;S,-2,; 

Pve-Laiv Society i,3,2; 

Rat 3,2; 

Dyke: Colin Barns '07 

hiteiiiational Studies 

Cadre J.2J; Power Lifting 1; 
Cliih Boxing i,3. 

Dyke: Bryan Nelson '07 

Rats: Corey Cooke, 

Jesse Wiley 

I jtost want to thank all my brother rats for drag- 
ging me back here. I couldn't have done it without you. 

To my friends and family I thank you for all the help 
over the years. Without your help it would have made life 
a lot. harder to get through VMI and all the struggles that 
came along with it. VMI has not been wha.t I expected but 
then, again I'm not .sure if I knew ivhat to expect when I 
got here. On the outside VMI looks clean and pristine, 
a well-oiled machine, go deeper and it's easy to see that 
VMI is clearly not exactly as it .seems. For good or bad I 
hope I have left my impact on the Institute. Best of luck 
to everyone, and to my closest friends thanks for the good 
times and I look forward to many more in the future. 

^m M, ^Um 

f^-'^W ■■:^^^^^ 

\^ ^ f 



i ,,. J 



061) a' 

„ i,rril>l,'<:</H'i-iriicr llnti I wonldji't change for the 
/■;■(, III nil una- In 1st ,l<is.^ /jcoi: I have luade friends 
'rfiiiiriiinl I iraiif l(> tliaiikall you guys for the to ugh 
• ml Hie linicx ill Mdcadoh. This place ivould not be 
Ir iriUniiit mil liRs. but most nnportantkj my room^ 
K)i(i.y ■■Wickiier" WifcJici: Clu-is '■Zarychen" Zarycki, 
■k -./nr/.-o/iiifh Wrighlic/is' Wi-igh.t. Also, thanks to my 
s- liir support (Hid tuition fi>r fb-ur years. I wis/taUof 
IIS oil llirl/ick ill tl/e ivoiid in. your future endeavors. 

■RoonuiKite.^. M& of 2010, "BaU-Buste rs" of 
kviiiljl, and last but not least. Bill the Mail- 
fbr protnpt deliveries of care packages. 

^Bmdm Jn. &mz 

"^tmll '^oud^, Jken^tttd 

The past four years hare been interesting to say the least. 

g Time here at the Mother 1 is a strange thing. . . it seems that 

'^'iis the days woxdd drag on from- BRC till TAPS, the weeks 

[would fly by, leaving little more than, a blink of an eye 

' between the drums of "Meet lour Cadre" and First Class lear 

Ith hard to accurately convey my emotions regarding the 

Listitute and my cadetship, but I can say with confidence 

that itii been one hell of a ride. I came to VMI because I 

^wanted a challenge... and a challenge is what I got. To 

'describe VMt- sometimes I love it, most times I love to hate 

fit, but I couidn't see myself anywhere else. To my ftimily. I 

:i-can't thank you. enough for all your love and support. Eiipe- 

\:ciallii my parents. Mom, Dad, I may not do a very good 

\;.job of showin.g it, but I love you both very much and am 

:\eternally grateful for all yon have done for me. Mike, good 

'|[: choice bro. Finally, to my friends. Hotel, MEh, my room^ 

I mates Kyle and Wang- thank yon. all, there is no way I could 

^ havedone it without you.lhthe Rats-Chris, Brian,Fredan.d 

Clien- keep on. ti-u.ckin and never loose sight of your goals. 

\My VMI e.vj>erience has consisted of working my butt off 
during the uvfk u-ith high expectations of liaving a fun 
ivfckciid. This u-ns in an attempt to summon enough energy 
in urdt'rlosiicc(:~<.~^fully complete the next iveek of school. Do 

itliis a frn- hiii/divd times, and you. get the VMI e.vperience. 



k - 

; ■ ^mimn '^ily, '7i>e/uie6tiv ] 

Mechanical Engineeriiui 

Rat Challenge -it: Guido 

Dyke: Vince Noel '07 

Rats: Ryan Gilley, 

Brycm \wice 

"Qu.e.'ition.sVStra.sbag",J:S-7 1. 

Dyke: Corey Bafford Vi 
Rats: Clu-is Wunsch 




1 *^ 

Dylce: Chase Perry VT 
Rats: Matt Fishe)- 


CEA j'.;^,■ Frisbee 3. 

Dj/ke: Steve Prugh '07 

MecJimiical Etigiiteering 

XCAA Mens Soccer U,3. 


hitenuttional Studies 

•icQle J,,3.2.1; Potver Lifting : 
OGA 1. 

Di/he: Matthew Leary '07 
Rats: Semi Rogers 

From dag 1 I knew that VMI was going to be a struggle. 
Yet, what followed was Jar from miythlng I could have ever 
jathomed. I wanted to quit this place every single day, biit.^ 
for some nnknown reason I stuck it out. But evoi though I 
utterly despised this institntion, I still learu ed a lot through- 
out my cadetship (most importantly the truth of human 
natitre). To those ivlio care to read (and my rats whom- are 
forced to read). I offer the only advice I have to give: Keep it 
real. ..Loyalty is one of the most under-praised values that 
airy leader can uphold. Always trust your instincts. ..some- 
times only you can know ivhat is right for yourself: And 
most importantly, take this ppportunity to discover your- 
self People will abandon you when times get rough. To those 
people who stuck by my side through thick and thin (you 
know who yon are): Thank you for everything. ..I coidd not 
have done tids w ithout you. Through your ass istance, I h ave 
finally come to understand the true meaning of "uncon- 
ditional love.' I could never possibly convey how much 
you xvonderfulfew are eternally app)-eciated. God Bless. 

Over the past few years here I have learned that you can't 
get through this place without friends. \bu will make 
and remain friends with them for the rest of your lives. 
Josh, Sloan, Jordan, and Paul thanks for being there when 
I needed you and I ivish you the best in everything that 
you do. To the rats: John a^id Conj, do your best in every- 
thing you. do here. I promise it will pay off in the end. 

Despite missing otit on the "college experience.' I have had 
a good time these past four years. I have formed many 
strong friendships while learning some key points: a sense 
of humor goes a long tvay, procrastination is an art forin, 
and having a good time should be at the top of the "values 
list" To Bravo Company, tve will always be Ball Busting. 
To cdl of my roommates who are still here, from STP to 
Fir.'st Class Year: Ryan, Dan, Tylei; Jared, Nick. Ray, Silas, 
Kenny, and George - our debauchery has been amazing. To 
my co-dykes tvho are still here: Mat, Silas, Ben - Dirty One- 
Tliirties! To my rat, I am going to pass onto you the legacy 
my dyke Left me: do not get rank, do not become a permit, 
and do as little work an possible. To all of tliose above and 
the Cla.'ts of 2010. I wish you well in your lives after VMI. 

'^hetk, l^itgi/iia 

.^{ichmotxl, O^iiginia 

^MJlollum, '~)^it§inia 

m (p 

emfuds^m, '^iigi/ua , 

I iroii/d like to -^(it/ to my parents and grmtdparents, 

" ■ (uik ijoii Ko )]iiicli for supporting ine. VMI has taitght me 

': mn<^Jr(iboirt life: The l)oiids I made here will last a life- 

,..??Y',,;/-fo," reiiiei)-il}ei- mij dyke Jamaal telling me, "Levi, 

^JiEhicif iioii_ ii/ake it t/n-ough the ratline the other three years 

SApill'fltjhij sooner than you think'.' I have to admit he was 

Wr:ight.T ivoidd like to say I had the best roommates anyone 

9^/M eveihave. There is Paid, "MrGlobal" he luill be rem.em- 

^be^edby his global trips to the Middle Bhst. Jason "Mr Local',' 

^ ha-licc-iohere do I begin. Well I jtist have say that Jason 

■ is one good friend, and he too will achieve a great deal in 

'life. I can see him as a head judge/lawyer in Lynchbwrg, VA. 

For Travis and Carter; I wish yott guys the best of luck in 

the service. I will see yo%t after OCS. To my rats, Richie and 

Austin I wish you gzcys the best of luck in your journey 

at VMI Again, 7 just want to say thanks to all my family 

and friends for sttpporting me in fxL^illing my dream. 

What can I say aboiit VMI that hasn't been said before? 
\ After having been here for' over 3 years, I have come up 
with my own vieivs of this place. Overall, yon get tvhat 
you put in. Starting ivith the Ratline, this place can be as 
easy or as hard as yott want it to be. With that said, I have 
learned to take things with a grain of salt and to try my 
best not to sweat the small stiiff This place is a 7nini ver- 
sion of the real world because personal problems occivr 
and the only thing that matters is whether youh-e lup to 
standard or not. Good training, especially for those lean- 
:'.ing totvards a career in the military such as myself After 
ir.all is said and done, VMI will remain in our memories as 
|>iye continue- throughout oxur journey called life. I thank 
i^nny '.family and friends for helping me become who I am 
■ 'today. Oite thing that has remained constant, yott can never 
■: make it through here alone. "Do not pray for an easy life, 
.■'pray for th.e strength to endztre a difficidt one'.' -Bruce Lee 

:':Fir.^t and foremost, I ivoii.ld like to thank my mom and, 
' dad for tlieir tremendous support for the past few yeccrs. 
I coiddii't liave done this -without you! It didn't matter if I 
'■oil Id. only see yo u for a few Jninutes, you made the trip here 
frse^ji/e more times thnn I can remember; and that made 
M^ilie dijji'renee. Paige, I know yon probably hate coming 
'■hfi^'n SI iioir, hill ijonr support was ivonderful! I'll ahvays 
rr,,,, liihcr llie long aflemoons in Nichols and the PX with 
111)11 iralehinii Snper Sineet lb'.' Arul thank you to my room- 
males. Mhi Iii'o liiire (ilnriys been there for me, and I knoi.v 
yon ivill go on lo aeeomiilisli givat things.' Tb my CE study 
hn (Idles- L hope those long n ights in NEB pay off'.Thauk you. 
for your palieiice. iinil I liaee learned so much from you 
all. Good Inek Mien (uid Leigh Ann, yon liave been awesome 
rats. Wo)-k hard. r<>meml>er that a ca demies come first, and 
keep your heads doiiui- I know you two will do well here! 

Rat Challenge 3; Guidon. 

Dyke: Jamaal Walton 'Oi 

Rats: Richard Williams 

Austin Lewis 

"l-Dawg" 'ATown" 

Ciiril cmd Environmental 

Dylie: Antliony Me-iias '(h 
Rats: Michael Keleher ■ 

Civil a.n.d Environenienta 

Academic Mentor 3,:2,1; Col 
Guard :3; Tan Beta Pi 2.1: 1 
Eta Sigma 4: SWE 4: 

S-Al;S-3;'i. I 

Dyke: Karen Bill VT 

Rat.v: Leigli Fortn.ey, 

Eden Wood 

abb (y 


1 1; Character Counts 2; Big 
h-otlier/Sister :2; Mentor 2; 

Dyke: Jose Lopez '07 

.ats: Peter Diamo^Uopulos, 

Thomas Donley 

"Fatliei-TencM', "Tendier 

, Electrical and Computer 

NCAA Football i.,S,2,l; 

Eh I gi) leering Cliib 3,2; 

Band UA'^X 

D{jke: Joshua Thompson '0/ 

Rats: Nick Sadowski, 

Logan Soi-ensen 

Civil and Eiviromnental 

Cpl :i; RDC 1. 

Dgke: Tom Pepka '07 
Rats: Kevin Ponsler 

I believe itb impossible to sum up the VMI experience 
in 200 words or less, but I'll give it a shot. First of all, I 
want to say thanks to my family; I never could have made 
it withoitt them. I cannot begin to express my giutitude 
to VMI's factdty for all they have done. L never thought 
that I coidd learn so inuch from a small, military school 
in southern Virginia. Id especially like to thank Professor 
Blair; COL Vargas, BG Brower, COL Jensen, COL Muir; CCK, 
Turner; CAPT Turner, MAT Brooke, and CAPT Riester I 
came to VMI because I ivanted to commission in the Navy, 
but I stayed because of the academics (and the ring). Id 
like to give a shotU out to my roommates Alex, Paul, and 
Ed. I'll never forget some of the things that ivent doivn in 
Room. 178. To my co-dyke Saif, I'm there if you ever need 
anything. Finally, I'll leave a feiv words of wisdom to my 
rats. Pete and Totn, yott tivo are just beginning to learn what 
VMI is really like. Keep studying, deal with the BS one day 
at a time, and take advantage of everything VMI offers. 

I wish the best to all of my brother rats, and I hope 
that they look forivard to the pleastires of life away 
from VMI as mtich as I have for the last four years. 
I 'wish that my rats do as well as they are capable, and 
do not hesitate to call if they find themselves in a bit of 
trouble. I would like to thank Charles Ryland Tench JR. 
and Major Dale for their commitment to my success. 

I'm. now fi:)i ding myself asking the sam.e question I ivould 
ask my dykes all th-e time when I ivas a Rat: Ar-e you going 
to miss this place after yon. graduate?" At the time, I never 
understood why they lie.sitated to answer; but now I do. 
This place has grown on me over the past four gears that 
have flown by in a, blur of uniforms, formations, parades, 
long nights of studying in Nichols, and count dozvns till 
furloughs. At first,VMI .seemed like a depressing place, but 
now. it has an, added sense of unbreakable camaraderie. To 
Maa:ndDad,rri.y family, friend.s.andBrotherRa,ts.thaii.kyou. 
for all of your miicli needed love, support. a:u,d encourage- 
ment, lour advice an.d wisdom is what r-eally got me through 
VMIMy Rat year was filled witlr confusion and gloom.Third 
class year; I realized fliat I made friendships that will 
last the rest of my life. Second class year was counting down 
to ring figure and startiirg to .■«-e the light at the end of the 
tunnel. Fir.-!t class year - tlie intensity of my time ou the RDC 
- I have never fell -so /rr-oud to be a part of sornelhing. So. 
will I miss /his place:' I uerer thought I iroidd admit il. hut 
I truly ivill. To my RAT: Hang iu there. I am proud of you 







■^^ ! ■ 







JIMt, SMckma 

(m a' 


Ml/ JoiD-i/ci/ tlirongli the pn.sf foiii- years has been long and 
Uyittjh. I jroii/il not liarc been able to make it -without my 
fiiiiiily and friends. Katie. Ashley, and Jessica yoit guys 
hare 11 I'lng n-ay to go. make sure that you, make the best 
of if and jK-st kcc/) going no matter luhat happens. I knoic 
that yon all will do n:ellf Mom. Robert, Dad, Amanda, Gary, 
Debbie, Dana. Asliley you all have been great supporters of 
me thi-oiigliont my journey urith an endless floi.v of cook- 
ies. brou-)iies. and each Saturday tailgate. Thank you I ivill 
nerer fbiyet wind you have done for me! Kelly (Mike Vick!) 
uluit can I say, tve went through it all together I don't think 
tlixit I will ever have a closer friend them you; I hope that 
yon succeed and become everything that you hoped to be 
caidmo)-e.To ever yoneelse,Christophei; Rob, Jacob your time 
here has run out as well I hope to see yoii as great Admirals. 
Scientists (or Doctors), and Out of Sight Hippies. Anna, you 
mill always be my third and I wish, you the best in life! Grad- 
uating Finally! See you in five ye.ars,butnolessthanthat! 

Thanks to all the people that helped me get liere and then 
stay here. 

1 V " 

'■Tiny Toman-'. "Little-T" 

Electrical and Computer 

Glee Club U: Softbcdl U,3.2; 

Band Co. J,.3,2,l; OGA 1: 

IEEE 4.3.2,1; SAME 1: 

The Bomb 2,1; FLL 2; SWE ■ 

Dyke: Catrvna Helsel '07 
Rats: Katie Gill, Jessie Snea 
Ashley Nev in 

"Kaineypoo", "Bob Sacamain 

Civil and. Environmental \ 

^me Sflom, 'Totiuimee 

Dyke: Lucas Gordon '07 

Rat.H: Tim Kendzia. 

Antliony Foster 

Rat.'i: Jo/ru Wilsnu 

Oivil and Environmental 

Dyke: Thane Smith '07 
Rats: Dustin Desch 

"The Chron", "OT" 

'Jadre 3; CIG, 3; Ring Figure 

ommittee 2; SGM 2; PVT 2, 1; 

Powerlifting 2, 1; 

Rat Challenge 1; RDC 1. 

Dyke: Jonathan Schmidt '07 

Rats: Caleb Clubb, 

Jared Stdlivan 

"^Im 4 2D10 

WCSW.First off I got to thank the Mama Dtokes. Without you I 
would never have the drive to be where I am today. Ibu gave 
me every opporttvnity to succeed, and never gave up on me 
even when I got myself into the dumbest of situations. To my 
roommates; Randy, Brian, and Marlon, without you giiys I 
would have quit a long time ago. We have been through a lot 
together whether it was good or bad, but we m,ade it and I 
*' cottld not have ever asked for a better group of gtvys to do it 

■with. To my A-1 Crew; coiddn't have served that penalty with 
finer gentleman than yo%i, yo%L guys kept me sane during 
that whole disaster To my rat; Dusty, yo%t are jiist starting 
your long journey to gradztation. This place is what you 
m,ake it. This is a great place to be from and cherish that, 
but never let this place define you as an individttal. Don't 
let this place consume you, there are more important things 
in life. Keep your head on straight and always stay true 
to yozirse^ and yo%c will be out of here before you know it. 

Ifs been a long journey. I think if I had looked at the road- 
map of life a little closer I may not have taken the road less 
traveled, btit Pm glad that Tve had the privilege and honor 
of attending the best school in the nation. To my family, 
dykes, mentors, and brothers, I wouldn't have made it with- 
ozit you and I contribzUe what success I have had to you, 
for yoio were the ones who motivated, pushed, and pzdled 
me to do my best and what was right. To my rats, do yoivr 
best, always, and try to remember the good lessons and 
forget the bad ones I have passed. Until the day I die, I 
will always cherish the memories Tve had dzcring my cadet- 
ship, icphold the standard of honor, and forever RAGE! 

"Katf', "Kitti/' 

Applied Mathematics 

VC4A. Women's Soccer Ji.,3,2,1. 

Dyke: Hatley Clifford '07 

Rats: Leah Schubel, 

Chelsea Loy 

"College is the best years of my life!' Tve been told this numer- 
ous times. Hopefidly, VMI will not be the best years of my 
life. Over the past 4 years Tve have experienced some of the 
good and definitely some of the bad. Nevertheless, I have 
made some of the best friends I will ever have. The roomies 
I love you girls: Asia, Chandale, and Chrissy. Ifs been so 
much fiin living and going out with you. Wish we had spent 
more time together And the soccer girls. . . How can I ever 
forget you? I don't think I have ever made it through a 
time zvith you all and not joked and laitghed. Andrew, yoti 
made life here bearable when I was at my worst. Through- 
otd all the bad that can come from VMI, my friends have 
made the struggle worthwhile ^vith laughing and crying 
together Tve learned love, loss, friendship, and persever- 
ance. Academics and the military lifestyle are not what I 
ivill take with me into the futttre. Frankly, I hope to never 
be outside at 7 in the morning or ever touch a rifle again. 

'Virginia ^eaeh, 'Vuguiia 


Otoen ^. 'wwtman 


(m a 


leuidm, 'Vi^ima 

lesterday you were a little bimdle of joy who giggled (once) 
and screamed (often) and fotight the world over everything. 
From reading a clock to shiny leather shoes, you %oere going 
to do it your way -and yozi, did.Today, you gradtiate with VMI 
as solid foundation upon which to btiild your future. Ibur 
legacy is yet to be written but VMI and your brother rats have 
contributed to how your legacy will end. Use their sacrifices 
wisely and think of them when you are challenged; they will 
guide yo%o and help you see the way out. It seems like jitst 
yesterday that we became a class. We have experienced so 
many things as a class. I would not have been able to survive 
this place without the people who xvere there for me. I just 
want to thank all my friends who ivere there to talk, latigh, 
and vent with, and for the amazing weekends; my rat neigh- 
^bors for all the awesome dance parties; Gof for all the funny 
i^iimes and stories; to Racheal for always being there to talk 
'^ about everything, all the hilarious stupid jokes we thought 
■: of and almost died laughing about, being the person that I 
coitld share everything with. Now we are all about to embark 
on our futiures and leave this place, but ahoays stay close. To 
my rats: yo%i both have the sti-ength to accomplish anything. 

.DON'T TREAD ON ME! Wades Words of Wisdom: Some-% 

fone ever tries to kill you, yoii try to kill 'em right back! Don't 

f-take life too one gets out alive! Some things in 

^Mfe you only get to do once...bxtt if you do them right once is 

h<enongh People die or live withottt rhyme or reason. Thath all 

'ilici-e ?.s fa it. lit ere is always someone who has it worse Ibu 

Mat'ebrains in ijoiirhead.lbu have feet in your shoes.\bu can 

fistern- yo Id-self in any direction you choose. - DrSeuss Aday 

%without blood, is like a day ivithout sunshine. Last one alive 

0ock til e d uo) ! Life is too sho rt to wake up in the morning with 

Sregret^i. Lore the people ivho treat you right, forget the ones 

'^i^yd.Qi/'t. and realize that everything happens for a reason. 

^get a chaiice, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody 

mmotdd be easy.. . they promised it would be worth it. 

i. Be a hero. Save the day. 

Mternational Studies 

Dyke: '07 i 

Rats: Robert Hopkins, \ 

Christopher- Schtveikai -t 

"Bubbles", "Mike Vick" 

Mternational Studies 

Chtb Softball U,3,2,l; CCS 2 

Dyke: Andrew IXmpner '0 

Rats: Kevnin McMasters 

Patrick Leet 

■ v.^j - ' .-.'i-u.T Taii— waiMiii—i a— 

'^-' <~HH ■ H 

"Texas Ranger", "T.R" 

Civil and BJiivironmental 

Marine Corps 

lat Challenge 3,2,1; OGA 1. 

Dyke: Will Doyle '07 

Rats: Brandon Ogles, 

Peter Kniesler 

Looking back on my time at VMl, I have come to realize 
that there were some great times here at the "I". Some qf 
which inchcde going out with Jacob and Tyler every week- 
end 2nd class year and drinking. Ring Figure, which was 
unbelievable, and just having the opportunity to be with 
some of the best guys in the world. When I first came here 
as a Rat I thozight it wozdd never end, and now that I'm 
at the end I wonder where all the time went. VMI is a very 
unique place with many ups and downs biot if you, are able 
to endzore it over the course of four years then you, are guar- 
anteed to leave with memories that will never be forgotten. 

G/i/eil ^. "Walker 

S'wnUm '^ounbf, O^u^ifda 

Completer Science 

Taitvan Republic of China 

Dyke: Kaiiu Shih '07 

Rats: lu-Cheng Chen, 

Fred Wang 

To my dyke, thank you for setting the example for me, thank 
you for reminding me all the time that we carry the expee 
tation as a Taiwanese cadet. To my rats, thanks for all of 
you work for me. It is a pleasure for me to work with you 
all throtighout this year. To my roorrumates, Kyle and Dan, 
you are the best friends I've ever have in my life. The time 
we spent together will be the treasure in my memory for- 
ever For the past eight years, God has used the most incred- 
ible way bringing me to VMI, prepared a place for me to 
meet Him. VMI is such a sinful place filled with judg- 
ment and hatred. But God called us to this place for the 
purpose of glorifying Him. Shining the light in the dark- 
ness and stepping out of our comfort zone. Since the uni- 
verse tvas created, till today, and days are coming. He is 
still standing on the water, calling us to step out of the boat. 

,%uhtumg, ^auam 

NCAA Football i,3,2,l. 

Dyke: Charles Nweke '07 

Rats: Eihvard Ross, 

David Eberhardt 


Mechanical Engineer in Cj 

Dyke: Bret Wilhite '07 
Rats: William Baker 


SMimoid, ''Piteinia 

'Soaiid, '§em£ia 

Ifs been a rough four years, I know I couldn't have done 
it without the help of my dykes, Scott Harvey, Josh Chris- 
tian, and Rob Thompson, my co-dykes. Matt Sinkez, and im 
Black, and my various roommates throughout the years; 
Brandon Singleton, Logan Swanson, Ray Starsman, Silas 
Belt, Kenny Green, and George Degennaro, to name a few. 
To my dyke; Scott, thanks for getting me through the ratline. 
Some of my fondest memories of VMI are of room 110. I 
try to be the dyke that you were. To my rat; Jackson, carry 
on the legacy that my Dyke passed on to me. Be good to 
your rat when the time comes and don't let this place get 
to your head, because it will if you let it. Never get rank, 
be humble, and always try to find time to relax. I never 
really belonged at VML I still don't know why I came here. 
Whether or not it was the right choice Til always have 
my memories and the friends I made. Thank you all. 

Fm a m,an of unclean lips. God, give me wisdom to write 
what you woicld have me write. Keep me Mumble because 
ifs not aboiU me. Ifs no accident that I attended VMI 
Ifs no accident that you are reading these words. Don'i^ 
ignore these ivorrls. They ai-en't mine bu,t another's. "I am 
the LCRD and apart from me there is no savior: Salvation 
/.s found in no one else, for there is no other name under 
heaven given to men by which ive rrntst be saved. As for 
ijon, you mere dead in you transgressions and sins, [biitj 
if in h// grace you have been saved, thi-ottgh faith — and this 
not from yourselves, it is the gift of God — not by works, 
so that no one can boast. Therefore, I urge yoxL brothers, 
bi view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sae 
^ rifices, lioly and pleasing to God — tJds is youfr spiritual 
act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern 
of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of youi- 
■mind. Then you. urill be able to test and approve what God's 
will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will" For His Glory. 

Electrical and Compute) 

Private 1,3,2,1; OGA 1; 
The Cadet U,3,2,l. 

Dyke: Scott Harvey '07 
Rats: Jackson Sain 

"Dan", "D-dn,b" 

Economics and Business 

NCAlA Soccer i,3,2,l; Disc if 
ship Breakfast i.,3,2,1; Chaj. 
lain 1; S-2 1; Omicron Deh 
Epsilon 1; Sigma Beta Del 
1; CIG 3,2,1; Phi Kappa Phi 
Phi Eta Sigma 4,3,2.1: FC 
4.,1; Honors Program .i.,3,2. 

Dyke: Llam O'Brian '07 

Rats: Justin Tomiies, 

Robert Danielson 


Meclimiical. Engineerincj 

Rut Challenge 3,2,1; 
Jazz Band UA'B,!. 

Dyke: Welsey Hopkins '07 
Rats: Bi-ent Slmil, 
Thomas Drown 

"D-Wet -m", "Werm-Do^' Ciub i,3,2,l; Men in. Grey 
S,2,l; Martial Arts Club 3,2; 
RFP '2,1; Physics Society U,3; 

Dyke: Ditstin Schuitz '07 
Rats: Sean McCatdey, 
Jackson Mo'ii.tgomery 

International Studies 

NCAA Lacrosse i,3,2,l. 

Dyke: John Limanro '07 

Rats: C/iristopher Kelly. 

Brett Kitchen. 

Thank you, mom and dad for helping me throtigh 
this place. Thanks to my brother rats far m,aking 
it interesting. To CCK,. Brodie, "ibu're the mall!' 

"If a man does his best, what else is there?" ~General Patton 

I pray to God for adventivre The next stage of life cam,e 

beyond all imagination 
I did not ask to be born (or 
did I?) but I was 
A world of great and infi'id- 
tesimal cities and children 

I was tmprepared 

But of experiences I care 

little to share 

I finally saw plains and 

knew the people 

I was one who was all alone My hands look different like 

God was my brother .saving a normal man's for some 

me from the edge of despair years I did not watch them 

A world of rich and power- grow 

fid versus the hopeless and 


I voived to save them and 


I saw things which no eyes 

I do coolness in chaos tease 

my best of friends 

I have not seen supernatwre 

in so long 

I almost no longer believe 

had seen ears had not heard So I pray to you again, God 

All people see plains I to carry me onward make 

walked on mountaintops my dreams rea.lity 

Admiring God's and rrban's And so I thank yon, the 
creation and design yet to Mother "/" for making me 
love people and know them, who/ what I wanted to be 
Eueryone always says that college is the best years of your 
life, -well after looking back at VMI I have realized; life is 
going to suck. Although I make fuu of the "/", / tvould 
rather be here than anyiuliere else. VMI has developed me 
into the man I am. today; honest, confident, and let^s not 
fo-rget punctual, i.e. "made it to formation with one second 
to .spare, AICA punctual." VMI only molded the frninda- 
tiou my fimdly gam me. Thank yon Mother, Fbthei; and 
Christopher; wat clung you overcome your personal strug- 
gles, as well as yonr occa.sian<d. hick in my bntt have been 
my motivating force. To my BR's 'we did it together and I 
'Will always be at your side. To my only STP roommate we 

made it together loitl 
mates, I love yon gn 
wake np and play nn 
to Kitchen and Kcll, 
an easy place to sui 
ivhat it takes, I helie 

I. fe/w Smarties to spare. To my room- 
: a:nd always will, hnl I cccn't wait to 
ic firxl thing in the morning. Finally 
anil ((II llie rals in US; VMI is not 
ire or do ivell. but both o/' you have 
■'. in (ion. and (ion c'cn succeed li.ere. 


Weu,, 9'aim^wum, 

O^itginia ^eack, l^agi/ua 

(m ^ 

&mk % "Whim 

hi nitj time here at VMI I have Learned many things aboitt 
life. First eoicl most importantly, is the necessity of relying 
n.pov Jesus Clwist, in all things. With a trust in God for 
st)-ei/.gth one ami do most anything. No matter what the 
sitiiuiion, ivhiether it be d gut-wrenching workout or a 25 
page paper; Heivill see you through the storm. The second 
rlessou is the importance of trite friends. True friends 
'Cnever leave your side no matter what the sitttation. I can 
?.lionestly say that I am the most blessed human being on 
': ean-th, because of the friends I have made here. They are 
the brothers I have never- had and I cannot imagine my 
life toithout them. The third lesson is the concept of time 
management. I never- in all my life thottght I coidd do so 
jmuch in one day and yet have more to do. Every second 
: here counts rio matter what tivxe of day. The last lesson is 
the importance of giving your absolute all. Wake up every 
day with the 'mjindset of giving yoii absohite best. If you give 
your best, then at the end of the day, yott can go to sleep con- 
tent knowing that yo%i left nothing back. Ibtt are defined by 
your actions not your words. Never slack off and never quit. 

This place has taught me that as long as you have the 
heart to do something you can get throtigh anything. I 
would never trade my experiences and the friendships 
I have gained since being here. I have met people who 
will be lifelong friends and that I tvozdd do anything for 
them. I want to thank my mom and dad far siiqjporting 
me when I needed them and giving me the opport'wnity to 
live and create my dreams. I thank my roommates, Rachel 
and Virginia, for cdways being there tvhen I have needed 
them. When zve part from this place it will be bitter siveet. 

Mama Ketra (you were the best dyke ever!), Jon (my heart 

and, best friend of 3 years, I'll love yott forever and ahoays), 

my i-Qonvies (one word: aivesomef I Love you guys!), Kat (rat 

/roomie and the otlierbad girl of Charlie. C/mck Co. stand up!), 

'waf b-ack faimily (Squishy, Z, Crutches, Dentist, Trey Songz, 

Jazzy Phae, and yes, tlie Canadian and African too, I am 

going _ to niiss you guys SO mucli! Get ya some!), and Last Irut 

not least, nil/ ) -a t-ties. Believe me, 3013 will be here before you 

' knoir it /llie ra tlii le i vas only a mild stepping stone into wli at 

'yon IV it I endure far tile next 3 years of your Ufa. Remember: 

' staij Old of trouble, books befare boys and youh-e Liere far a 

pill -ixise. Th c only person who can get in your tvay of success 

is yon. represent! Tlie last one standing! I'm otut tliis piece! 

Ranger Challenge 4.,3,"2,l 
Honor Court 2,1. 

Dyke: Jolin Sliluge '07- 
Rats: Cory Byron 

Computer Science 

Rifle Team 4,3,2,1; 
Glee Club U,3,2,l. 

Dylce: Erin Mottle '07 
Rats: Kimberly WLieelei 

NCAA Track and Field i,3 

Dylce: Ketra Alexander 'C 

Rats: Corinne Lariviere 

Andrea HoLmcm 

^IcuA a 


Di/ke: Mike Watson '0? 

Rats: Tyler Hagan, 

Alex Ad kins 

VMI has been an experience that I would never want to ' 
change. I have hated times here and I have loved times here. 
But, regardless of the frustrations and the things that have 
made no sense at all, I have treasured my time here. To ■. 
my family I tvant to say thank yozi for pushing me to keep 
going and to not look hack. To my roommates we have had 
many great times together, ones we will be able to look back 
on during out 50th reuniooi. My experience at VMI would _ 
not have been the saine withotvt you Carter, Bob, John, and 
Cody. Not only are yoti forir my brother rats but you are also 
my brothers. To my rats I want to say that I hope you get | 
everything out of this experience as you can. I hope that \ 
yoti ai-e able to come to love this place as much as I have. 
Finally, and most importantly, to my brother rats, we have 
fought, sweat, bled, and struggled together for the past four '1) 
years. I have enjoyed every minute I have spent being in " 
the Class of 2010. Let our legacy continue as we leave VMI 

Earned Si, ^iUiami 

9>owdl, Ohia 

Dyke: Pete Duvigneud '07 

"Life's a beach, so go surfing: To my parents: Thank you 
for all your support and for making me Eve up to my 
potential. To my grandmother: \biv always believed in me 
and reminded me that, this too, 'will pass. To my dyke: I 
learned that tough love ivorks on people like me. To my 
rats: Don't second guess yourself; you are in the right place. 
To Ray: Four years, what ivas I thinking? Never change 
and never forget me. To Sam: It was a game and I won. 
ibzi. kept me sane during our time in the zoo! "Li. the book 
of life, the answers aren't in the back:' -Charlie Brown 

Somikm G^. Winokei 

m 0^ 

I r('.iii<niibcy.Uicl;(ni(l I ><ill iii(i mo'wrrvorii.atSTP saying:"! 
ivaiilnidlririiJdtioii to (jcl lie re .so ive can just this yearovei- 
irillK Iir^lKtrd lohc.lii'rc llial I h at tvas almost fbivr years ago. 
I iKirclic.ri' /rii/!jl>//:ss('(/ in my t-inie atVMI and I tliank and 
nrarsi'-Jf-'^ii-^ ('i/ri^l for lii-^ guiding and leading me along. 
Odd uin! Mom: I Iciioin I liavK probably given you a lot of 
llic ivorl: (aid sacrifice you have given for m,e to be in .school 
here. I lore aii.d tlixai.k you both. Jack, Chris, and B: having 
frieiuU and roommates like you is what made this place 
lolerabie. I iinll always miss our aimless all-nighters, atside 
jokes, anxl eccentricities that other rooms just didn't under- 
ataiul. Sam. and the 3-118 rat's: keep your head tip; it really 
^oes get better I think VMI is best summarized by a great 
"mn nam.ed Rob Witcher: "The world is full of pointless non- 
sense. Thaih why VMI is a great preparation for the world; it's 
a four-year exercise in putting xvp with pointless non.sense'.' 

J" I 1 , 

"Kno-v" "WIV 

Eboii.omics a^id Businexf 

CIG .3,2,1; Bloodmobile S,.i 
Rat Challenge 3. 

Dyke: Lar)g Richardson v 
Rats: Sam Thomas 

9ad d?. m^ 

wouldn't pay for any other school. After .spending a semes- 
ter in the ratline and creating a bond with so many diffiir- 
ent people, I decided that this is the place for m.e. I was 
never the best at anything that I did, be it aca.demics or PT 
(especially PT). Bitt I knew that coming out of VMI I would 

amazing, I have 2 great rats that I hope to be able to 

My friends from this place will ahvays share a common 
heritage of the amazing Class of WIO. To my rats, my brother 

place does to you remember you are yoztr own person and 
that you, should never change who you are for anyone. Live a. 
great life and never forget those you love. They are the people 
you can count on. To the Class of 2010: Rah Virginia. Mil. 

Who knows wliat ■will luL-ppeii. to -us when we leave here... 

especially those heading to -war Some of us may not make it 

back to onr fnJ lire reunion.^. . .Aii.d it is because of this that I 

dedicai e ii > // na:i ■) -a ti i v t o: "Ttie I hiki loivn Leadef' th e soldier 

: orcii'iliiin irl/oe(irrie.^llii' men and wo m.en of our future foi- 

■^ivard itn/iHU'cring/y, >:omelimes falling unknown or never 

:.i:re(-eieiri!/ />i<ri.^(\ / kniiii'/.hrii lln'Cla-.ssqf :JOI(> willdowhatis 

^<'n If i/ </(h'>< inniiil.i (u'(l. Never relini/n.i.'ilrtheq-u.atities 

'^hvhii-h ire hiire been in/bned i villi: pe/r^e reran ce in tlie face of 

^.(ulrer^ilij, loyii/li/ (o / Jiyhting beside you, and courage 

I'agd in si /// ii<ho iroiildiindeiiii inr ivhiil weholddearDoing 

hwhal /.s righl ean be a longh anil loneli/,socheersto 

you. I he I Jul: no inn LeailerK from VMI, may God watch over 

yon in all Ihal yon do. Oh yeah, and don'l forget to have fun! 

ehieh irehiireb. 

"Fritos". "Wog" 

Paintball Team 3,2; CCS 

Dyke: Titn Labresh '07 

Rats: Paul Wojcik, 
Christian. Rich ard.son 

D-oiiomics a:nd Bin- 

Cadre 3,2; Staff J; Range 
Challenge 2; Club Football 

Dyke: Komgrit Kolcharaksi 
Rats: Thomas Hnlchei; 
Logan O'Day 


Rat C/iallenge 3. 

Dyke: Jake WiW.s H)7 
Rats: Adam, Teiifol 


The Cadet 3,2J; 

Cadet Battery 3,2,1; OGA 1; 

NCMT 2. 

Dyke: Joe Cassm '07 
Rata: Josh Bates, 
Caleb Shortridge 

^Im 4 2D 

Many years from now, I may not remember the inscription, 
on the parapet. However; I am positive, that I will, remenir 
ber all the friends I have made over the past four years at 
tlie I To my roommates: Chris "Zerachin", Knox "Whikner" 
mid Brandon "Stratagonious Maximonious", thank you 
for always being my support, oivr late night talks and 
inside jokes will always be my mos coiriforting memories 
about the I. I can't say that I love being at the I, biU I know 
there is nowhere else I would rather be, bat at VML To my 
wbom, dad, sister; I am greatly appreciative and thankful for 
your love and sivp'port, in everything I do in life. The numer- 
o%is phone calls of reasstaxvnce, or "just to talk" will never 
be forgotten. To everyone else: my summer roommates, 
neighbors in barracks, cadets of the past and present, thank 
yo2(. for the memories good and bad. I couldn't have made it 
without knowing that 7ny friends were going through 
the struggle with me. I love you, all, and wish that VMI is the 
stepping st.on,eforasucce.s.sfidandblessedfatMrefo'rallqf' us. 

I have found after four years there is so m'uch more to the 
.Mstitute than anyone from the outside could ever tmder- 
and. The bonds I have made inside these four walls over 
e years are .stronger than any I will make for the rest of my 
life. I -would first like to thank my parents for their laiend- 
ing support, without you two I could not have made it this 
far Jess, thank you for always giving me somethmg to laugh 
at even when nothing else was going right and for staying 
with me throti,gh three years of this jjlace. I couldn't write 
this without thanking my roommates and all my friends. 
Ibu guys have always been there and provided a good time. I 
would also like to thank those professors who put their time 
into me, I couldn't have done it withottt you. Finally, to nty 
■rats, keep your heads up and remembet; cooperate and grad- 
uate. Ith been a good trip. I'll leave this place with much less 
sleep and with a lot of headaciies, but I'll also leave with some 
great .stories and some of the best friends I coidd ever ask for: 

pijke: Shu-Chang Lin '0'/ 

Rats: Ei-ic Co-nti, 

Die IV Cloeter 

I am appreciative of my education, at VMI I hope I can 
come back for the reunion. 


jy{an/uiu/tg, loaiiom 

m 0^ 

'Viiginia SBeadi, l^k^um 

}/<■ /i((.-<f fniir //c<ir>^ !/((>•<' been, blin: but with very distinct 

HiciiioricK. Tliefc arc tlihiga titat I remember with vivid 

r/di-ilif. bill all the otiiev limes of my cadetship liave been 

a fofjijiiiii memorii. Looking back over the past four 

!/i-(iiv. [ iroiild. Iiaiv made the same choices, even possibly 

till' bad oiK-'x. Tlio.'ie are the ones that truly co2int. To the 

-^cla>!-'i''.s beloiv me, please take heed. To 2011, please learn 

:ifrom llic past and not repeat the errors of history. To 2012, 

fi^leaae take heed of your dyke's class and try to live up to 

'their Klandards. Finally, to the Class of 2010+3, remewu- 

ber your dyke line, its greatness, and try to live up to its 

glory. To tlie th-ose tliat will remain after 2010 graduates, 

do not let us down a:n.d keep up with the good work. A)id 

finally, to all -my band company brother rats, to memorials 

fee our favorite master sergeant, "Ooh-rah, Brother Rats.'" 

Jeremiah 29:11 "I say this because I knoiv -what I ami plan- 
ning for you" says the Lord. I have good plans for you, not 
plans to hzirt yott. I luill give you hope and a good future. 

Sometimes it is impossible to understand ivhy? But keep 
your faith and tvith everyday that passes more under- 
standing will come. Thank you for opening my eyes. "27" 

ymui^domn,0luo . 

'^^e has taken me down a pat/t that most people will never 
^^t.font upon. It lias made me the person that I am today. 
^p. /Ac eii(l. file four years ivas worth all the struggle, pain, 
^md agoiiji. ^^^^ came out on top; we made it. 'And when, we 
tall n-c irlll tall logetlierNo one will catch us so we'll catch 
^miimelves .\nd irltere we roam we -will roam forever No 
fe inidcrxfiuid ivliat ice mecm.t" -T/iomas Kalnoky 

"rTmkd ^m, Q/l'mi dfeueu 


Computer Science 

Band J4;S,2,1. 

Dyke: Robert Allan. '07 
Rats: Marcus Love 

NCAA Football i,3,2,l; 
GC A,S.2.1. 

Dyke: Tommy Lloyd '07 

Rats: Jarfri Taylot; 

Westo)i Reber 

"Chris", "Zarycki" 

Electrical and Computer 

Cadre S; Club Soccer 3.2; LI 

Dyke: Doug Hague '07 
Rats: Jonathan Booth 


ill I 








' m 













- ci fU 







■■ ■ i 

■ H ■■ 


^v.«l|H 1 

1 '^^IH 

1 iVPVH 

Rii*" TT'^EV^'t'" "^^^.-S^: 





i33^«% A. 



i ^' 




**l>^ , 




pi«y no 











iMTilil ijiil 

-'"i :|^^^^^^H 

...■.^:CJ-... . :-.. 





Our Brother Rat bond is forever. 
The bond was born in August of 2007, when VMI was a place 
about which we understood little. Iramediately, however, the "Mother 

I" got to know and understand us ^VVII tore us down and built us new 

through a Ratline conducted by our Dykes, the Class of 2008. In Janu- 
ary 2008, VMI acknowledged us as Cadets. The Class of 2011 earned its 
place in barracks and began its long journey. From our class' infancy, oui 
Brother Rat bond held us together through times so difficult, confusing, 
and trying, they were nearly comical. Third Class year was a struggle 
to stay out of trouble, keep privileges, and learn all we could under the 
pressure of a tough learning curve. We survived this time nonetheless, 

united as a class the Brother Rat bond provided us with the fortitude 

we needed to press up a hill of challenges- NIow, we excel at the top half 
of the totem pole. In our Second Class year, VVII is proud to see us not 
settling with "flying below the radar" we "soar high" for all the Corps to 
see, and we accomplish much. We joined the Brotherhood of the Ring. 
We took on many leadership roles in the Corps and changed VMI for 
the better. We look ahead to next year, when we will lead the Corps and 
leave behind the majority of our VMI legacy as First Class Cadets. We 
are proud to call each other Brother Rats, because it reflects the bond 
that carried us until now, our Second Class year. It will persist to carry 
us into our First Class year and onto the many years that follow our 
tenure here. Our Brother Rat bond is forever. Never let any other men 
or women challenge the Brother Rat bond as the most unifying force of 
any group of young men and women in the whole country Take pride, foi 
you are forever a Brother Rat of the Class of 2011 at the Virginia Military 
Institute. Let us savor these past years as VMI Cadets, and make the 
very best of t-^ext year. God bless us. Brother Rats, and bless VMI. 

-John Manning 
2011 Class President 


David Adar . 
Grafton Addison j 
James Alexander i 
Briana Allai 
Byron Alle.i 
Robert Anthes 

Angelica Arenas 

David Arthur 

Justin Ausborn 

3urton Bacheller III 

Aaron Baez 

Sukhyun Baik 

Chase Bailey 

Andrea Baker 

Henry Baker 

Jennifer Ball 

Ryan Barefoot 

Bryan Barnson 

Nicholas Bates 
Brent Bayliss 
Adam Becker 
Heidi Beemer 

Matthew Biebel 
Carl Biggs 

Terrance Bishopr 

Adam Black 

Brian Blincoe 

Michael Blue 

James Boatright III 

Kevin Bocanegra 

Stephan Bohannor 

Joshua Bookwalte 

James Booll 

James Bost III 
Julian Bowers 
Travis Bowman 

Robert Boyer 
Charles Bradford 
Timothy Brust 

Joshua Bryan 
Christopher Buck 
Ryan Buell 
Kobee Burnshire 
Tyler Byam 
Jackson Calhoun 

Emilio Calvin 
Ashley Camper 
Elizabeth Carlos 
Thomas Carnes 
Christopher Cashen 
Nicholas Chang 

Ching Chen 
Rory Chisholm 
Solomon Choi 

Jeremy Chuidian 
Eric Church 
Joseph Cicero 

Jared Claus 
James Clayton 
Zachary Cline 
Jason Cobb 
Gabriel Colon 
Daniel Concepcion 


Christopher Coni 

Ahmed Conct 

Matthew Covo 

Alexander Cowdr 

Preston Cra 

Patrick Crandi 

Aaron Cregar 
Alexander Crow 

Richard Crozier 
Isaac Cryder 

Christopher Curtis 
Karl Cutler 

Travis Daniel 

Cody Davis 

Hunter Davis 

Thomas Davis 

Matthew Deacon 

Jon Deane Jr 

Anna DeFrank 

John Digan 

Geoffrey Dinneen 

Vinh Do 

Danielle Dove 

Kyle Drumheller 

Steven Duke 

Ronald Ellsworth Jr 

Daniel Emery 

Nicholas Engle 

Christopher Estrada 

Garrett Evans 

John Fede 
Thomas Fields 
Christopher Forbes 
Zachary Freitag 
l^ichael Frossard 
Christopher Fukui 

David Gately 
Christopher Gearhart 
Joshua Geher 
David Gerardo 
Charlie Gerkin 
Kyle Gianni 

Gregory Gibbons 
Caleb Gibson 
Noah Gibson 
Christopher Gingrich 
Mario Giordani 
Michael Girardi 

Jarrod Girod 
Brodie Gleason 
Taylor Godsey 
Kyle Goodale 
Trenton Gordon 
James Gordon III 

" ^ Hannah Granger 

Thomas Graybeal 
Adam Green 

Terrance Green 
Peter Griffin 

Brandon Griffii 

Arthur Gross ^ 

Chiesopher GyamfuE. 

Hope Hackemeye 

Tracy Hairstori 

Alex Haitsuka 

Christopher Hall 

Monica Hamlin 

Thomas Hamlin 

James Handler 

Brian Harding 

Aquisi Harris 

Robert Harris Jr 

Zachary Hartless 

Marlena Hawes 

Jruce Hazelgrove IV 

James Hefner 

John Held 

Cory Hendley 

Zachary Henke 

Steven Henry 

Jacob Hentges 
Michael Herron 
Alexander Herzog 
Jerry Hickey Jr 
Justin Hickman 
Andrew Hilber 

Lawrence Hill Jr 

Katherine Hindley 

Steven Hite 

Min Hsieh 

Zachary Huge 

Li Hungxin 


Roy Hunter 
Kelson Hurley 

Nicholas Ingold 
Kai Ingram 

Gabriel Itoka 
Dennis James II 

"^ Matthew Janak 
Marshall Jarrett 
Joshua Jeffcoat 
Andrew Jeter 
Christopher John 
Stefanie Johnson 

Brenton Jones 
Cameron Jones 
Matthew Jones 
Robert Jones 
Zebulon Jones 
Matthew Jordan 

Fredy Jurkowitsch II 
Joseph Kang 
Samuel Kang 
Joseph Keese 
Carolyn Kenaley 
Christopher Kenney 

Austin Kenon 
Zachariah Kier 
Joshua Kinder 
Jenkyn Kittrell 
Dylan Knehr 
Adam Kruithof 

Samuel Landr 

Chad Lawson 

Matthew Leccadito 

Richard Lee Jr 

Luke Leichty 

Patrick Leugers 

James Lockett 
Matthew Long 
Matthew Lowe 
Jeremy Lucier 
Andrew Luxhoj 
Richard Lynch Jr 

Daniel Mahaffey 

John Manning Jr. 

Benjamin Martin 

David Martin 

John Martinez 

Christopher Mayberry 

Sean McAbee 

Zipporah McCann 

David McCown Jr. 

Thomas McDavid 

Bryan McDonald 

Casey McElligott 

Nicholas McFarland 
Foster McFather 

George Mclntyre III 
Sean McLachlan 

Daniel Michnewich 
Colin Miller 


Michael Munson 
Douglas Nesmith 
Christopher Newcomb 
Ryan Nienstedt 
Kara Noble 
Jacob Norman 

Louis Papet III 
Philip Parker 
William Park Jr. 

Matthew Parmer 
Jordan Peck 
Clint Pendleton 
David Perry 
Matthew Piazza 
Zachry Pittard 

Frank Powell Jn 
Lane Pratt 
Ethan Price 
Spilman Pumphrey 
Sean Purnell 
Adam Ralston 


Alexander Rav g, 

Jonathan Razack 

Cierra Reaves 

Angela Redmond 

Stephen Redmond 

Thomas Redmond 

Curtis Register 

Jessica Rende 

Laura Resetar 

Stephen Rhodes 

Norwood Richardson II 

John Roberts 

Todd Robison II 
John Rushton 

Kenneth Sadler 
Jonathan Santos P 
Stephen Sargent f 

Alex Scaperotto 

Robert Schaefer 

Thomas Schirra 

Heather Schmidt 

Nadine Schumacher 

Eric Scott 

Mario Scott 

Tyler Secrest 

Colin Sexton 

Justin Simmons 

Kittisak Siripollawat 

John Sisco 

Brian Skiff 

Andrew Smith 
Benjamin Smith 

Brian Sowell 
Joshua Splinter 

David Stecher 
Richard Steinhoff Jr 

James Stevenson 
Robert Strasl<ulic 

David Stronko 
Jonathan Stumpf Jr 

John Sturgill 
Patricl< Sweeney 
Alexander Symons 
Matthew Talbott 
Rainier Tanglao II 
Patrick Terhune 

Matthew Thomas 
Wade Thompson 
Warner Thompson 
Shayn Tierney 
Korey Tighe 
Mark Tomlin 

Frank Tontala III 
Justin Topping 
William Truscott 
Andrew Tunnell 
Jonathan Twigg 
Kyle Valente 

Jared Varney 
Leo Walker 
William Walker 
Casey Ward 
Aaron Weiland 
Korey Wessel 

Quinn Wicks 

Matthew Wilcox 

Shane Wilkinson 

Daniel Williams 

Kevin Williams 

Lansing Wilson 

Joshua Wine 

Patrick Winkler 

Eric Wittig 

Adam Woloshuk 

Travis Woods 

Robert Wray III 

^^mss m^ ^ 

."*■?: ^■W-'-^rafi«i¥?*5^a&.-t»?aafe^'- 

elt, a curse. 

J November 21st 2009, The Qa^W^Smmid The Brotherhood of 
Tb Ring. It hod been a very long two years for everyone and finally get- 
,iq our Rings was a feeling that just can t be put into words. Having the 
pvilege of heading the Ring Figure Committee was -it fir<:t I f^lf n n ir<;p 
b: it ended up being the most rewarding thing I :| 

I'VAAI. When I saw everyone walking through thf 

I new that every minute of every hour spent planning was worth se _, .. 

tbse smiles on my Brother Rof^b^^tty^^ who put on the Ring of the , 
C3SS of 2011 carried with thei^'^fnP'nremariHs of the last real rat line and i 
th third class year from hell. Now I hope they can add their memories of . ^ . 
Rg Figure (if anyone does remember that is) to their collection of storli 
thir time at VMI. Special thanks to the GC (except Twigg), my portn^rin-^ 
cTie Michael Frossord, all the gentleman from the committee for their hard Vf 
vxk (except Buck), and Tom Davis forallowing us to hove Ring Figure at all. jr. 

Brian Blincoe 
Ring Figure Chairman 2011 

''WfU /\s I poured through pictures of myself and my BRs spending a great week- 
|ether it again reminded me of why we do what we do. It is for 
irotherhood and perseverance. The Ratline showed us just how far 

j we could push ourselves, and not letting each other down. The thirdline 
of 09+2 taught us that all that we had here was each other, not the first 
class, the comn Tggg|g^||- staff, no one. We did not let each other down in 
the days we ;^HHl| use Jackson, when we lost privledges for having 
our hoys thrown or ffiose cold walks to the shower after losing our robes. 
This year we got our Rings. That large hunk of metal on our fingers that we 
will now undoubtably wear for the rest of our lives. That ring is a darily 
reminder of what we have done to earn it. The true weight of that Ring is 
_DQLibeA4_Dennxweight,jt is the memory of the blood, sweat, and tears 

i weight of every late night, 

..csuny iiiu ly, ana countless nours or ns isome more than others) that com- 

■ prise the total and full explrience of the I. Brother Rats, when you read 
this we HJ^^is^gi^ year left in our tenure here at the I. Let us 
not lose^^^^^^HW&ail ourselves by getting being distracted from 
our final ^Hwiil^pminly never ending quest of four years, graduation. 
Allen McCown 

I Ring Figure Section Editor 2011 

David Adanns 
Nicole Fede 

Grafton Addison 
Emily Ingham 

James Abxonder 
Jozmine Robertson 

Briona Allard 
David Allard 

Byron Allen 
Whitney Him 

Robert Anthes 
Raquel l-bner 

Angelica Arenas 
Elbert Clarin 

David Arthir 
Cdssie Penolzer 

Benfamin Ashoch 
Midielle Grigsby 

Justin Ausfacm 
Victoria Layman 

Jcxxjueline Jerr 

Adam Black 
Jesskxi CTOodmon 

Brian Blinooe 

Michael Blue 
Whitney Goldys 

James uoatnght 

Kevin Booonegra 
Madison Qowder 

Stephan Bohcran 
Christine Cade 

Joshua Bookwalti 
Chelsea AAoore 

Travis Bowman 
Jessie Atkinson 

Caleb Boyer 
Carter Dome 

Charles Bradford 
Stephdiie Quintero 

Samuel Bridges 
Gemie Bowles 

" " 1 Brodanon 

Christopher Bud 
Jennifer Budc 

Ryan Buell 

Lindsey Derby 

Jod^son Calhoui 
AAercy Firey 

Ashfey Camper 
Jonathan McWillic 

Thomas Comes 
Erin Peterson 

Christopher Cashen 
Christina Hermonsderfe 

Oiing Hang Chen 
Victoria Wu 

Rory Onsholm 
Charbtte AAoss 

oolomon Choi 
Natdie Smith 

Jeremy Oxidiar 
AAodl AAorood 

Eric Church 
Jessica Poindexter 

Joseph Cloero 
Brittany Bowling 

Jared Clous 
Paige Shomon 


Jgsoh Cobb 
Miraxdo Fuller 

Robert Cole 
May Elisabeth Peterson 

Gabrld Colon 
AAegcn Lomasney 

Dcniel Concepcion 
Ashley Garda 

Christopher Conte 
AAorgoret AAanzCTiilb 

Ahmed Conteh 

AAatthew Cbvdt 
oorcfi Correll 

Alexonder Cowdry 
AAorlsa Hoffman 

Patrld Crondoll 
Amber Toomey 

' > omith 

Alexander Crow 
Ashfey Goettlrg 

Ridiard Crazier 
Lairo Jane Wdoott 


Wayne Cuminghom 
Amy Lee Queries 

Robyn Mickley 

Matthew Flora 
AAaggie Davis 

Christopher Forbes 

Zochory Freitag 
Dona AAenard 


Jennifer Doughton 

Qristopher FJ^ui 
Ana Herskey 

David Gately 
Emily Halyard 



Patrick Luegers 
Katie Pdker 


James Lockett 
Katherine CDonnd 

AAatttiew Long 
Kdly Coraycfi 

Matthew Lowe 
Rifey Prendergast 

Maddison Wilbur 

Andrew Luxhoj 
AAerrily Mcadiffe 

Stephcnie Ford 

[Doitel AAcJiaffey 

Michael Mmson 
Jennifer Sing 

Douglas Nexmith 
Wendy Wilson 

'•.^Qristopher Newcont 
*"Kylle Wheeler 

Ryan NiefBtec* 
Am^Jeid Nottingham 

Kara Noble 
Mke Noble 

Chelsea Nugent 
Johnothdi Winok. 

Keith Ottennell 
Brandy Jones 

. ChorbsOferc 

f0iM Midrib Ligon 

Denis O'Reilly 

Louis Papet 
Sophia Bolder- 
Phillip PoHcer 
Armcrie Allen 

Mathew Pcxmer 
Courtney A^o^•is 

Dora Coffey 

Clint Pendleton 
Sooimg Lim 

David Perry 
Corley Powell 

Won-Yi Huang 

Lcuren FmktiQuser 


Coleman Zw< 

■' When Allen came to me and asked that I write for the Ring Figire section of 

The Bomb, it was in tfie midst of Resurrection Week. As most of you can probably guess this is 
a very busy time for every member of the General Committee and I placed ttie importcnce of this 
introduction very bw on my list of priorities. But then, I began to think bock on Ring Figure. The phn- 
g, the execution, ttie contracts, the phone calls, ttie meetings, the all-nighters, the fights, the comphints, the operation orders, the decDorations, ttie measuring, 
d everything else ttiat goes into planning a party for ttie Ckiss of 2011. Even with all of ttiese experiences weighing on my memory ttie one thing I remember 
5 most are the Brother Rats with wtiom I worked and received my ring. So I want to open this with a sincere thank you to all wtio helped with Ring Figure, 
thout you none of it would have t)een possible. 

Q Figure really puts things at VMI into perspective, especially the importance of rehtionships. I cannot tell you how worried or annoyed I was when things 
J not go according to plan. I still remember when a certain member of ttie Commandant's Staff knocked over some decorations diring olt bxall and gasps of 
rror came from our parents in the crowd. I was worried, more worried than I probably stxxjld have beea 

hat I saw next ttiough opened my eyes to something tfiat I had almost forgotten about, the power of family and friends. What we all saw were our BR's 
ihing away from otr Figure to go fix tfie pipe and drape, as we were all standing there trying to fix tfie decorations something happened, we were all 
pped on the shoulder and wtien we timed we saw the faces of as mothers. They left their seats and volunteered to fix ttie decorations wittiout hesitation 
icouse they knew how important this event was to us. Ttiey said to us, *Go bcxk to yoir Figire, we tiove this, it is yoir night." 

imetimes we forget how much our family members do for us. Ttie importance of family Is amplified by VMI and without them most of us could not accomplish 
xit we do on a daily Ixjsis. So next time you see your mom give her a hug and say thank you If you see your dad do ttie same and every time we see 
ich other on ttie stoops \ock at your ring and remember we could not have done It wittxxjt family and each other. Good ludc next year Brother Rats and Rah 

cod Luck, 

n Twigg 

X President, 2011 General Committee 



e of the Past 

One of the most important moments during a codefs time here at the Institute is R2 
Figure. Second in importance only to Commencement, it is an important milestone: 
all VAAI cadets. Once a Second Classmen is able to wear their class ring, it symb 
izes the accomplishments they hove mode and all the hardships they have encof 
tered during the past few years of their cadetships. However, it may be interesti 
to know that this long held tradition was not always a part of VMI custom. In fc 
Ring Figure as we know it didn t even exists during much of the Institutes early histc 


Originally, class rings were not given to cadets until their graduation. These rings were more 
(f a gift and the tradition was not always observed by all classes until many years later 
-\e first class to receive a ring was the Class of 1848. The small, plain ring was designee 
[y the class and simply hod the word "AAizpoh" in scripted on it, which was an old Hebrew 
\/ord meaning ''The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one fronr 
cnother.'' The phrase signifi^^rofcrhood, and was given to the 24 graduates of that class 


)e ring became more and more cfSpSPi and was almost always given during the 
lals celebration before graduation. The first class to receive their rings during their 
:5cond Class (Junior) year was the Class of 1908. Even then, most classes still received 
Bir rings before graduation until the late 1920's. During that time, VAAI Superintendant 
'eheral John A. Lejeune started the Ring Figure tradition as we know it today when he 
ought the custom from the Naval Academy (his alma mater) here to VAAI, making it 
1 official ceremony during the junior year. The actual "ring figure" refers to the formo- 
)n of the cadets and their dotes forming the class number on the dance floor before 
ey walk through the large ring at the ball, a tradition that is still practiced to this day. 



*^ f 

The class rings have changed a lot as well. Whereas the original class rings tend^ 
be smaller and more simple, the current class rings ore the largest collegiate rings iS 
nation, growing in size up to forty-four penny weight (as large as the Super Bowlffl 
The original designs typically hod one side of the ring dedicated to VMl while the on 
side was dedicated to the class. The "Institute side" stayed the same every year, wl 
the "Class side' changed. Both sides were simple and displayed images of VMl c 
other cadet related icons. Eventually the "Institute side" began to change every ye 
as well and the "Class side" began depicting different events that took place during ■ 
i-patiinp, often becoming more elaborate in nature. Additionally, the class used to vc 
le particular stone for the top of the ring that everyone would get, but that t 
s^.bgs also faded away as cadets tend to get their individual birthstones instec 

Although there ore many Ring Figure 
traditions that hove slowly disappeared, the 
: tradition of the VMI ring is one that will continue 
■or many years to come. It is said that the ring is 
always earned; never given, and once a cadet is 
■'inally able to wear their new prized possession, 

"hey ore finally accepted into 
: ''The Brotherhood of the Ring''. 

Uiey Cyi 


Since entering the VMI way of life on August 23, 2008 we have set a course 
and have risen to the occasion, proving the strength which our class holds 
Our dykes' class, the great Class of '09, showed us how to accept and overcome 
anything that stood in our way. They also gave us a philosophy to hold close 
to our hearts, that philosophy being "legacy'! Legacy naeans more than just 
remembering our dykes and what they did for the Institute. It is something 
which we rerainded ourselves of daily, using what they gave us and turn- 
ing it into something better. V(/e have accepted this philosophy and now we 
have begun to pave our road, our own legacy, leaving an impact through the 
coixiing years. Returning from sumnner meant leaving behind our families, 
loved ones, friends, and the glimpse of a "normal" life. Being back in barracks 
as third class cadets we finally saw the ratline from a different angle, remem- 
bering the hardships we went through no more than 6 months before. The 
responsibility of training the rat mass of 2010+3 was one which we embraced, 
building strong character in the rats and ultimately molding the Class of 
2013. '^JO'ithin the class we faced high times as well as the low and through it 
all learned raany lessons. "Though we did not have a ring or diploma to look 
forward to we still made the best of what we had, proving to everyone in bar- 
racks that the third class was one which embraced professionalism and cama- 
raderie. In a few short months we will hold the title "Second Class Cadets" anc 
will have Ring Figure in sight. The honor of wearing the Ring will finally be 
felt, knowing we have earned that right. Our endurance will be tested and 
new challenges will await, but ultimately we will again embrace every bit of 
it, leaving nothing in our wake. The responsibility of training will resume, 
n^olding the Class of 2011s rats to the ways of VMI, as well as instilling leader- 
ship in the Thirds. NVe will continue to bond and grow along the way, making 
the Class of 2012 revered by the corps. Let us never shy away from what we 
have learned and also set precedents to the new experiences that await our 
future. Continue on the road which we have paved, never forget the "legacy" 
we live by, and remain bonded no matter what. It is an honor to serve as a 
leader of this class and I am proud to be a part of such a great tradition and a 
great class, the Class of 2012. 

-Daniel J. Fiasconaro 
2012 Class President 


Christopher Adams 

Christopher Aiken 

John Alerding IV 

Sean Alexander 

Douglas Alvey 

Nathaniel Anglin 

Colin Antonucci 
Sean Ayres 

William Baber Jr 
Robert Bailey 

Randolph Baird f 
Franklin Banegas E ^^\ 

Jacob Barton 

Hunter Beasley 

Monica Bennett 

Harold Black Jr 

Aaron Blosser 

Zachary Bontrager 

Colin Bosse 

Jack Boswe 

Benjamin Bowles 

Michael Bowman 

Zachary Boyce 

Aaron Bradley 

Justin Bradshaw 

Matthew Brock 

Jeremy Brown 

Kevin Brown 

Brennan Bue 

Stephen Buescher 

Kelly Burns 
James Burton V 
Brandon Butler 
Anderson Caldwell Jr 
Christopher Carr 
Bradley Chamberlain 

Szu Chang 
Pattanun Chanpiwat 
Joshua Chao 
Joel Chapman 
Trevor Childers 
Ryan Chounard 

Mark Christian Jr 
Royce Chuang 
Andy Chung 
Daniel Clynes 
Micah Coate 
Edward Coglio 

Yehonatan Colon 
Christopher Comtois 
Bridget Conley 
Glenn Copenhaver III 
Daniel Coughlan 
Donnie Cox 

Christopher Cranstone 
Kyle Crocker 
Kenneth Cross 

Matthew Dale 
John Dalessandro 
Stephen Davis 

Raymond Delgado 
Benjamin Denton 
Frederick DeRose 

Michael Devine 

Matthew Dickinson 

Dallas Disbrc 

Christian Dodge 

Adrian Dominguez 

John Dongieux 

Connor Downs 

Jon Doxsee 

Andrija Drakic 

Matthew Elliott 
Charles Ellison 
Michael Everett 
Riley Ewen 
Samantha Farr 
Daniel Fiasconaro 

Alexander Firehammer 

Tracey Fischer Jr 

Erik Flading 

Collin Flaherty 

Robert Flaherty 

Joseph Fleshman 

Christopher Fraser 

Kyle Fuller 

Spencer Fuller 

Vincent Ga 

Richard Garcia 

Brandon Gary 

Nicholas Gelles 
William Glllogly 
Christina Gontarski 
James Goodwillle V 
Bobby Gragg 
Timothy Graziano 

Daniel Greenlee 
Timothy Gregory 
Richard Griffith 
Tyler Griffith 
[Michael Gwinn 
Noah Hagos 

Robert Hale 
James Hardey 
Richard Hargrove 
Matthew Harper 
Arthur Harrington 
Kaltlln Harrison 

T1f73 David Hayes Jr 
Shu He 
Caleb Healy 
Nathan Hebb 
Gregory Hellenga 
Ethan Hlltbold 

Maxx HIpko 
David HIvely 
Christopher Hodges 
Joseph Hoerst 
Kyle Hofstetter 
Austin Hogan 

Kevin Holdren 
Brendan Honeychuck 
Steven Hong 
Jacob Hooker 
Torrance Hoover Jr 
Benjamin Howard 

Bruce Howard Jr 
Alex Hufnagel 
Joel Hutchens 
Tyler Hutchens 
Jordan lida 
Glen Ingham 


Jacob Inman 

Fayette Irby III 

Nathan Iseman 

Patrick Jackman 

George Jamerson Jr 

Kyle James 

Vincent Jarreiis 

Joseph Johnson 

Timothy Johnson 

Logan Jones 

Samantha Jones 

Scott Jones 

Min Jung 

Patrick Karnwie 

Thomas Kendzia III 

Barani Khander 

Jae Kim 

Riley King 

Joakim Kiprotich 

Christopher Kitchen 

William Klick 

Daniel Knick Jr 

Cheng Kuo 

Yakov Kushnar 

Peter Kwapisz 

Taeseung Kwon 

James LaFrance 

Ryan Lee 

Veronica Lentsch 

Drew Leonard 

Bruce Leuthold Jr 

Dwayne Lewis 

Chan Liao 

Paul Lingamfelter 

Arthur Loefstedt IV 

Keith Long 

Steven Lyie 
Joshua Lynch 
Jacob Maclntyre 
Silvia Madron 
Stephen f^agee 
Kelly Maggio 

Robert Main III 
Matthew Marston 
Alexander Mason 
Justin McCarthy III 
Logan McCloud 
Charles McDonald 

Corbin McKee 
Kelly McMinn 
Eric Mehaffrey 
Forrest Miller 

Daniel Moerder 
Kelly Morrison 
Megan Morrison 
Claiborn Mosk 

Dion Mosley III 
Joseph Munno 
Cameron Murray 
Steele Myers III 
Richard Naraine 
David Neal II 

Christian Neubaum 
Stephen Newsome 
Brandon Norem 
Sean O'Regan 
Matthew Palmer 
Bradley Parker 

Lindsey Parkman 
Shane Perry 
George Piccirilli 
Jenna Pickett 
Melvin Pierre III 
James Poettker 

Paul Ponsiglione 
Brian Pool 
Samantha Price 
William Pugh IV 
Curtis Rathbone 
Marc Ray 

Andrew Reavis 
Kyle Reese 

Aaron Remai 
Michael Rementer 

William Renfroe III 

Bryan Reno 

Henry Rhodenizer 

Robert Rice 

Kyle Richardson 

Christian Richerson 

Casey Riggs 

James Rivas 

Karter Rivera 

Stephen Robarge 

Mitchell Robbins 

Colin Roberts 

Nash Roberts 

Sean Romoser 

Christopher Rossie 

Andy Ruan 

Shaun Ruark 

Eric Russo 

Thomas Ryan 

Todd Sager 

Raquel Sanchez 

Robert Saunders Jr 

Ryan Schade 

Ryan Schaedel 

Tice Schenkel 
Ryan Schmidt 
Mark Schumacher 
Robert Seatherton 
Michael Shafer 
Richard Sharp 

Amir Shihata 
Zaher Shihata 
Jennifer Sing 
Isaac Sireci 
D'Angelo Smith 
William Smith 

Joshua Sneed 
Trenton Snody 
Tyler Snow 
Zachary Spain 
Michael Sparks 
Robert Squires 

Andrew Stabling Jr 
Alexander Stalnaker 
Barrett Statler 
George Statzell 
George Steele Jr 
Ross Stolle 

David Stradford 
Lucille Stratton 
Michael Strobo Jr 
Chad Surganovich 
Edward Surowiec Jr 
Chad Sussman 

^Andrew Szymborski 
Donald Talley Jr 
Lewedwyn Taylor 

Hardy Temoney II 
Jacob Tharp 
Joshua Theroux 

llteijUlL^J i jA 

Juan Thrasher 

Ademola Titcombe 

Luke Todd 

Aaron Trujillo 

Martin Tucker 

Kylie Turner 

Travis Uminski 

Daniel Vaden 

Walter Vanaman III 

Christopher Venissat 

Joshua Visconti 

Spencer Wackelin 

David Wagner Jr 
Craig Waldman 

William Waldrop 

Gregory Walker 

Troy Warcewicz 

James Watkins III 

Alan Watts 

Kevin Webb 

McDonald Wellford III 

Charles Wheeler Jr 

Samuel White 

Michael White Jr 

Wayne Whiting Jr 

Dallas Wiggins 

William Wild 

Stewart Wilkinson 

Thomas Winders 

Andrew Wong 

Jacob Wood 

Caroline Wortham 

Chase Worthington 

Xin Xie 

Andrew Yancey 

Chung Yang 

I J k^. ■ "J 

:s <^> 


^ycHir y^cHirjte^ Hjisy^iisi Be^tuty. 

James Aker 
William Alewin 

All Ali 
Michael Andriani 
Taylor Armstrong 

Anthony Augustine 

John Aulbach 

William Austin 

James Avery 

Nicholas AzzolinI 

William Bacci 

William Baker 

Mitchell Banning 

Andrew Bannister 

John Barnard 

Joshua Bates 

Thomas Battiata 

Nathan Beck 

Karsten Bench 

Carl Bird 

Conor Black 

Ryan Blank 

Thomas Blevins 

Leigha Bocanegra 

Jonathan Bodin 

Johnathan Booth 

Alexander Bracco 

Alexander Brackmann 

Paul Brandeis 

Adam Browder 

Nicholas Bruno 

Blake Bryant 

Brian Bullock 

Michael Burnett 

Patrick Byrne 

James Byron 

Samuel Cain 

Keith Campion 

Mason Canady 

Steven Carr 

Keslie Carrion 

Joshua Caulfield 
Kyle Ceres 
Jake Chambers 
Sungkuyn Chang 
Matthew Chapin 

Cameron Chapman 

Carlos Chaves 

Pin Chen 

Yu Chen 

Karl Chrlstensen 

Joseph CInquemanI 

Joshua Clements 
John Cloeter 
Caleb Clubb 
Islah Coker 

Katherlne Collins 
Robert Collins 
James Colt 
Samantha Conde 

James Conlon 
Eric Conti 
Ian Cook 
Corey Cooke 
Kathleen Coonan 
Patrick Coor 

William Coursey 
John Covert 
Jacob Cowgill 
Matthew Cox 
Samuel Craig 
Benjamin Cross 

Kenneth Cummings 
Kevin Curran 
Max Curry 
Charles Curtis 
Justin Dalton 
Michael Damskey 

Robert Danielson 

Tyler Davis 

Frederick Dawson 

Kyle Decker 

Peyton Dekker 

Lawrence Demoss 

Dustin Desch 

Michael DeVrieS 

Peter Diamontopulg 

Ryan Die 

Kenneth Dickinson: 

Evan DHI 

Robert Dilley 

Zeke Dodd 

Steven Domingo 

John Dommert 

Thomas Donley 

Christopher Dreikorn 

Thomas Drown 

Matthew Dudek 

Thomas Dumville 

Donald Dunn 

Russell East 

David Eberhardt 

Vanderbilt Edmonds 

Michael Eldredge 

Thomas Ellen 

Andrew Epps 

Alexander Erber 

John Evans 

Elijah Faison 

Kyle Farmer 

Vincent Ferdinand! 

Taylor Feuerstein 
Matthew Fisher 
Stephen Fitzpatrick 
Leigh Fortney 
Anthony Foster 
Evan Frankovits 

Dillon Fransen 
Jaime Freeman 
John Freeman 
Matthew Gallaway 
Nathaniel Gant 
John Garrett 

Bryce Garrison 
Ashley Gernhardt 
Alan Gharib 
Nathan Gibbs 
Jacob Gibson 
Katherine Gill 

Michael Gilley 
Joshua Gilliland 
John Gilmartin 
Jordan Glenn 
Johnnie Godwin 
Konan Goli 

Dean Gonsalves 
John Goode 
Christian Gore 
Nicholas Gore 
Patrick Goulden 
Kimberley Gragg 

Brian Graham 
James Graves 
Alexander Green 
Blaine Groat 
Christian Guaglianone 
Tyler Hagan 

Joshua Haley 
Kacey Hall 
Jonathan Hampton 
Zackary Hann 
James Harkrader 
Ryan Harner 

'Christopher Harp 

Blake Ham 

Taj Harris. 

Theodore Harrison, 

Stephen Hartnett 

Molly Hastings, 

Alexander Havermale 

Adam Medio 

William Helfrich 

Jonathon Heller 

Tyler Hennelly 

Austin Hernandez 

Stuart Hickey 
Ronald Hilley 
Ryan Hillman 
Michael Hixson 
Edward Hobbs 
Briana Hogan 

Scott Holder 

Andrea Holman 

John Holt 

Hunter Holthaus 

Hayward Hood 

Christopher Hooks 

Sarah Hoover 

Robert Hopkins 

Mark Hornfeck 

Hugh Hornsby 

Stephen Horstmann 

Michael Houman 

Nathan Howard^ 
Thomas Hudson. 
Stuart Hughes 
Thomas Hulcher 
Umi Hyon 
Robert Incontro 

Thomas Irvine 

Jonathan Jackson 

Maxson Jeffrey 

Charles Jenkins 

Simone Jimenez 

Kayla Johnson 


_i ■« 


h k 






I Michael Johnsc 
Russell Johnson 
Charles Jones 
Kevin Jones 
Kevin Jow 
Michael Joyce 

Ted Kang 
Robert Kanter 
Jacob Kaufmann 
Michael Keleher 
David Kellam 
? David Kellerman 

Christopher Kelly 
Anthony Kemp 


Timothy Kendzia 
Christopher Khine 


Denis Kiely 
Clare Kingsley 

Brett Kitchen 
Tyler Klausmeier 
Justin Klein 
Robert Klipfel 
Cole Knapp 
Peter Kniesler 

Hilex Kovalesky 
Andrew Kriz 
Kevin Kyle 
Kirk Lambert 
Craig Lang 
Corinne Lariviere 

Shawna Lennen 

Eric Lentini 

Joshua Lepper 

Riley Lettington 

Clay Lewin 

Austin Lewis 

Michael Lewis 

Jefferson Lexa 

Yi Lin 

Matthew Lindemann 

Theodore Linville 

Kaleb Long 

Marcus Love 

Chelsea Loy 

Benjamin Mackercher 

Bryan Maner 

Trae Mann 

Nathan Marion 

Donald MartiE 



Donald Mav« 

George Mazza 

Sean McCauley 

Thomas McConnell 

Jennifer McCracken 

Kelsey McCusker 

Nathaniel McFadderi 

Kenneth McFetridge 

Ian McGee 

Ian McGinn 

Robert Mckenna 
Kevin McMasters 
Iain McPherson 
l^iles Mcquaig 
Natlian Meade 
l^ary l^eidenbauer 

Jeremy (vjethven 
Tyler i^jills 
Lucas Moffett 
Andrew Montague 
Jacl<son Montgomery 
Dante Morales 

Thomas Moran 
Adam Morgan 
Forrest Moul 
Bernard Mowbray 

Jenna Moye 
Evan Mudwilder 
Jason Nave 
Anastasie Ndongo 

John Neatrour 
Keaton Neeb 
Benjamin Nefosky 
Andrew Nelson 
Chace Nelson 
Ashley Nevin 

Annie Ngotho 
Nam Nguyen 
Ryan Ningard 
Sean Noll 
Logan O'Day 
Brandon Ogles 

Stanley Okoye 
Michael Olivo 
Gregory Olson 
Franklin Overstreet 
Joseph Panarese 
John Pannill 

Alexander Papodjian 

Andrew Patrick 

Ben Pedroza 

John Peterson 

Ross Piccinini- 

Phillip PickenS" 

Patrick Pittard 

Spencer Plante ^ 

Tucker Poe; 

Kevin Ponslei? 

Robert Pospisii:' 

William Potter 

James Povirk 

Taylor Price j 

Robert Purvis 

Timothy Quinn 

Sean Rabbitt 

Christopher Ralli 

Weston Reber | 

Denver Reese 

Jacob Reichard 

J Rice 

Christian Richardson 

Nickolas Richardson i 

Jordan Riley 

Shawn Riley 

John Rivas 

Patrick Roberts 

Glendon Robertson. 

Rashod Robinson 

David Rochowf 

Benton Roe 

Matthew Rogartj 

Sean Rogers; 

Daniel Rogersotf 

Edward RosS" 

Patrick Rowe 

John Ruhl 

Joshua Russell 

Nicholas Sadowski 

Jackson Sain 

Elliott Salgado 

■^n --^ ■^ » ■! 


Patrick sa 
Cameron Sayer 
Michael Scaplehorn 
Rliett Scarborougli 
Paul Scarcella 
Michael Schiffer 

Taylor Schmalhofer 
Leah Schubel 
Clayton Scott 
Xavier Scott 
Aneaka Seal 

Matthew Seinfeld 
Robert Senn 
Rhyne Seward 

Matthew Sewell 
Jeffery Sexton 
Patrick Sexton 

Alexander Sharp 
William Shea 
Dustin Shelley 

Shun Shih 
James Shortridge 
Brent Shull 
Thomas Shumar 
Charles Shutt 
Patrick Simon 

Michael Singleton 
Woodward Skudin 
Ian Smith 
Justin Smith 
Michael Smith II 
Jessica Snead 

■ James Snytier-; 

Logan Sorensen .r. 

Edgardo Sots 

Cory Spangenb^ 

Jason Spence 

Micheal Spickard* 

William Splees 
Brad Stallings 
Jordan Starin 
Joseph Staton 
Stephen Stolz 
Clayton Strong^ 

Jared Sullivan- 
Eric Summers 
Marcus Sutter 
Daniel Sweeney 
Quentin Sweester 
Edwin Swift 

Benjamin Sykes 

Jarfri Taylor 

Adam Teufel 

Samuel Thomas 

Travis Thomas 

Mario Thompson, 

Jason Thorpe 
Justin Tonnies 
Bryan Vance 
Peter Van Steyn Jr 
Van Valkenburg 

James Vanwie. 

Frederick Vilushis; 

Matthew Waalkiss 

Christopher Wagner' 

Daniel Walkejj 

David Wari^ 

Fred Wang 

Keyun Wang 

David Warriner 

Justin Wasno 

Benjamin Waterbury 

Darren Waters 

■ Tyler Weston 
Kimberly Wheeler 
Ryan Wheeler 
Jesse Wiley Jr 
Richard Williams 
John Williamson 

John Wilson 
Thomas Wine 
William Wine 
Tyler Wingo 
Laura Winn 

Kenneth Witzman 
Paul Wojcik 

Adam Wood 
Antonio Wood 

Eden Wood 
Hunter Wood 

Philip Wulfken 
Christopher Wunsch 
Emma Yancey 
Jeffrey Yates 
James York 
Joseph Zarella 





^ , » '4' 






20 3 



^ .a*^ 




"It"" ^ 

' s'i 

. - 

tf'L%'^ 1 1 ,|iJ J ii|ij^]KifflB^^B^^^^^BB||^MB^B^^^^^^^^_ ^flEi^^^^l 




il[^ R 


— 3i«-:)'ri««»,... 






. s -'f 





' ^-""a^ ""^ 


I -': .:m 


■■J - 4'|p^| ■ 








/.-> '^' 

^ T* 


%JL.\ ( 



cxxyvs/d of tjorkor&tylG yotittvs, psnesslngr 
MP t/Te /Tflf of scfencse-" 

-CXDL^. mJ. "T. L^.P'JTG&ton 

5\'>. <, 

Economics and Busim^ss 


Rack Row: Lr. Coloxel Sex, Coloxel Moresciii, Ix Coloxel (]0Kit, Mr. Stephexsox, Major Baxg, Major Allex, Lt. 


Back Row: Colonel Lelaxu, Corc 
Ix Coii; V 

-. .^1 Fine Arts 

m;;?. Miller, Major Saxtos. 


«;oi.esfEi McDoxALi), Coloxel Rachels 



Front Row: Mr. Davis, Ms. Laciimax, Coloxel Wauixsox, Ix Colonhl Axdreva 
Back Row: Colonel McCleskidy, Coloxhl Miiir, (:<»lonel Koexiker, Ix Colonel Dowlixg, Captain Turner, Colonel 

.lENSoN, Colonel Koons, Major Msbourne 

Ijntkunational Studiks axi) Political Sciknce 

Front Row: Mrs.Devo, (General 1Irowi!r, Colnel IIentz, Colonel Hurneit 
ItACK Row: Colonel kilroy. Major Sanrorn, Major Foster, Mr.Aveu .Ir., Mr. Belliveau, Captain Turner. 



Major Youngdadl, Br. Bamia, 
Ms. KzzAKi, Mr. TAifi 

From Kow: Major Cotti\6, 
Back Row: Colonel Eicn: 



^ 1. Colonel Sullivan, Br.vIrinder, Br.Ricdter 


Front How. Colonel Bell, I)r. Hinks, Ms. Moosman, Major Aldihrling 
Back Row: Mrs. Friddenkurg, Major DeIIart, ('olonel Baur, Major Moosman, Colonel Turner 


Front Bow: Major McCain, Colonel Jones 
Back Row: Mrs. Stoops, Lt. Colonel Timmings, Colonel Cain, Colonel Pharr, Lt. Colonel Smith, 

Mr. Sanderson 

Mathkmatics and Compijtku Sciknck 

Puoxr Row: Colonel Than, It. Colonel Siemeus (»ei«t. Head), Colonel Gluck, Major IIeualu, Ix Colonel Haut- 

MAN, Major Lanz 
Back Row: Commander Joseph, C(h.onel 1)i!wald, im. Vosburgh, Colonial Lowe, Colonel Kaker, Colonel Lominac 

Front ttow: Colonel MifHiAS, L), C^jionel Topasna, 1>R Wii, Mrs Gearheart 
Back Row: It. Colonel Topaska, Majoh Brooke, I>r. Allen, (Colonel Thompson 





Civil am) EiWIUOKmkn'ml ]i:\'(jiMi;i<iuiVG 

Froi\t Row: Colonel Sadler, »n. PAiiiiNi, Mrs. Kntsminger, Coloxel Pabe, Major Johnstoxe, 


Back Uow: Major Xewhouse, Colonel Hoauley, Colonel Rogers, Colonel Mullen, Captain Riester, Major 



Front Row: Colonel Barr, Mrs. Cochran, MAjor Dale, Colonel Aiidington (Dei»t. Dead) 
Back Row: Colonel Squire, Colonel Smith, (Colonel Livingston 


From Row: Coioxei Hyue, ColOiVKL Hakuix, ColoniiI Aiunuii, Majou Tayiou, Mn. Chambisks, Mus. Okaves 

Back Row: Coioxiii Hodges, Coloxki Hlandixo, Commaxhek McMasters, Colonel neel, 

liiiUTiiNANT Colonel Sullivan, Mk. cijllen 

Front R(i\. 



. sLiRDsoN, Captain joyce. Colonel Cole 
iRAiN Bauii, Captain Sparuman 


I'ROXT Row: Staff Sfugeaivi', ('oloxfl Amato 

2ivi) Uow: Staff Sfrgeam, Captain Ckfspo, Captaiiv Kolstfr 

Back Row: Captaik Difiil, (^aptaix Spakkihax, Staff SFiuiFAxr, Major III}^'SIN4il!R 


Froxt ROM': Mrs. Rffd, Major Martiiv, Major Siiarpf, major loria 

2ni> Row: Mk.Shav, Coloniiil Worrell, Major Tijrmiikf, MS<> BEA^' 

Racu Row: Major Cook, Mr. Simmo\s, Mr. Atki\sok, Mrs. IMnson, MS(i Ammoxs, Mrs. Rfid, Mr.CAiMPKFll 

Navy / Marimus 

Front Uow: CoLoxiiiL IIov<>h, CoMMA\ni!it Agimasi, Captain Ckaig 

2nd Uow: Gv S«t Diuvek, LiiiUTENAXT Mecklam)kiir(>, Lieutenant Lamueth, Captain Keen 

Bach Row: Mk. Funk, Mr. Scdemhorn 

tf l^T« 


Preston Library Staff 

llow: Mrs. Tombaroe, Lieutenant Colonei IIoixy, Mrs. Weiis, Mrs. Sichol, Mrs. Covinwton 

2ni» Row: Mrs. Kirby, Ms. Smith, Colonel Hasiings, Mrs. Klijdy 
Row: Mrs. Moore, Colonel Jacob, Colonel Samdaiil, Mr. Brichler, Mrs. Page, Dr. Newman 






Mm^^mm-'miii^ - 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Front Row: Adam Wood, Mike Long, John Pope, MidTelle Feole, Samantha Conde, Booth Hornsby, Woody Skudin, Lou Preysz 
Bad< Row: Brian Harding, Ronnie Ellsworth, Geoff Dinneen, Leah Schubel, Jason Thorpe, Booth Horsnby, Steele Myers 

Big Brother Big Sister 

Front Row: Casey Ward, Sarah Mcintosh, Angie Gomez 
Bade Row; J'jstin Smith, Allan McCo^mi, Tyler Reedy, Damiso Alexander 

Big Red Club / Wrecking Crew 

Chaz Crowder, Matt Deacon, Ian Black 

^gKiP ,^ .Jit 

Bull Dog 

Front Row: Patrick Leugers, Nicholas Ingold, Kai Ingram, Adam Aikens, Jynkyn Kitrell, James Hefner, Sam Kang, Brian McDonald, 

Ricky Lynch, Foster McFather. 
Back Row: Alex Herzog, David Messina, Chris Hodges, Brian Harding, Alex Brackmonn, Joseph Kong, Chrsi Kenney 


Cadet Battery 

Front Row: John Russell, Josh Visconti, Shane Perry, DJ Stronko, Alex Mason, Sean Eberle, Kevin Jow 
Back Row: Justin Simmons, Jon Fanelli, David Milligram, Bierley Riester, John Maurice 

Character Counts 

Sean Alexander, Elizabeth Dobbins, Mike De Vries, Bruce Leuthold, David 

Padgett, Andrew Luxhoj 

Civil War Roundtable 
Shane Perry, Brett Waldrop, Curt Herron, Korey Tighe, Rob Young, Patrick Smith, Trey 

Covenhaver, Robert Rice 

College Democrats 

Chad Sussman, Matthew Graham, Elizabeth Dobbins, David Padgett, Briana Hogan 


Emergency Response Team 

Front Row: Matt Tolbott, Robert Earle, James Reavis 
Back Row: Frank Tontollo, Logon Bornhill, Alex Symons, Matt Lowe, Tom Redmond, Curtis Register, Peter Kwapisz, Shawn Riley 

Engineering Scx:iety 

■»n!- Row; Klttisak Siripollowat, Laura Winn, Racheol Toman, COL Hardin, Midielle Feole 
B-:ick Rcw: !.ii-anna Carlos, Josh Holey ,Justin Wasno, Joseph Fleshman, Chris Leach 


English Society 

Chiesopher Gyamfuaa, Cody Young, Alexander Mason, Reid Steily, Josh Visconti, Thomas Blevins 


(Not Pictured) Stephan Bohanan, Zoch Henke 


Front Row: Kyle Drumheller, Ross Harris, Will Klick, Roy Hunter 

Middle Row: Richard Crozier, Jason Morgan, Roland Richardson 

Back Row: Colonel Dewald, Benjamin Denton, Dane Addison, Robert Anthes 

Lexington Rescue 

Joseph Cioero, Jonathan Fanelli, Nick Potter 


■"" D^HER- RIGHTS- • ■ 

Glee Club 

Front Row: Colonel Brodie, Sarah Hoover, Angel Arenas, Rachel Halnon, Dominik Wermus Second Row: Sarah Whitten, Samantha Jones, Sarah 

Halnon, Samantha Amenn, Aquisi Harris, Umi Hyon Third Row: Patrick Sasai, Szu-Ning Chang, Ashley Gernhardt, Matt Dickinson, Kevin Kyle 

Fourth Row: Marie Mallet, Billy Bacci, Eden Wood, Kyle Foster Fifth Row: Xavier Scott, Phil Hampton, Nick Sadowski, Eddie Priesser 

Men in Grey 

Front Row; Andrew Wong, Caleb Dixon, James Lod<ett, Jared Starin, Josh Dixon, Josh Hartnett 
Bode Row: Paul Lingamfelter, Kevin Kyle, John Manning, Matt Biebel, Barker Squire, Curtis hierron, David Perry 


James Harkrader, Denver Reese 

P'r.^ nnr| DrUITl 
Sarah Halnon, Rocfiel Halnon, Casey AAcEliigotf, Jc- on Bryant, Alex Crow, Carl Biggs, Daniel Emory, Josh Blevins, 

Adam Wolosh-J^ Colin Se>d-c 

Jared Lawson, Andy Jeter, Jamie Bost 

Prelaw Society 

Jason Morgan, John Ferro, Stephen Davis, Desiree Liang, Reid Stelly, Elizabeth Dobbins, Robert McMullen 

II n 

Ranger Challenge 

Front Row: Royce Chuong, AJ Baker, Thomas Redmund 
Bad'; Row: MSG Bean, LT Kimsey, Wes Whitcomb, Rob Young, Adam Bediu, Jerry Hidey, Alex Adkins, Isaac Cryder, Trent 

Gordon, Chris Bud, MSG Rost. 



Shu-Hui He , Eddie Ahmed, Lizanne Carlos, Alex Houser, Major Adcermon 


■TO Vi MDl^E -^RipqgpR- ^ DB^ D ■ H<|^R1G% 



.-^; :,;^,.i r; Society 

' '"'"'^'Zi^T ''^"''' '"^^'" ""'"^ - ''°^"^'~' '"':'*e%v ihanos, Justin Klein, Briono Hogon, Sean Rogers, Anniemorie Ngotho, Christopher Curtis, Captain Ke 
^""^ n.^ cT' ^■-apn>:o Kev, Kv'e Q^er Squire, Caleb Clubb, Patrick Leugers, Paul Woiicik, -Theodore Linville, Stephen Bohanan 
Thrd Row. San->.| Kc-g \U.m Truscotl. Travis Miller. Mason Conady, Timothy Ouinn, Marcus Sutter, Brian Harding, 
Forth Row Jor:.^ •■^•oe- Jos-K-o Sussell. Rcfcerl McKemo, Seon Noll, Mike Lewis Alexander Brockmon, Joshua Bookwalter. 

Cf^O.,„,,.: .I-..,... N,,,, p., .! :-, ,,^^^^ Brandon Griftitk 



Kelly Vickery, Mitch Messick, Gerald Popko, Robert McMullen 

Special Actions Detatchment 

Front Row: Tom Redmund, William Laub, Nelson Page, Jarrod Hendee, Jon Vasquez, Michael Jones 
Back Row: MAJ Pegg, Brock Olson, AJ Black, Patrick Simon, Joshua Geher, Adam Green, Blake Bryant, Lone Pratt, 

Case Thompson, TJ Bond 


|£ND HER R' 

VMI Theater 

Dana Hlovarty, Jeremy O'Brien, Shayn Tierney, Emily Neumann, Anson Bryant, Jared Lowson 

- o.orical Society 

Glenn Copenhover, Brenron Jones, Jason Morgan, Ross Hussmann, l}iomas McDovid, Ryan Nienstedt 

Voice of the Voiceless 

Kyle Nweeia 

Club Outtakes 


Army Aviation AssociCition 

Arnold Air Scxiety 

Baptist Student Union ^^ 

Beta Beta Beta 

Cadet Investment Group 

College Republicans 

Delta Phi Alpha 

Eta Kappa Nu 

Gamma Sigma Epsilon 

nternational Club 
Phone Applications Club 

Newman Club 
Omicron Delta Epsilon 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
Phi Alpha Theta ^ 
Phi Sigma Iota 
Pi Delta Phi m^ 
Sigma Beta Delta 
Sigma Delta Pi 
I Sigma Phi Sigma 
^ Sigma Tou Delta 
ir Fromers 
Iry Music Society 
|t Society 



Back Row: Tom Schirro, Dennis O'Reilly, Stefan Stark, Andrew Compton 
Third Row: Keith O'Donnell, Chris Milligan, Greg Gibbons, Ben Smith 
Second Row: Heng-You Yen, Ching Chen, Joke Hentges, Christian Guaglianor: 

Front Row: Rhyne Seward 

Shawn Wongkochungkitti, Kyle Valente, Daniel Frederick 
Ross Hussmana Erik Blum 

Ethan Price, Richard Steinhoff, Matt Deacon 

Front Row: Nic Williams, Jared Vorney, AJ Poncbosnco 
Second Row: Don Mocrder, Daniel Rogerson, Zock Harnett 
Qck Row: Nick Engle, Stephen Hodges, Aaron Weiland, Nathaniel Zand 

Drew Horgaa Eric Wittig, Matt Parmer, Dave Arthur, Robert Hale, Ale 
Erber, Drew Luxhoj, Hunter Wood, Joseph Hoerst, Alex Cowdry, , 
Tommy Fields, Chris Mendillo 

Front Row: Alex Scoperotto, Kittisok Siripollowot, Andrew Tunnelt 

Craig Woldmoa Hung Li, Kara Noble 

Bock Row: Brandon GriffitK Robert Stroskulic, Nick McForlond, 

Geophery Mills, Eric Tyson, Lansing Wilson 

Bock Row: Nathan Iseman, Mr. Mercelis, Patrick Sweeney, Kelson Hur 
Middle Row: James Rivos, Colin Antonucci, Benjamin Ashooh 
Front Row: Sharif Gray, Michael Strobo 


PlZ-LlN • OWLUlEfVO • I\i i/W^ri^u 1 w 

fame and ready- in ,^ery- time • of • d 



' H ? R FA M E ■ AN O ■ •R.&^U t J M t 

Bock Row: Chrissy Beach, Somontho 
Amenn, Ms. Sosho, Keslie Corrion, Kot 


Fourth Row: Soroh Hunziker, Christina 

Gontorski, Alexi Stoton, Cierra Reaves, 

Ateolo Tuff 

Third Row: Jesse Rende, Roquel Sanchez 

Second Row: Samontha Price, Laura Winn, 

Claire Kingsley, Audrey Folconi 

Front Row: Coach Lake 

k Row: Coach Turner, Jefferson Lexa, 
Neatrour, Patrick Jackman, Evan 
((jiirre, John hJorne, Travis Woods, 
h Mosley Fifth Row: Spencer Dodge, 

Did Black, Travis Woods, Sean Nolls 

th Row: John Khandon-boronija, 
fcm Pugh, William Bober, Kyle 

■08 Third Row: Bryant Youngblood, 
Wilson, Tom Redmund, Zock 
ype, Geoff Dinneen, Curtis Register, 
v| Correll, Matthew Jordan Second 
w. Greg Fiasconoro, Charles 
\ieeler, Kevin Ponsler, Josh Dixon, CJ 
'ght, Christopher Forbes, Reid Sartori 
jnt Row: Andrew Wong, Christo- 
pr Aiken, Doug Nesmith, Christo- 
Isr Rolli, Jon Winoker, Matt Wilcox 

Front Row:Andrew Smith, Jonathan Booth, Boris Goli, Andy Kriz, Ryan Ell<r 
Back Row: Brent Jones, Tyler Kerr, Danh Nguyen, Chase Bailey 

iloan Burns, Jorrod Girod, Daniel Vaden, Justin Dwight, Nicholas Bates, 
Bruce Hazelgrove, Jonathan Fonelli 

Front Row: Deonne Moosmon, Heather Schmidt, Ashley Camper 
Second Row: Jack Boswell Nate Anglin, James Stevenson, Travis Uminski, 

Paul Moosman 

Back Row: James Hartzell, Ryan Schaedel, Alex Firehammer, Brandon Norei; 

Korsten Bloomstrom, Colin Harkrader 

■HONOP. 01. DEFF^^ 





r^ j,,i 







After^ffl^Sid and record-sef^^^^pfflpPseason which garnered 
national media attention, the expectations surrounding the Keydet 
men's basketball team were tremendous for their 2009-2010 campaign. 
However, impressive play by young freshmen, coupled with ten return- 
ing lettermen kept the team level-headed and not intimidated by the 
hype. Although the team ultimately posted a 10-19 record at the end 
of the season, it was the exceptional individual performances game in 
and game out that made the Keydets' season noteworthy. Led by junior 
sharpshooter Austin Kenon and the well-rounded play of sophomore 
Keith Gabriel, the team secured a fifth place selection among preseason i 
voting in the Big South Conference. Despite returning only two start- 
ers and losing nearly 50 points-per-game production from last season, 
the Keydets opened their season with a strong win against Army and 
another victory a few weeks later against conference foes Charleston 
Southern. A string of honors throughout the season put the '09-'10 squad 
on the map, as well as demonstrated the youth and skill of the team. 
Freshman Stan Okoye was a dominating presence in the paint, earning 
him multiple BSC Freshman of the Week distinctions, and fellow fresh- 
man Joe Carr was a constant threat from beyond the arc. Gabriel and 
fellow sophomore Ron Burks add to the youth of the team, proving an 
extremely bright future for Keydet basketball. With the graduation of 
seniors Adam Lonon and Carl Josey, the team loses an assist wizard and -tt- 

an all-purpose threat at both ends of the court. However, the up-and- 
coming talent on the team is especially promising; plus, nominations of ^^ \^ 
Kenon and Okoye to the postseason All-Big South Conference squads ^^j%>^j^ ^, 
following the '09-'10 season means yet another exciting year expected vj^ . .. t-— ^ 
from VMI basketball in 2010-2011. ^^iSsfe^^^ I 

') ilMi 

5 ^*^ 

Legendary distance runner Steve Prefontaine once said "a lot of people run a race to see who's 
fastest; I run to see who has the most guts." Throughout their 2009 season, the men's and women's 
cross country teams were both: each team was consistently fast, as well as demonstrated a tre- 
mendous amount of guts and heart. Under the strong leadership of head coach Paul Spangler 
and a combination of talented upperclassmen and freshmen, the men and women were a force 
to be reckoned with in the Big South Conference throughout the entirety of their season. The 
Keydet men, ranked third in Big South preseason polls, began the season looking to build on a 
third-place finish at the 2008 Big South Championships. Returning from that squad were a host 
of dominant runners, including All-Conference junior Ermin Mujezinovic, senior Matt Sagar, 
and junior Felix Kitur. Adding to the strength of the XC team were new runners as well, such 
as top recruit Andrey Dimitriev, hailing from Serbia and bringing with him substantial experi- 
ence as a Russian indoor track champion. Throughout the season, the men flexed their muscles 
in the Big South Conference, placing first at the annual Big South Preview meet, sixth at the 
Appalachian State Invitational, and posting very respectable times in other meets during the 
season. By the time the Big South Championships rolled around, the men's team was poised to 
make a splash; led by Dmitriev, Kitur, Mujezinovic, and freshman Ian McGinn, the team placed 
fourth. Just two weeks later, the team posted a 27th place finish out of 35 teams at the NCAA 
Regional Championships, led once again by Mujezinovic, with help from sophomore Noah 
Hagos and freshman Chris Wunsch. "Going into the conference championships, we were top 
two [in the conference]," said Spangler. "We fell a little bit short of that, but overall, we had a 
pretty solid year," he added. The women's cross country team was by far the talk of the 2009 fall , 
sports season. Tabbed fifth in the Big South preseason polls, the Keydet women capped off a 
wildly successful season with a second-place finish at the Big South Conference championships, 
the team's best-ever result at a conference championship meet. Consistently leading the team 
at each competition was junior Hannah Granger, who posted solid results and broke school 
records with ease, earning herself a first place finish at the conference championships and nab- 
bing Big South Runner of the Year honors. The Keydet women found success despite the youth 
of the team, made up of entirely freshmen with the exception of Granger and sophomore Carrie 
Wortham. However, this means many years of success in the cross country team's future, led by 
freshmen standouts Jenna Moye, Lindsey Carty, and Leah Schubel. "Historically, we perform ; 
better than preseason polls predict," said Spangler; the women's XC team accomplished just '| 
that in 2009. The success of the Keydet women in their 2009 season earned Spangler the honor of 1 
Big South Women's Cross Country Coach of the Year, and the overall success of both the men's 
and women's teams equaled a positive year for the XC teams. The great upperclass leadership , 
and abilities from Sagar, Mujezinovic, and Kitur on the men's side and Granger on the women's . 
side thrived in the 2009 season, and the achievements by the teams' freshmen proved there are 
many more dominant seasons to come. 

'h t ' *.■ 




As summer furlough comes to a close for most of the Corps, the football team ' 
suits up year in and year out to tackle yet another season at Foster Stadium. Ap- 

their Big South Conference foes. The team eventually finished with an unfortu- 
nate 2-9 record; however, commendations throughout the season and following 
were numerous. Prior to the start of the season, while players were still busy ^i^, 
with grueling two-a-day practices and preseason training, the football team gar- 
nered attention within the Big South Conference and beyond. Preseason polls 
tabbed senior Tim Maypray as the 2009 Big South Conference Offensive Player 

preseason all-conference offensive squad. Maypray; arguably the most exciting Jjj 
player to ever wear a VMI football uniform, was named preseason all-conference M 
at quarterback and punt returner, but was also a key asset for the Keydets at wide JH 
receiver and slotback. Throughout the season, awards poured in for the Keydets^ ^M. 
largely Player of the Week honors after exceptional individual performances. 
Junior linebacker Eric Church, senior quarterback Kyle Hughes, Maypray, senior 
running back Howard Abegesah, and junior linebacker Emilio Calvin, among 
others, were all recipients of POTW awards following spirited and extraordinary 
showings on the gridiron. These honors largely came after well-played games 
against high-ranking opponents, such as a heartbreaking 38-28 loss to number 
1-ranked Richmond and a 22-17 loss at Army, a nationally televised game.Upon 
completion of the season, the football squad was honored further, earning the BSC 
Team Sportsmanship Award for the fall sports season. Three players. Handler, 
Maypray, and sophomore punter Marc Ray, were named to the 2009 Big South * 
Football All-Conference First Team for superb play throughout the season, and |A 
Abegesah, Calvin, junior defensive lineman Josh Wine, and junior defensive back a» % 
Byron Allen were named to the conference's Second Team. With the completion of '*" *^ 
their 2009 season, Keydet football is looking towards the future. Although they 
are graduating powerhouses like Maypray and Abegesah, the team has gridiron 
aces that are willing and able to fill their shoes. And, with a strong incoming re- [ 
cruiting class, drastic offseason (^|[||||||[||[^ promising spring ball campaign, 
i the future of Keydet football loo] 

••*•:',- ^^-.i^^y^^A'^^}^^^. 

. COHPS ■■ 



■-- — ... '>• 






The VMI lacrosse program is one of the more recent additions to Keydet 
athletics, having only been in existence for less than a decade. However, 
the team has arguably developed and improved quicker than any squad on 
Post. Aggressive play by the squad day in and day out, and equally aggres- 

of the lacrosse team a force to be reckoned with. Although their games of 
ficially do not start until February, the Keydets opened their season in 2009 
as they always do: at the annual Lee-Jackson Lacrosse Classic, played against 
Washington & Lee. When the Keydets walked away from the game with a , 
15-13 win - only their 3rd win in the 21 year history of the event - the 2010 ^ 
season showed huge promise and potential. The VMI men worked hard to 
live up to the hype, both as a team and individually. Led by senior captains 
Sean McCoy (goalie), Dave Padgett (midfielder), Hayden Cox (attack), and 
conference standout Tim Moran (midfielder), the lax program entered the 
2010 season ready to stare down some of their toughest opponents, includ- 
ing Army, Navy, and #1 ranked Virginia. Although all three ended in VMI 
losses, notable victories came against Jacksonville and Presbyterian. Indi- 
vidual commendations poured in for the lax team throughout the season. 
Even before the first faceoff, McCoy was named a candidate for the Lowe's 
Senior CLASS Award, one of 20 nationwide candidates who possess excel- j 
lence in the classroom, character, community, and competition. On the field, 
sophomore midfielder Stephen Robarge earned Metro Atlantic Athletic 
Conference Defensive Player of the Week honors, redshirt freshman goalie _ 
Kelly McMinn earned MAAC Rdokie of the Week distinction. On the of- H 
f ensive side of the field, Moran garnered MAAC Offensive Player of the ■ 
Week honors following a five goal, one assist performance against Virginia ^ 
and Vermont. In addition to a strong corps of upperclassmen leaders, the ^P 
younger members of the lax team made huge impacts on the team as well. y| 
With 14 freshmen on the 2010 squad, most of whom saw action throughout m 
the season, the fut ujse^^^e ars to te^nothin^ but positive for VMI lacrosse. ^ 


r €SJ 










What could be more fun than being a member of an NCAA team that shoots stuff L 
competitively? The VMI men's and women's rifle teams' consistent success always | 
begs that question. However, the teams are arguably the hardest working on Post, * 
and possibly have the longest season, from early October to early March. The 2009- 
2010 rifle season was one of achievement, on both the men's and women's side. The 
Keydets were led by Col. Eric Hutchings, first-year head coach and current Athletic 
Department Chief of Staff, and the enduring direction of coach Jim Thorp, for whom 
the '09-'10 season marked his 28th year affiliated with the VMI rifle teams. On the 
men's side, the exceptional leadership of not only the coaches, but also the cadet 
captains and upperclassmen led the team to victory on multiple occasions. In their 
first home match of the season, the Keydet men's squad garnered the top point total 
against a competitive opponent in Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Led by se- 
nior team captain Jason Morgan, the meet's top point scorer, the Keydet men were 
also led to victory by strong performances by fellow seniors John Krahling, Clayton 
Melton, and Travis Travis. The men's squad continued to post outstanding scores 
against their opponents throughout the season, including a notable victory over the 
Citadel in February. Junior Thomas Graybeal took top honors in the smallbore rifle 
competition, followed by Melton, who helped the men's team to victory against the 
Bulldogs. On the female side of the rifle competitions, senior captain Jennifer Cook 
led the Keydet women to a highly successful season, one which posted the women's 
first ever victory as a separate NCAA intercollegiate sport. The win came against 
the University of Sciences in Philadelphia, who the Keydet women edged out 3764- 
3689; the Keydets were largely led by Cook, freshman Jennifer McCracken, and 
freshman Kayla Johnson. With the impressive first win under their belts, the women 
went on to post impressive scores and results throughout the season. The Keydet 
women finished third behind the men's squads of VMI and the Citadel in February, ' 
led once again by Cook and Johnson, as well as senior Sarah Whitten and freshman 
AnneMarie Ngotho. And with five freshmen out of the eight members of the '09-'10 
women's squad, the future looks extremely promising for the rifle team. Throughout 
a season spanning almost six months - and including very tough opponents - the jjij^ i 
men's and women's rifle squads were consistent in their success during their '09-'10 l^:^ 
campaign. Teams such as Navy, Penn State, and the Citadel posed threats, but the ^;^ 
Keydet teams st ood their ground, aimed and fire d trupfean d were expert marksmen -i;,| 
- and women - 






Some may call it football, others may call it soccer; for the Keydet teams, it 
is a game of focus. ''Our main thing so far,'' said junior def enseman Sonny 
Landry in a '09 season preview, "has been keeping focused. We've been 
able to learn from a lot of experiences." For both the men's and women's 
teams, focus, determination, and hard work were key components for 
their 2009 seasons, despite a 2-15-1 record on the men's side and a 7-10- 
3 record for the women. The men's team, as did other Keydet sports in 
the 2009-2010 seasons, proved the youth of their team and, therefore, the 
future potential of the VMI soccer program. A string of underclassmen 
led the team in a variety of categories, including minutes played, goals 
scored, and total points. These key assets included junior midfielder Brian 
Harding, who led the team in goals and total points, freshman defensive 
standout David Rochow, and sophomore def ensman Ayao Sossou. Senior 
midfielder Will Quarles, who served as co-captain for the 2009 campaign 
along with Landry, provided key leadership and experience to the squad, 
as he started every game for the Keydets. Fellow senior midfielder Daniel 
Welsh was commended throughout the season for academic excellence, 
ultimately being tabbed as a member of the CoSID A/ESPN The Maga- 
zine Academic All-District Team. Upon completion of the season - which 
ended in the first round of the Big South Championships with a loss to 
number 1-ranked Coastal Carolina -the team was honored further. Sossou 
earned a spot on the All-Big South Second Team, as well as the All-State 
Second Team; Landry was named to the AH- Academic team, and junior 
goalkeeper Brian Sowell was tabbed as a Big South All-Tournament team 
member. Although head coach Ben Freakley resigned from his position in 
early 2010, the spot was quickly filled by former Keydet assistant coach 
Richie Rose. Bringing with him enthusiasm and confidence, the young 
Keydet men's soccer tesM has a bright future in s%re at Patchin Field. 


i * 






Some may call it football, others may call it soccer; for the Keydet teams, it is a t 
game of focus. "Our main thing so far," said junior def enseman Sonny Landry in 
a '09 season preview, "has been keeping focused. We've been able to learn from 
a lot of experiences." For both the men's and women's teams, focus, determina- , 
tion, and hard work were key components for their 2009 seasons, despite a 2-15-1 
record on the men's side and a 7-10-3 record for the women. On the women's 
side, under the direction of head coach Bryan Williams, the Keydets returned 13 
letterwinners from 2008's stunning 10-10-1 squad, which set a school record for 
wins in a season for the program. Among those who made a major impact on 
the 2009 season were senior sweeper Audrey Falconi, who was voted runner-up 
in Big South Preseason Player of the Year ballots. A strong class of six freshmen 
also made an impressive impact on the team during their 2009 season. Captained 
by Falconi, senior midfielder Alexi Staton, and senior forward Chrissy Beach, 
the team earned tremendous recognition throughout the season for outstanding 
team and individual play. Falconi took home the most honors, earning a spot ■ 
on the CoSID A/ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District Team, as well as Big 
South All-Conference Team and VaSID All-State honors. Joining her on the All- 
Conference Team was sophomore midfielder Sarah Strand, and freshman mid- 
fielder Kacey Hall earned All-Freshman Team honors. Other award recipients 
included junior goalkeeper Angela Redmond (VaSID All-State) and Staton (Big . 
South All-Tournament Team). Although they concluded the 2009 season with a I 
7-10-3 record, the Keydet women had consistently outstanding play game in and I 
game out. Numerous players started every single game: Falconi, Beach, Hall, I 
Staton, and sophomore midfielder Kelly Morrison. Beach led the team with 5 
goals and an overwhelming 15 points accrued throughout the season, supported 
by sophomore forward Amanda Berrios and freshman forward Simone Jimenez. 
For the second season in a row, the women's team was knocked out of the Big -^ 
South Tournament in the semifinals. However, with promising young talent and ■ 
an optimistic, innovative coach, the Keydet women have much to look forward I 
to in coming seasons. Said coach Williams of the 2009 season: "I'm incredibly I 
proud of the group, I didn't see anybody back down, everybody was into it until | 
the bitter end." i 


Consistently SpSBB splash in Keydet sports is the swim and dive teams. At Clark King Pool 
from mid-Se^moM to late-February, the teams can be fovmd swimming up and down the 
length of the pool and training their hearts out. The training pays off, as the teams had one of 
their most successful campaigns in recent history in the 2009-2010 season. The men's teams, led 
by senior sprinter Will Rowcliffe and sophomore standout James Goodwillie, posted impres- 
sive victories throughout the season against tough opponents, such as Pf eiff er University and 
an overall victory at the Yellow Jacket Invitational at Randolph-Macon University. The Keydets 
knocked off a collection of schools at the Invitational, including Hood College, Bridgewater 
College, and host Randolph-Macon. Victories were also earned at the St. Peter's Quad Meet, in 
which the Keydet men defeated New Jersey Tech and Manhattan College. Leading the team were 
a host of talented swimmers, many of whom shattered school records throughout the season. 
Rowcliffe broke the 50 yard freestyle record with a time of 21.01; Goodwillie set the 200 yard 
backstroke, the 200 yard individual medley, and the 400 yard individual medley records with 
times of 1:54.87, 1:56.33, and 4:08.75, respectively; and the team of Rowcliffe, senior Justin Fer- 
rell, sophomore Matt Elliot, and freshman Chris Dreikom set a 200 yard freestyle relay record 
of 1:26.51. The team's lone diver, sophomore Dallas Disbro, posted a respectable score of 113.25 
in the meet against Pfeiffer University. On the women's side of the team, the Keydets were 
once again led by versatile junior Chelsea Nugent, who spent almost the entirety of the season 
smashing her own records. With the exception of four, Nugent holds every female swimming 
record, and improved upon six of those records during the 2009-2010 season. The record-setting 
female relays in 2009-2010 included such standouts as Nugent, senior Ateala Tuff, sophomore 
Veronica Lentsch, and freshmen Glendon Robertson, Pin-Fen Chen, and Leigh Fortney. Four 
out of the possible five relays swam at the NCAA level were record-setting swims for the female 
Keydets in the 2009-2010 season. VMI's first ever female diver, junior Brianna AUard, continued 
shining in the 2009-2010 season. AUard bested her own record on the 1-meter board with a score 
of 169.02 against Davidson College, and set the 3-meter record of 139.60 at the St. Peter's Quad 
Meet. At the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association Championships in late February, the 
men's and women's teams performed superbly to close out their season. An outstanding fourth- 
place finish by the men and an llth-place finish for the women proved the long hours in the 
pool and tapering towards the end of the season paid off. Led by Goodwillie (who became the 
first-ever Keydet to place in the top three in a CCS A competition) on the men's side and Nugent 
on the female team, the Keydet swim and dive teams have numerous bright seasons which to 
look forward. For the second season in a row, the women's team was knocked out of the Big 
South Tournament in the semifinals. However, with promising young talent and an optimistic, 
innovative coach, the Keydet women have much toblook forward to in coming seasons. Said 
coach Williams of the 2009 ^^^M||||gg|^^^^||ttud of the group, I didn't see anybody 
back down, everybody was q|^^^^^^H|H^^^^^H^ 

' '^S^ 



' !B1» ' jAik: '^^ 




1 M 





rr--,'"^" *" 

l-^Hij^ V 


1 1 

^V"Bv \ 



VMI wrestling is hands-down one of the hardest working, most committed 
teams on Post. Whether in the weight room, in practice, or in The Thunder- 
dome, the members of the team endure grueling training and meets, all while 
maintaining weight for competitions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 
demanding schedule and commitment pays off for the team in the end; VMI 
wrestling consistently posts impressive team and individual accomplishments 
each season, the '09-'10 campaign being no exception. Although the team finished 
their regular season at 5-9, and 1-4 overall in Southern Conference action, they 
posted a respectable 4-2 dual meet record at The Thunderdome in the 2009-2010 
season. Individual success ultimately made the season notable, as returning 
standouts such as juniors Ronnie Ellsworth and Josh Wine combined with a 
strong freshman corps to develop a deep team in each weight class. With the 
exception of the lightest (125 lbs.) and heaviest (285 lbs.) weight classes, the 
Keydets had two or more wrestlers in each weight class, developing a strong 
foundation for the team and for future success. Throughout the season, the 
Keydets were commended for their outstanding individual performances. 
Ellsworth was named Southern Conference Wrestler of the Week for Decem- 
ber 9-15, and sophomore Andrew Szymborski earned the award for January 
6-12. Wine earned the overall Southern Conference Wrestler of the Month for 
outstanding action during the month of December, in which he was unbeaten. 
Despite their dual meet record, the Keydet wrestlers shined at tournaments 
throughout the season. Redshirt junior captain John Pope finished 6th at the 
Keystone Classic early in the season, while Wine and Ellsworth finished 1st 
and 4th respectively at the Wilkes Open just a month later. The All- Academy 
Championships, a staple of VMI's schedule every season, saw eight Keydets 
finish in the top 5 in their weight classes, led by Pope, sophomore David Yost, 
and senior Michael Long. As the wrestling season came to a close, the team 
descended upon the Southern Conference Championships in Davidson, NC, 
and posted impressive results. Four third-place finishers and three fourth-place 
finishers marked the end to a successful individual season for the Keydets. 

saR;i.'K- ift: •* s.'ii&i'ai 





3mm yawrWlvieidi 

^Immonii &tmman 

cJleam & ^hndu o/Uu^ed 

tMmmz Warn 

§)m Mack ^u 

JUd &am 


. , f- f 

n'. 'i 



- E H EALT^ 

-Q.\r-^ ABLi 

'H/ ^ /P ' '- /■•''^^--(tl roh I £■ Of- DEEPEST -PEPJi 

^Jimen Q/oeumm . e)ahn Wanmeu ,„,„ „,^-,^, 
ddamed QLexm coi ''^fmM^o 
^u^iaM Jih9'hemn .9ionald -JCdUu ill 
— I 0ammie &im a^ammd a^ood 
dfeff 'Jlf(ooy : JM[he.m Qdndeman 






SS^v-T-r.-- . - r Y^^ 

Ian Michael Black 

""You may be whatever you resolve to be." 
"Stonewall Jackson 

This quote met and impacted you on Matriculation Day 

and has inspired you along your journey. 

You chose the Road less Traveled and for that 

you are a different person; a better person. 

We are proud of who you were and 

who you have become! 

Live your life with the pride and dignity 

VAAI has instilled in you! 


Mom, Dad, Nicole, Oma, Pops, Susie, and 


0/ L. Hafkemeyer 



We knew that you were made for the army froi 
a very early age!! We are so proud of you and < I 
of your CKXomplishments. Congratulations on yo 
graduation and commissioning in the United Stat* 
Army. Success awaits you. 
' Aom and Dad , 


Second Lieutenant Joseph Simmers, USM( 

It seems like only yesterday you were ploy- 1 

ing soldier in the backyard, and here you ore 

ready to make your impact on the world! 

We were so proud of you as a little boy 

become! No matter where you go c 
you do, remember that you wil 
always be our Joey. 
!=... Love, Mom, Dad and Mario 


Ensign Scott Taylor MocDonald, 
US. Navy, VM1 10 


Son, ycxj have indeed taken the road less 
traveled and you have resolved to be all you 
wont to be. Congratulations Scott, you hove 
ODnne so far and accomplished so much. We are 

very proud of you and love you always 
Mom and Dad 

'^Everything is possible for him who believes." 
Mark 9:23 

But those v/ho hope in 
le Lord will renew their 
rength they will soar on 
vings like eagles they will 
un and not grow weary 
hey will walk and not be 
faint.'' Isaiah 40: 31 

Congrctubtions to the 
Class of 2010 

Watching you grow from this Beautiful baby to 
the wonderful young man you have become has 
been on absolute joy. We love you and hope that 

you continue to reach 

your goals no matter 

TOW difficult the path. * * ^ 

Before you were born, I wrote in your baby bookij 
that we would love you and be proud of you noi 
matter what path you chose in life. I never imag- 
ined the path you would take or how easy you 

would moke it to be a proud parent. 

Mom & Dad and your little sis Kaitlin 

mo C. SARTOR! 
CLASS OF 2010 

What you resolved to do. You Die 

We Love you! 
Your Favorite Family 



I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon, if I can. 

I seek opportunity - not security. 

I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. 

I wont to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to foil and to succeed. 

I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. 

I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stab calm of utopia. 

I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. 

I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat. 

my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and ad for myself, enjoy the benefits of my creations and to face 

the world boldly and say, 

'^This I have done" 
-Dean Alfange 





We Love you: Ka Ka & PaPa, Grandma, Mom, Dad Mary, Graham 


Garland Gray 11, 73 Garland Gray III, 10 Elmon Gray, ^46 

Congratulations to First Classman 

Dylan Gate 10 

You did it! 

All of your hard work and efforts have paid off! 

Your Parents are so very proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

VMr MJ4 

You did it! 
We know there ore great things ohec 
We ore so proud of you. 

All our love. 
Dad, Mom, and Katie 

I Wow... Way to Go Grod! 

Now, Lt. Farley... strap in and go fly! 

Mom, Dad, Kot and Mir-the-Husky 



Cadet Carl Knapp (^ 

Class of 2010 

Cadet Cole Knapp ' 

Class of 2013 , 

We ore so proud of your "^ 



Cadet Thomas Graybeal 

^The most important difference between 

Q good shooter and a great shooter is 

not skill or talent, but the ability to stay 

calm and focused in the most stressful 


This pretty well sums up your entire VMI 


Love you always. 
Mom & Dad 

Burton P.C. Bachelle. 


" w Ifc ^^ 

i ■ i B 1 


a " n, 


CongrafuioTions to you and the Class of 201 
wi Ring Figure. Mono, Pop and all the Family 

Stay the course! 
28th President Wcodrow T. Wilson insightfully discerned: 

^The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. You are not 
here merely to moke a living. You are here in order to enable the world to 
live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achieve- 
ment. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you 

forget the errand." 

'Congratulations 2009-2010! You have come of Age and Ring!* 

We cherish ALL OF YOU, Curtis Clayton Register! 

May God illuminate your next steps — HugsJ 

'^" M.O.M. 

Memo, Larry, Patty, Kevin, Connie, Scott, Marie, Alex, Bill, and Lana 

Jet looked up at y, -i : vv a RAT. 

But we all knew that you would 

make a fine Cadet. 

Congratulations Patrick 13 

""Those who say it can't be done 

are usually interrupted by someone 

doing it.'' 

Cadet Michael F. . v 
Cass of 2013 
Congratulations on Breakout! 
^\,y/ith Much Love, 

' : & Grandma 

N.C. Wilson, TJ. Wilson, III 

VMI Class of 1861 VMI Class of 1942 

TJ. Wilson, IV, John C Wilson, 

VMI Class of 1974 VMI Class of 2013 

Welcome to the ranks. We are proud of you. 
-Dad, Karri and Madison 

Congratulations Cadet Sarah Hoove 

^The gem cxannot be 

polished without friction, 

nor one perfected 

without trials.'' 
Love, Mom & Dad 


Cadet David Kellerman 

And Fellow BRs - Class of 2013 
*Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" 

If you want peace, prepare for war 
jFlavius Vegetius Renatus - Roman Military stratej 

c. 390. A.D 


.«jj -'L^'iarr 

shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 

took the one less traveled by. 
And that has made all the difference 


Robert Frost said it better but the 
story is yours. You took the harder 
road four years ago when you chose 
VMI. Rot year to RDC is never easy 
but what a journey you have been 
on. Your accomplishments in life will 
always have their roots in Lexington. 
We are so very, very proud of you. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Danny, Alex, Allison, & Lio 

Good Luck with your Army career! 
Lt. Hughes 

We re proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Beth, Ryan, Josh, Alii, 

Grandpa, and Grandma 


is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds 
could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and 
sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without 
error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy 
cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least 
he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory 
nor defeat. 

- Theodore Roosevelt 

...And SO YOU did. you dared enter the arena 





20 • VIRGINIA • 11 



We're proud of you! 
MOM & Grace 





Gadet Adam R. Teufel 

Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment- we're extremely 
proud of you and the doss of 2013! 

Mom, Dad, and Kristen 

Scott Jones 
VMI Class of 2012 

; Scott on your achievements this 




^'^v^V-' -A^*.- X-: 

- C ass of 201(1 

yybs your destiny! 
J We are so prouc 

of you. 
.ove. Your Family 


Anthony J. Korbely IV 
VMI Class of 2010 

Congratulations!!! It's been a 
long tough four years, but you 
managed to persevere, and 
now you can live your dream!!! 
We are so very proud of you! 
Mon, Dad, and Rebecca 

You have strived hard and attained much in yor 

four years at VMI and are beginning the nexi 

part of your journey at VCOM. Always remen- 

ber to allow God to guide your healing hands h 

the service of our country. 


Congatulations on your 
graduation and commission- 
ing. We are so proud of 
you and your many accom- 
plisments at VMI. 
Mom, Dad, and Family 


WeVe so proud of the 

perseverance you showed in 

reaching for the stars and 

getting them. 

mpossible ^ 
is nothing. 


^^' ir:^^''mmi:M^.mmv'mB, 

Cadet John McNamara Curtis, Jr. 

press on toward 

the goal to win 

the prize for which 

God has called me. 

Philippians 3:14 

Congratulations Jade! 


♦ J' t 1 



We are so proud of you! 
Love, Dad 79, Mom and Brc 


Bom to be wild... VMI 2010 


'^iirtHtfri'ff«'^'"-'''«a^am^-'--Ma'-"'*'»-- '■>■='' ' '■>■' ■><^'- - 

Leonard WeHi" VMI Class of 2010 


As you advanced from your 4tfi Grade goal to now . You have fionored 

your grandparents and inspired all of your family. Continue to strive for 

noble goals, find joy in the journey and never forget v/e ore v^ith you. 

.ove Forever, Mom, Dad and Christopher 

^ Davis R. Garrett 

Class of 2010 

^'Nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who 
dared believe something inside them was superior to the circum- 


We are so very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, and Holly 

A Special Thanks to: 

Dyke Chid-c Barnes! 


Roomates: Cox, Allen, Bryant, Lawson 

Anson Laird Bryant 
Class of 2010 


Saint CYR & 
Spring Victory j^' 


Arlington Cemetary 

Love: Dad, Mom Audra, Grandma, 

Granddaddy & Grandmother. 

In memory of Grandpa Gifford- Army 

Philippians 4:13 

Rats: Share 


-=f «; 

Welsh 10 (Co-dykel O'Brien '07, Bryant iS 


Congratulations to 

2d Lt Brian M. Bopp 

United States Air Force 

VMI Class of 2010 

We're proud of youl 

Love, Mom HBR -10, Dad 

Katie '08, Kristen & 

Michael 10 - 10 


David A. Pagett 

VMI Class of 


Charlie and Alpha Pvt. 

Bond CO and Drum Mapr 

Band Bugler and Sgt. 

Son, I am so proud of you and all your 

accomplishments! My heart is filled with joy to 

see you reach this stage In your life. 

God has truly answered my prayers. 

Congratulations on your success. Love, Mom. 

Way to go Gent's you have just moved on from boys to men. 
Now go make your mark in the world. 
Love to all! 

Robert-your life is beginning, 

your future blight, potential endless. . . 

We watched you grow over the past four 

years into a strong, considerate, dependable 

man with a future bound only by your imagination 

live you life to its fiillest, chase your dreams and 

remember that we love you... Mom & Dad 




— " Vj 

Kyle - We knew you had it in you to ^ 
survive the Rot line. We ore so very 
proud of you! 
Love, Mom 

Good Going Kyle! 

miss you (chirp)! 


Ronald Hilley 

Class of 2013 

We ore so proud of you and 

the path you have chosen. 

Keep up the good work! 

We Love You! 

Mom & Henry 

Congratu ations 

Cadet John S. Maurice 

& The Class of 2010 

We are proud of you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Har 



Cadet James T. Boatright 

From Rat, to the Brotherhood of the Ring. .. 

You believed while others doubted. 

You worked while others wished. 

You smiled while others frowned. 

You persisted while others quit. 

The steps of o good man are ordered by the LORD: and he 

delighteth in his way. 

Psalms 37:23 

Your Family 

Congratulations Brian, cxr thoughts and prayers go 

with you as youo embark on the next part of your 

life's journey. You have acromplished so much so 

far, and you have a very promising future ahead of 

you. We are so proud of yoa 


Mom, Dad, Matiasa, Erin, Larissa, Robbie, and 


Chris Czupryna, 2010 
Congratulations on your graduation from VMI. 

Determined and diligent, 
open-minded and fair, 
strong, honest, intelligent. 

You brought with you the 
seeds... VMI provided the 
ground in which you 

With love and pride. 
Mom, Dad, and Dan 

Character is best formed in the 
stormy billows of the world. 
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 


Cadet Lance Paul Lon 

Cctcfet Thomas gregory JiamCin 

Your mission has 
been accomplished 

on a job wel 

From your proud and loving family: 

Mom & Dad, Nick, Amanda, 

Alexandra, &. Monica 

j;:nacing ar 
fpdge. I know 
y- feet have left the 
;. , „,v-. .,. ...V. ..^v-i .ic^r a voice that's tell- /^ 
me it's time to take the leap of faith. So here '^ 
) I'm divin' in, I'm goin' deep, in over my head I 
wanna be... so sink or swim, I'm divin' in." 

4^ m 1 

y /' 


^ — ^ 


, * 1 

You are awesome Paul we are 

so proud of you! 

Dad & Mom 

From watdiing you as a toddler trying to fly while bounc 

ing in your airplane Johnny Jumper; to the ea riy years of 

drawing planes with bombs dropping; to the teen years 

and playing air combat cxjmputer games; to tfie challenge 

you hove faced and conquered while at VMI we are in 

awe. Nbw as a newly minted Air Force Second Lieutenan 

on your way to Flight School, the edges of the universe 

are your only limits. We love you and ore so very proud c 

you as enter this next phase of your life. Gods Speed an( 

Fair Winds as you prepare to soar with eagles. Our lovej 

always. Mom and Dad. (UJDK...r 

Raymond Andrew Kirchner 

*Don t let anyone look down on you because you are young, bu set an example for 
the believers in speech, in life, in faith and in purity.'' 1 Timothy 4:12 

VMI Class of 2010 

We are grateful for the steadfast character the Lord has developed in you. Your perseverance 

and your consistent desire to do whats right in the face of many obstacles is a testimony to all 

who know you Congratulations to a young man who is greatly admired by his family 

We Love youll Dad, Mom and Mary 

Son, Brother, Uncle, 
Boyfriend, Sibling, Soldier 

Yon are all of these 
and more. 

"But they that wait upon the 
rrf shall renew their strength; 
; sy shaH moun t up with wings 
as eagles; they shall run, 
nd not be weary; and they 
shall walk and not faint." 
Isaiah 40:31 

May God keep yon m the 
pahn of His haiidl 


^ing Figure 
^^^^^^^^^ G^^ 2011 

Congratulations Terrance Green, 

Xai Ingram, Dennis James, 

Cam Rushton. Your Families are prou(H 

of oil your aGGomplishments. Continue to 

give your bgst, and God be with you. 


■T in-i irpii 


James Carideo 

We could not be 
more proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, & Tony 

Class of 2010 

' Mathew T. Wright 
i 2010 

You chose the road less traveled 

and that has made all the differ- 

bnce. Congratulations, we are so 

proud of you! 

Mom and Dad m 



Chase Matthew Bailey 
Class of 2011 


We are so proud of you Chosemon! 


Dad, Mom, and Jordan 

?hil. 4:13 


Gongratu ations to 

VMI Class of 2013 

You hove all token o journey together 
from MatriGulation to Breakout. Con- 
tinue to bond and form everlasting 
Tiendships and ideals that only VMI cor 

instill in its cadets. 


Congratulations to tKe 
Virginia Military Institute 

Class of 2010 

\X/elcome to tKe Old Corps! 

Co/npkiimt> d the. Ckis J ^81 an} 


GectedmologieSy bta 

-Non-Invasive Geophysical Technologies Consulting and Underground Surveys- 

Groud Penetration Radar Imaging & Interpretations, Electromagnetics, 

Metal Detection, Tracing & 3-D Imaging, Acoustic Leak Detection, 

2-D Resistivity and 3-D Imaging 

RQBtx915* IVbble;AabBrTB 36691 (251)685-5300 

The South's Specialists in the Search, Detection, and Mapping of 
Subsurface Metalhc & Non Metallic Utilities, Foundations, Karst Terrain, & Sinkhole Features, 
Underground Storage Tank Systems, Burial Graves, Voids & Cavities, Archaeological Features 

Since 1 996 

♦ J 


ym him^^^^^^m mux find 
JiflileAme km. al 9^o/#2/. 

-vr ^-44^^?^^* 


ym ham jplimi (fie 
58wifieihood a( Ike Mi^ 









1 _ 



e o"' 



ass an 



Number One Club 
Daily Life of a Cadet 


Sounding Brass Staff 

Cadet Staff 

Bomb Staff 

Editor's Page 


A Remi^&( Vi^rg-i^ia MUiPar^M^A 

August 16, 2009 

.."idre Returned For 


August 30, 2009 

Old Corps Returned For 
Foil Semester 

September 26, 2009 

Unofficiol Corps Trip for 
VMl vs. Richmond Football 

October 16, 2009 

Parents VVeet end Began 

Rats Battle it Out During 

Rat Olympics Using Their 

Mental and Physical 

Strengths To Prevail 

Ring Figure Hop 

November 22, 2009 

10-3 Rat Mass Edures 

20 Mile March With Their 

Dykes to New Market 

Dec ill 


August 22, 2009 September 19, 2009 October 3, 2009 October 24, 2009 November 14, 2009 November 21, 2009 December 11, 2009 |:jc 

Rat /'v\ass ot "iO-3 unofficial ^orps inp for Firsr Annual Flomecoming Engineers Enoure an V/VAi vs ARMY Football Ring Figure Tent Party L.arps L.hristmas Dmne- ■ -, 

Mafnculoted VMl vs. JMU Football Hop Held in Cocke Hall Eight Hour FE Exam 

f PiiPe (&r Phe Aoademi'C Year 2009 - 2010 

May 16, 2010 
May 14, 2010 Graduation Ceremony 

January 30, 2010 I Graduation Parade 247 members of the 

2010-3 became 2UU April 17, 2010 Class of 2010 

la 9, 2009 January 11, 2010 During a blizzard February 27, 2010 March 12, 2010 Fourth Class Institute Awards became Alumnus of 

■raduation Christmas Furlough Ended Breakout Cadet Life SI i Trip Spring Furlough Began FTX Ceremony the Institute 

?*er2l2009 January 16, 2010 February 13, 2010 March 5, 2010 March 21, 2010 April 30, 2010 May 15, 2010 

Furlough Began mauguroiion ot ,V\ia "inter Forrnoi -Worcus Lutreli Spol e in Spring Furlough Ended Class of 2010 Commissiom g i_eremony 

Governor Bob McDonnell I Marshall Hall 



sorfunities to push the system, sometimes too for. This compilation of individual 
there are a few that stand out, like Thomos Chapman. He throught that it would be a wonderful idea to run through th 
receive a third this past year. Another noteworthy individual being Sloan Bums. If that name sounds fomiliar it is becous 
ones during his cadetship. Although these two fine outstanding members of the class of 2010 have hod their fair share c 





'k did just that. All of which have either received Blue Book Number Ones or Alcohol Number Ones. Among the oShses 
ft lourtyard after procuring a case of budweiser's finest. This being Mr. Chapman's second offense, he later went on to 
IS ^A^. Burns is the Class of 2010 GC President. He himself being outdone by Mr. Chapman received two Alcohol number 
i( pumber one experience, this year the winner of the title "President of the Number One Club" is Cadet Mitchell Messick. 

Mitchell K. Messick 

Rules are made to be broken. And I have personaily taken on this challenge when it comes to the supposed "dry campus" policy at VMI My training process began with my 
Dykes They taught me the ways of the bottle and I will forever be indebted to them for that The next step was to become acquaintances with the infamous Big Daddy. He 
would deliver you whatever you wanted, no questions asked So at 19, and with big ambitions, copious handles of Aristocrat Vodka and Ciclon were purchased for consumption, 
didn't take long for word to get out and second classmen were soon seeking my services So there I am, a Rat, selling alcohol to seconds This picture already does not look 
right Well, a particularly frightening instance that involved Big Daddy, the police, and a construction site on a certain Ring Figure weekend sow an end to my trade practices. 
But then came the evening I received my first Al To celebrate their graduation, a member of 2007 bought me and my co-dyke a bottle of tequila. In the Brother Rat spirit we 
decided to share it with the rest af our roommates Personally, I was only able to enjoy about a shot of it, as I was fervently filling out my Army scholarship application. Well my 
other roommate's co-dyke felt it time to go bock to his room and happened to walk into Copt Blokey on his way out the door. The Captain swiftly entered the room, turned 
on the lights, and asked us what was going on To my surprise, the bottle that had been placed underneath my rock was now laying on top of my bed, leaning up against my 
pillow. Let me point out that I did not put it there: I had placed it discretely underneath my rack, thus hiding it from anyone who was standing in the front of the room Well, it 
didn't take long for Capt. Blokey to find it laying there and he asked who's it was. This was the fun port: four guys in a room with one guaranteed a 15-16-60 One of the 
roommates was slated to be cadre the following year, another had taken the blame for our rat not, and I really didn't know the fourth guy too well. So, that left me. And 
hey, it was in fact I who had been given the bottle and it was I who had brought it up to the room So I raised my hand and told him it was mine. We walked outside the 
room and Capt. Blokey told me he would not be giving me the special until I returned the following year. This would prevent me from receiving the likely amnesty that would 
be given by Governor Koine. 2007's commencement speaker He held up to his promise and it wasn't until the first weeks of third class year that I received my special for 
my alcohol offense committed at 0012 on 16 May 2007. One would think that alone would deter you from ever going near the stuff again in barracks. Well, wrong. That 
instance taught me a very important lesson; situational awareness, you've got to be mindful of who you drink with. So where does the second offense come into ploy? Well 
to preface, it's particularly hard when you don't have a lot of money to be wasteful. So after waking from a night of partying and having one of those "I never want to see 
alcohol again" moments, the bold decision was made to bring the alcohol bock to VMI, to be saved for another time One thing led to another and the alcohol ended up in m',,' 
hands I was quick to hide it, not wanting anything to do with it while on Post. I figured I would stow it away until Spring Break and then bring it home with me then. I hid the 
bottles in a trusted VMI Publications office, only to forget that I had put them there. One particularly baring night, while playing ploystotion in the office next door my gomrng 
partner and I were disturbed by a knock on the door. I turned around to see that it was our publications advisor. I opened the door and he held up the bottles. He asked me 
if I knew who they belonged to and I told him they were mine. He |ust shook his head and walked away I pleaded for him to let me dump them out or throw them av.av 
but he kept on walking. Now, I'll take my punishment, I can acknowledge I was in the wrong What I cannot accept is the search that was done on the office by our cdvisc- 
the individual looking out for our best interest. He hod no reason to search the office he hod no reason to be in there at oil. And the liquid was hidden such that he had to be 
snooping around to find it, this was not an instance where perhaps he was looking for a paper clip, he was in there to search, .And allow me to cite the Blue Book this same 
book that the Commandant's Staff references to look up my penalty, the same book that sets the standard for how operations are to be conducted at VMI. Page 62 part 
4, section C: "At least two Institute officials will be present while the search is conducted" Well, wouldn't you know, it was only one person, my own advisor ana a guv who 
also happened to be on the Commandant's Staff. He broke the rules hoping to catch somebody breaking the rules. Maybe it's just me but that sounds a little contradictor^ 
If you consider the punishments from alcohol alone, that amounts to a total of 30 demerits 8 months of confinement, and 120 hours marching with my rifle. So here's to vou 
future members of the '^1 Club: remember those who have drank before you as you pull your shade unscrew your bottle, fill up your nolgene and take down a fe'.-. gu'ps 


Cadet Without Academic Stars 

0655 Wake up and Roll Hoy 

0700 Go to BRC 

0730 Eat a wonderful meal in Crozet 

0800-1600 Go to Class 

1615- 1700 Play Video Gomes 

1700-1808 Jump off the 4thi Stoop into pile of hiays 

1810 SRC 

1900-2200 Video Gomes 

2300 VVork on Paper Due Tomorrow 

2330 Time to Go to Sleep 

Cadet With Academic Stars 

0655 Go to Room in time to Roll Hoy 

0700 Go to BRC 

0730 Go to Academic Building 

0800-1600 Go to Class 
1615-1808 Study 

1810 SRC 
1900-0130 Study 

0135- 0650 Avoid Tac while studying in Nichols 


Then an^d Nm a i&&k\ 

Karsten Bloomstrom 

Re^mcnfai Cdmmander 

Michael Kromm S-1 


Timothy Howard S-6 

Even Rogers S-7 

Sloan C. Burns 
GC President 

Bryant Youngblood 
Vice President 

Eddie Desch 

ZUUUUUBBBBBERRRR!!! This is often the ca 
you might hear after TAPS. But, do you know 
what the original of this call is? With the grad- 
uation of the great Class of 2010, the origin 
fades. But through great research the origid 
of this after TAPS call have been tracec 
back to one Bill Zuber. Bill matriculated with 
the Class of 2010 but never finished up here 
at the Institute. As a member of F-Troop he 
lived in New Barracks during his stay at the 
^r. As the ratline got monotonous the Troop 
began to call his name after TAPS to ease 
the boredom. The coll continued even after 



his absence to places unknown to VMI . Each 
year as a new class is formed in barracks they 
inevitably hear a fellow cadet call his name, 
ZUUUBBERRR! His name will live on in barracks. 
Below is a photo of the infamous Mr. Bill Zuber. 

%p 5 acfmHe^ Pkaf VMl 

1.) Stoop Jumping 

mdeP^fiaire dme m^^ean 

T&p 5 acPmUe^ PmP VMi 

3.) Tie Each Other Up 

mt^mkimtuiat iminmm 

irirtirii-iiir't^i ■^n■l7^^ rfJfeh^^aMw^Ufe* 


oadeP^ fpai/'e dme Pkt^^eai:- 


5.) Go To JMU 

'''■•'-''■ -■■-^ I'r- I lii'j it 

The Sounding Bro^^ta 

.en Cook 

:^mi^Mi!^<i^-»i ^^^& ?'' ' ' ^>' ' '^ ''■'' — 

Nick Weishaar 


Mitch Messick 

Business Manager 

Christ Martin 

Managing Editor 


Front Row: Dominik Wermus, Matt Wright, Chris Moser, Hunter Cantrell 
Back Row: DJ. Stronko, Matt Blebel, Matt babcxxk, Nick Weishaar, Mitch Messick, Chris Martin 

Not Pictured: Koyb Johnson, Tanner Sewell, Laura Resetar, Jon Twigg, 

The Bomb Staff 

Racheal Toman 


Bob Fendley 

Business Manager 

Kelly Vickery 

First Class Editor 

Casey McElligott 

Second Class Editor 

Allen McCown 

Ring Figure Editor 




When the Class of 2007*3 arrived at VMI on August 19, 2006, no one 
knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. Even those few, like myself who 
had been told everything that they should expect, had no due of the events to come. 
They called my name, I aied, my mother, my father and my sister all cried as well, see 
apparently to them I wasn't going to college but off to some unknown pkxe wfisre I 
may or may not have survived. Soon the orders "Right Face" and "Forward March" 
were givea We marched away and into New Barracks to hear an ominous drun beat. 
Tkrt drum beat signified the beginning of oix "Rood Less Traveled." Eventually the Fall 
turned into winter and soon Breckout was i^Don us, the doss of 2010. We marched, 
sprinted, worked out with sand bags and soon were pulling, as a rat mass, howitzers up 
Supe's Hill. Our dykes cheered us on, and made sure to bt us know that we had finally 
made into the society of cadets that we hod been working towards for six months. 

Well, after the struggle of the ratline, 3rd and 2nd Chss years, I definitely 
have survived. I made it through the heat of "Hell" Week, the cold of Break Out and 
2010's fuzzy yet memorable Ring Figire and now as I conquer the 'Real World" I 
am the one wondering whetfier I may or may not survive. VMI has prepored me for 
things like being a leader, and becoming an electrical engineer. Although tfxDse things 
are important ill have to admit that in four years at ttie Institute I hove been, most 
importantly, instilled with the courage and fortitude to do the right thing and speak ip 
when there is something that needs to be said or corrected. VMI certainly has not token 
all of the aedit for my success. My family, to include my roommate and best friend, 
have helped me akxig the way. Without tfiem I could not have done any of this in the 
first pbce. They encouraged me and pushed me to tfie next level When I needed help 
doing push-ups or homework, or even just a ear to listen I codd talk to them. So thank 

Finally , to my rots; I have tried to mdce my time here the best that it could of 
been, I hope and urge you to do the same. Jessica - Pm greatful that ycur Hell Week 
gbre timed into a joke with a smile. Katie - You made it a kxig way from the start of 
'Hell Week', i'm proud of you and keep all of the good work ip! Ashley - Pll never 
forget your hilarious remarks and fearless comments to the RDC You always gave us in 
170 a good laugh. 


W -« IS ■« 



miMmtm^^ ^,